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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Long Question Answer

The main features of secularism are as follows

(i) Primary emphasis on the material and cultural improvement of human being.

(ii) Respect and search for all truth whatever be its source which can be tested in reality to observe whether it leads to human betterment or not.

(iii) Concern for this age or world and its improvement.

(iv) Primary Profit Oriented: One’s main objective is to earn profit fairly without hurting any faith, religion or culture. One should plan the actions in the way to maximise the profit without discriminating one’s workforce.

(v) Responsibility towards Society: Decision should be made keeping in mind that it will be more beneficial to the organisatiOn and society. One should take the maximum efforts for the well-being of society.

(vi) Professionalism: Decision taken should not be on the basis of religion, caste, colour etc. Decision taken should not show personal image or business.

(vii) Secular values lay emphasis on brotherhood of human being and unity of the world.

(viii) Secularism lays emphasis on the cultural and material welfare of human beings.

Secularism and Management or Management by Secularism : Under management by secularism as represented today by western management, the spectacular development in science and technology enabled management to achieve overall prosperity. In western world, management acted as handmade of profit and the motto was more and more money at any cost. Under such management we got external growth at the cost of internal growth.

Under management by secularism:

(1) workers are demoralized,

(2) lab àur management conflict is rampant,

(3) human welfare is neglected,

(4) wealth is accumulated,

(5) soul is lost,

(6) main objective of management is to earn more money at any cost.

The adoption of attitude towards life is an important characteristic of secularism as the influence of science grows on man.

According to Sigmund Frued, the influence of religious secularism leads to humanitarianism which stands for peace, goodwill and understanding. It helps in fostering the brotherhood of man and unity of the world.

Spiritualism: Spiritual means religious one or the people who believe in religion. They believe that work and religion are two side of a coin. Spiritual values are important source of information. These values act as an important source of creativity in thoughts and practice in the field of spiritual science. Human values are based on spiritualism. They act as a base for thoughts, actions, skills and behaviour and will mould into a good character.

These spiritual values create good man, good manager and good organisation. They set good examples in the society. Persons having good character are also self motivated, self disciplined and they are good leaders.
The features of spiritualism are as follows:

(1) Divine Qualities : There are numbers of divine qualities which are present in an individual and can be termed as spiritual values i.e. self respect, respect for God, belief in giving than taking, respect for elders, satisfaction etc.

(2) Work is Worship : It is rightly said that work is worship. The quality of worklife in an individual is greatly influenced by spiritual and ethical values. One should work with more confidence, loyalty, dedication, responsibility and motivation.

(3) Control over Mind/Self Disciplined : It is another main feature of spiritual values. Control over mind helps in proper usage of our time, energy and resources. High level of inspiration can be achieved through controlling of mind.

(4) Belief in Religion: Spiritual people believe in religion. The way we behave reflects our religious values. People from different castes, cultures follow different religions. It is rightly said that belief in religion is a reflection of our spiritual values.

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