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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence MBA 1st Year Semester Very Short Question Answers

Q.11. What is management support system? 

Ans. Management support system is a computer based system that is supposed to provide information to be used by or at least to support managerial decision 

Q.12. What are the features of MIS? 

Ans. The features of MIS are:

1. MIS enhances productivity. 2. MIS provides relevant information to management. 3. MIS is a feedback system.

4. MIS transforms the data into information. 

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence MBA 1st Year Semester Very Short Question Answers
Applications Of Artificial Intelligence MBA 1st Year Semester Very Short Question Answers

Q.13. What is meant by decision support system?

Ans. Decision support system refers to a class of systems which support the process of making decisions. It helps decision makers to utilize data and model to solve unstructured problems. 

Q.14. What are the features of DSS? 

Ans. The features of DSS include:

1. Provide rapid access to information.

2. Offer both textual and graphical orientation.

3. Perform complex and sophisticated analysis. 

Q.15. Write the advantages of DSS. 

Ans. The advantages of DSS include:

1. Improving personal efficiency.

2. Facilitating communications.

3. Increasing organizational control. 

Q.16. What do you mean by executive information system? 

Ans. Executive information system is a type of management information system intended to port the information and decision-making needs of senior executives.

 Q.17. What are the features of EIS? 

Ans. The features of EIS include:

1. Drill down capabilities.

2. Presents graphical, tabular or textual information.

3. Navigation of information.

4. Personalized analysis. 

Q.18. What do you mean by artificial Intelligence?

Ans. Artificial intelligence is a field of science and technology science, biology, psychology, linguistics, mathematics and eng 

Q.19. What are neural networks?

Ans. Neural networks are computing systems modeled after the brain’s mesh like network of interconnected process Elements called neurons. These are very simpler in architecture.

Q.20. What do you mean by fuzzy logical control system?

Ans. Fuzzy logical control system is a vary off reaching 

Information conclusions based on ambiguous or vague7 of reaching conclusions based on ambiguous or vague of information. It is a mathematical method of handling imprecise or subjective information.

Q.21. Define virtual reality

Ans. Virtual reality is a technology which allows a user to interact with 

A computer simulated environment, be it real or imagined one.

Q.22. What is meant by expert system? 

Ans. Expert systems are software that contain a knowledge base of fact ability to make inferences based on that knowledge base. 

Q.23. What are the features of expert system? 

Ans. Expert system has the following features:

1. High level expertise and institutional memory.

2. Predictive modeling power.

3. Ability to provide a training facility. 

Q. 24. What are the advantages of expert system? 

Ans. The advantages of expert system are:

1. Increased output and productivity. 

2. Elimination of the need for expensive equipment. 

3. Improved decision quality. 

4. Enhancement of other information systems.

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