CBSE Sample Paper/chapter 5/ Class 9th/Science/ Biolggy

CBSE Sample Paper/chapter 5/ Class 9th /Science/ Biology


CBSE Sample Papers/ Chapter 5/Class 9th
CBSE Sample Papers/ Chapter 5/Class 9th


CBSE Sample Paper/chapter 5/ Class 9th

Here,  CBSE Sample Paper/chapter 5/ Class 9th is going to introduce fresh collection of Sample papers. These Sample Papers consist of questions with their solutions. these sample papers also constitutes their weightage, i.e., their marks as well as the year of the question, i.e. he year in which the question is published. This also tells that with how much of weightage of a particular type of question ca come in exam.

Sample Paper Questions

Q.1 What Happens to a animal cell when it is placed in a very dilute external medium? Why? (2 Marks; 2010)

Q.2 (a) Draw a plant cell and name seven important organelles found in it.

(b) Name one organelle that can make some of it’s proteins in a plant cell and also mention one function of such organelle. (5 Marks; 2010)

Q.3 (a) Name and draw a cell which does not have a well defined nuclear region. Label it’s four parts.

(b) Mention two ways by which photosynthesing cell belonging to this group different from a cell of your body.(5 Marks; 2010)


Ans.1 Due to Endosmosis. As the external solution is very dilute or hypertonic, water passes into animal cell due to endosmosis the animal cell continues to swell up for some time but ultimately burst up. 

Reason: Bursting of animal cell with endosmosis is due to the absence of rigid cell wall as found in plant cells. 

Ans.2 (a)  

A Plant Cell With 7 Important labellings
A Plant Cell With 7 Important labellings/ CBSE Sample Paper/chapter 5/ Class 9th/Science

(b) Mitochondria is a cell organelle that makes some of it’s own proteins with the help of it’s own DNA and Ribosomes. It performs Krebs cycle part of (aerobic) respiration.

Ans.3 (a) Prokaryotic cells .

(b) Differences :


Photosynthetic Prokaryotic Cell


Human Cell
1.      The cell possesses photosynthetic pigments in a bag like membrane sacs. 1.      Photosynthetic pigments are absent.
2.      A cell wall occurs around the cell. 2.      2.  Cell wall is absent.
3.      A nucleus is absent. Instead nucleoid occurs embedded in the cytoplasm. 3.      3. A nucleus is present.


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