UPTET Paper Level 1 English Comprehension Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

UPTET Paper Level 1 English Comprehension Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

  1. According to the author despite the fact that men are social animals.
  2. They are anti-social in their behavior
  3. Their conduct is always repugnant to social welfare
  4. They tend to use society for their own  ends
  5. They forget their social duties
  6. Animosity is conspicuous by its absence in them
  7. How are citizens made?
  8. They are born from the womb as sudh
  9. People born in a society have the capacity of being citizens, but they become so only after undergoing a process of developing and training
  10. All the members of the state obtain citizenship rights when they attain adulthood
  11. They become citizens when voting rights are conferred on them
  12. By reading books on citizenship
  13. Which of the following may help in making a better citizen?
  14. Vocational and personal sides of education
  15. Building up body, mind and character
  16. Earning a living and developing the personality
  17. Taking part in the affairs of the state irresepective of the fact whether there is felling to serve the common good
  18. None of these
  19. Which quality does the author overemphasize as most indispensable for citizenship ?
  20. Higher education
  21. Sense of discipline inspiring one’s role in the affairs of the state
  22. Development of personality
  23. Spirit of sacrifice and renunciation
  24. Humanitarianism
  25. The title that best expresses the ideas of the passage is-
  26. Essentials of citizenship
  27. Citizenship and common good
  28. Personality and Citizenship
  29. Vocational side of our Education
  30. Individual As a Member of the Community

Passage 7

Directions- In this passage, you will find a few questions, each based on what is stated or implied in the passage. First read the passage and then answer the questions following that passage. While answering the questions, you can look back at the passage as often as you like.

Scientific Knowledge has its dangers, but so has every great thing. And over and beyond the dangers with which it threatens the present, it opens up as nothing else can, the vision of a possible happy world , a world without poverty without war, with little illness.Science , whatever unpleasant consequence it may have by the way is in its very nature a liberator.

  1. The main idea of the passage is that-
  2. Science is the most powerful force
  3. Science can improve the quality of life
  4. Science can prove to be very dangerous
  5. Science can make man truly happy
  6. A world without poverty, without war and without illness is called-
  7. An utopia
  8. A fantasy
  9. A paradise
  10. A heaven

Passage 8

Directions-Read the following two passages carefully. Below each passage are given questions numbered 1 to 2 and 1 to 2 respectively, with four suggested answers for each. Based on your understanding of the passage, choose the best answer to each of the questions out of the four alternatives the usual manner.

Clothing fires are a real kitchen hazard . Long flowing sleeves have no place in a kitchen they are too easily caught on plan, handles are easily ignited by range burners, and are generally in the way. Highly flammable synthetic fabrics can  be most unsafe. If your range is near a window, you should avoid long curtains that might blow over the range and each catch fire.

  1. What is dangerous about synthetic fabrics?
  2. Long sleeves
  3. They get  in the way
  4. The wind might blow them over the burners
  5. Some are highly flammable
  6. A suitable title for this paragraph is-
  7. Kitchen Hazards
  8. Synthetic Fabrics
  9. Highly Flammable
  10. Clothing Fires

Passage 9

The Governor inaugurated the Parampur small car factory, last year. The first Year’s  production was six hundred cars. The management planned to double its production this year but it has failed to achieve this target owing to labour troubles. However it has now effected a compromise with the trade unions. During the last  month production has been stepped up considerably .It is now hoped that a thousand cars will roll out of the production lines by the end of the year.

  1. The target the management had in mind his year was-
  2. Six hundred cars
  3. Stepping up production
  4. A thousand cars
  5. Double the first Year’s production
  6. Producing  a thousand cars’is-
  7. What the management had as its target originally
  8. The revised target of production
  9. Double what was produce in the first year
  10. Not really the management’s target


Passage 1

1.         (B)       2.         (E)       3.         (E)       4.         (C)       5.         (C)

Passage 2

1.         (B)       2.         (C)       3.         (D)       4.         (D)       5.         (D)

Passage 3

1.         (E)       2.         (C)       3.         (D)       4.         (C)       5.         (D)

Passage 4

1.         (C)       2.         (B)       3.         (E)       4.         (D)       5.         (E)

Passage 5

1.         (D)       2.         (A)       3.         (B)       4.         (E)       5.         (E)

Passage 6

1.         (C)       2.         (B)       3.         (E)       4.         (B)       5.         (A)

Passage 7

1.         (B)       2.         (C)      

Passage 8

1.         (D)       2.         (A)

Passage 9

1.         (D)       2.         (B)      

UPTET Paper Level 1 Class 1 to 5 Question Answer Sample Model Practice Set

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