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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Short Question Answer

The study of values is fundamental to the understanding of managing organisational behaviour. A manager’s values determine the managerial functions he performs. A manager’s value system plays a significant role in the performance appraisal of his subordinates. The job of planning, organising and controlling the behaviour of employees should be compatible with managerial values.

Q.4. Define teaching ethics in brief.

Ans. Teaching Ethics: Teaching ethics means to teach the ethics of business in the schools, colleges, or in the universities. In today’s scenario, ethics is very important. There are some skills that one can learn by reading books, by training one in computer and internet technology, how to do calculations can be skilled by practice. But the question is “can ethics be taught?” Can one learn ethics by reading books, by training or doing some kind of practice?

Teaching of ethics include:

(1) Stimulating moral thoughts. (2) Developing problem solving skills.

(3) Creating a sense of moral obligation. (4) Recognising ethical dilemmas.

(5) Tolerating or reducing ambiguity.

Arguments in Favour of Teaching Ethics

(1) Values are Relative : We regulate one value for other value, individuals move forward andnever backward. One enlightened by supressing his self- interest, by extension of company’s interest, and profitability can be best served when the individuals or company focuses on other values also.

(2) Values Shaped by External Environment: Values can’t be fully developed on their own, they developed in a conduce environment. We probably need to examine, more systematically on how we are doing and assess what the effects really are on others. Nothing will happen overnight.

Arguments Against Teaching Ethics

(1) People are Born with Certain Values: Ethics are inborn. They cannot be enhanced by learning or providing training. There is difference between being a good tennis player and merely missing shots now and then.

(2) Values are Developed at Home : A child first comes in contact with his parents and not the society. A truly moral person is the one who has developed a moral disposition through the evolution o good habits and behaviour right from the beginning.

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