MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Paper

MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Paper :- In this Post you will find MBA 1 year related to important questions related to the answer such as the Introduction Micro Business Answer and many Cother important questions.Very Short Questions are answer in English Section A

MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Paper
MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Paper

Section A



Q.1. What is technological environment comprised of? 

Ans. Technological environment comprises of both machines and scientific thinking used to solve problems and promote progress. consists of not only knowledge and methods required to carry on and improves production and  distribution of goods and services but also entrepreneurial expertise and professional know-how.

Q.2. What is technological innovation? 

Ans. Technological innovation is the nrncnce through which new or improved technologies are

Developed and brought into widespread use. It comprises of new products and processes and significant technological changes of products and processes.

Q.3. Define technology dynamics.

Ans. Technology dynamics provides information and communication technology design and the consultation that connects people and resources within buildings, communities and throughout the world.

Q.4. What is the impact of technology on business? Ans. The impact of technology on business is described in the following points:

1. Higher productivity and global competitiveness. 

2. Need for multiskilling and multitasking. 

3. Increasing need for capital. 

4. Increasing obsolescence and organisational restructuring 

5. New product and new market creation.

6. Adaptation to changes in scale and format. 

Q.5. What do you mean by transfer of technology?

Ans. Transfer of technology is the process of sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can develon and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services

MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Model Paper

Q.6. What are the reasons for technology transfer? 

Ans. The reasons because of which companies engage in transfer of technology are:

1. Profit from selling technology. 

2. Location and logistics advantage. 

3. Competitive edge, grants and subsidies. 

4. Limitations of home country. 

5. Superior capital markets and to enhance competence

Q.7. Explain the types of technology transfer. Ans. Technology transfer can be divided into the following categories:

1. International technology transfer 

2. Regional technology transfer. 

3. Cross industry or cross sector technology transfer. 

4. Inter firm technology transfer.

5. Intra firm technology transfer 

Q.8. What is licensing method of technology transfer?

Ans. Organisations transfer the technology and provide licenses to the user for the use of technolov under this arrangement, only a license holder can use the technology, e.g. In the case of software, the user purchases the license to use the software from the technology provider, against royalty or payment of other fee.

Q.9. What do you mean by joint venture? 

Ans. Under joint ventures, organisations transfer the technology to their joint venture partner They provide the technology to the host nation through a partner from a host nation. This arrangement is beneficial for both e.g. Maruti Suzuki, Green Gas Ltd., etc.

Q.10. What are the aspects of appropriate technology?

Ans. The various aspects of appropriate technology are:

1. Refers to using simplest and benign level of technology. 

2. Refers to technology appropriate to the environment and culture. 

3. Refers to technology that can effectively achieve an intended purpose.

4. Refers to identification, transformation and implementation of the most suitable technology

MBA 1st Natural and Technological Environment Long Question Answer Sample Paper 

Q.11. Give the importance of technology transfer. 

Ans. Technology transfer is important for several reasons:

1. Encourages use of technology. 

2. Creates competitive advantage. 

3. Promotes research and development. 

4. Enhances capability and innovation.

5. Leverages business environment. 

Q.12. What are the effects of time lag in technology introduction? 

Ans. The time lag in technology introduction has led to the following effects:

1. Some products are not being able to reap the market. 

2. Time lag has affected not only TV business but also the advertising industry and product promotion. 

3. Because of time lag in the advent of latest technology in India, many advance countries have considered us as a market for their obsolete technology.

Q.13. How is business affected when consumers use technology?

Ans. A business is affected when consumers use technology. At one time, the only way some people had to file their tax returns, was through going to either a certified public accountant or a professional tax preparer or preparing taxes themselves. The tax code is complex and some people might not have felt secure in preparing their taxes on their own. 

Q.14. How does telecommuting affects the business environment?

Ans. Technology has a large impact on the business environment in terms of telecommuting with broadband access and computers today, as well as smartphones, employees can work out of their homes saving the company money by not needing as physically large a space to operate with video conferencing business meetings no longer need to be face-to-face saving on air fare and hotel reservations,

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