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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management Short Question Answer

(2) Nokia cell phones are ‘connecting people’, and BPL is ‘believing in the best’.

(3) Johnson & Johnson promotes its baby products with an accent on body care ‘with tender love’.

(4) Sony believes in people-oriented policies so that a person hired by an organisation can be accepted as a whole and is not dichotomised in virtuous-self and vicious-self.

(5) The Tatas, leader in the Indian automobile sector, combine robustness with sophistication

(6) The Birlas promote their products through cultural and religious activities. Bajaj Auto advertises its products with focus on family.

Q.3. Write a short note on “Wealth Without work”?

Ans. Wealth Without Work: Wealth without work refers to the exercise of getting something for nothing. It also refers to manipulating markets and assets so that you don’t have to work or produce added value, just manipulate people and things. Today, there are professions built around making wealth without working:

(1) Assembling much money without paying taxes.

(2) Profiting from free government programs without carrying a fair share of the financial burdens, and

(3) Enjoying all the perks of citizenship of country and membership of corporation without assuming any of the risk or responsibility.

Many of the fraudulent schemes were gone on. That is why Gandhiji were very much concerned if one of the people went into speculative enterprises or if they learned how to make a lot of money fast without having to pay the price by adding value on a day-to-day basis.

Some network marketing and pyramidal organizations worried Gandhiji because many people get rich quickly by building a structure under them that feeds them without work. They are restructured to the hilt; nevertheless the crushing emotional motive is often self-indulgence:

(i) “You can get rich without much work.”

(ii) “You may have to work initially, but soon you can have wealth without work.”

New social moves and norms are cultivated that cause distortion in their judgments.
Justice and judgments are inevitably inseparable, suggesting that to the degree you move away from the laws of nature, your judgments will be adversely affected. You get distorted notions. You start telling rational lies to explain why things work or why they don’t work. You move away from the law of “the farm” into social / political environments.

When we read about the organizations in distress, we often hear the sad confessions of executives who tell of moving away from natural laws and principles for an era of time and activate overbuilding, over stealing, and over gambling, not really understanding the tributary or getting impartial response, just reach a lot of self-talk internally. Now they have a high responsibility to pay. They may have to work stiffjust to live—without hope of healthy existence for five years or more. It’s back to the basics, hand to the work. And several of these officials, in earlier days, were critical of the conventional originators of the concerns who continued close to the basics and wished to stay small and free of liability.

Q.4. Write a short note on “Pleasure without conscience”.

Ans. Pleasure Without Conscience The chief query of the immature, greedy, selfish, and sensuous has always been:

(1) What’s in it for me?

(2) Will this please me?

(3) Will it ease me?

Currently, several people seem to need these pleasures without conscience or sense of accountability, even leaving or absolutely ignoring spouses and children in the name of doing their thing. But independence is not the most mature state of being – it’s only a middle position on the way to interdependence, the most advanced and mature state.

To learn:

(1) to give and take.,

(2) to live selflessly,

(3) to be sensitive,

(4) to be considerate; is our challenge.

Otherwise there is no sense of social responsibility or accountability in our pleasurable activities.
The eventual outlays of pleasures without conscience are high as dignified in terms of time and money, in terms of reputation and in terms ofwounding the hearts and minds of other people who are adversely affected by those who just want to indulge and gratify themselves in the short term. It’s dangerous to be pulled or lulled away from natural laws without conscience. Conscience is fundamentally the source of timeless truths and principles – the internal observer of natural law.

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