BBA Business Environment June 2015 Solved Question Paper With Answers

BBA Business Environment June 2015 Solved Question Paper With Answers : BBA Business Environment Book Code 205 Semester II Important Previous Year Mock Test Sample Model Question With Answer Paper in English.

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Green Business Environment Global Conservation Concept

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B.B.A. Examination, June 2015 (BBA Mock Test Paper)

Business Environment



Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 75


(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt all the five questions. Each question carries 3 marks. Very short answer is required not exceeding 75 words. (3 x 5 = 15)

1. What is meant by economic environment?

Ans. Refer to Unit-I, Sec-C, Q.3.

2. What is meant by disinvestment?

Ans. Refer to Unit-Ill, Sec-C, Q.5.

,3.  What do you understand by fiscal policy?

Ans. 3efer to Unit-IV, Sec-A, Q.3.

4 (Explain globalisation.

Ans. Rpfer to Unit-Ill, Sec-B, Q.18.

5. Exp1ain international trading environment.

Mis. Refer to Unit-V, Sec-A, Q.13.


(Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attpt any two questions out of the following three questions. Each question carries 7.5 markj1rt answer is required not exceeding 200 words. (7.5 x 2 = 15)
/Explain the main objectives of privatisation.
Ans. Objectives of Privatisation:
Privatisation refers to the transfer of services traditionally performed by a public entity to privately-owned businesses. A public entity might be the federal government, a public school district or a publicly-owned utility company. Services these entities provide include social security retirement and disability benefits, bus transportation and the conversion of natural resources for energy use. By transferring the responsibility for these services to the economy’s private sector, privatization seeks to create economic efficiency, fully develop the service being provided, make improvements in the public entity’s budget, redistribute income and gain political influence.

Macroeconomic Efficiency: One of the main goals of privatisation is to create higher levels of efficiency throughout the economy. It seeks to either establish or support what is referred to as a “market economy.” This type of economy is driven by the notion of free enterprise. Individuals and businesses exchange goods and services voluntarily, largely without any type of government or political intervention. Prices for goods and services are determined by supply, demand and competition among suppliers is encouraged. The United States is an example of market economy.

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