MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 1 Questions

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 1 Questions Sample papers Mock Test Paper Question Paper Section Wise Question Papers.

Mock Paper-1

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MBA Topic Chapter Semester Wise Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

Time: 3 hours] [Maximum Marks: 100

Note: The question paper contains three sections. Attempt all sections.

Section A

Note: Attempt all questions of the following:(2×10-20) 

1. (a) What is a grapevine? Explain its importance in business communication.

(b) What are the different stages in communication cycle? 

(c) Discuss the two problems of effective listening. 

(d) Differentiate between verbal and non-verbal communications. 

(e) ‘How do you speak is more important than what do you speak.’Comment. 

(f) Write down the four guidelines for effective drafting. 

(g) What are visual aids? Reflect on various kinds of visual aids. 

(h) How would you prepare a curriculum vitae for applying to a multinational IT company for the

position of a senior engineer? 

(i) What are the goals of group communication? 

(j) Prepare a format of minutes of the meeting.

Section B

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 1 Questions

Note: Attempt any five questions from this section.


2. ‘Communication is the nervous system of a business organisation. In light of this statement,

explain the meaning and significance of communication in organisational context. 

3. How does the communication plays a role in making an organisation effective? 

4. List out the principles of oral communication. How a manager can effectively use his/her oral communication skills in business? 

5. When giving a presentation, what are the techniques you would use for gaining and keeping

audience attention? 

6. Define interview and also explain the various kinds of interview being conducted. How would

you prepare for an interview as a candidate? 

7. What is an e-mail? How has e-mail revolutionised communication? 

8. Clearly elucidate the meanings of the terms-meetings, press release and business etiquettes. 

9. Enumerate the etiquettes you will observe as a host when you invite clients over business meals.

Section C

Note: Answer the following questions:

10. (a) What do you meand by curriculum vitage? Prepare a curriculum vitae of yours which you intend to submit as a fresher in a corporate organization.

(b) You, as a Marketing Manager have been entrusted with the task of conducting and preparing a market research to know the market potential of a new product which your company is intending to launch in thef market in near future. Prepare a draft of business Report.

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