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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Long Question Answer


Indian Management Practices

(1) Planning . Planning means to plan for the future and make the policies and guidelines to achieve the organisation’s short and long term goals. But in Indian context, long term planning is not so popular. Most of the organisations in India follow short term planning.

(2) Recruitment and Selection : It includes policies related to recruitment and selection of
employees like education, experiences, talent, competences, etc. But some other factors like favoritism and prejudice play a significant role in selection process of any organisation.

(3) Training: It is a systematic procedure for a specific task to be assigned to employees. In our socio-political environment now, we are adopting good training programme to enhance efficiency and productivity of the employees.

(4) Delegation of Authority: It means giving responsibility of a task to subordinates who have required skills to complete that work. But in Indian socio-political environment delegation of authority is written in a formal manner and subordinates are found to be unwilling to take the responsibility.\

There are some more practices other than those like performance appraisal, promotion grievance handling, employee participation which are followed by Indian model of management are executed in precisely the same amount of time, as each time it occurs. In a complex machine, having a part move more quickly just because system resources are available may be just as catastrophic as having it not move at all because the system is busy.

Q.3. Discuss the various causes of stress in modern organisation. What is the Indian
philosophy of stress management?

Or Stress management is mere requirement of developing a coping ability for managers. Discuss the ways of managing stress and the resulting problems that may come if stress is not managed properly.

Or What are the main causes of stress in corporate life these days? Discuss Indian perspective to stress management.

Ans. Stress in Modern Organisation : Stress can be explained basically as pressure upon a person’s psychological system which arises out of complexity of one’s work life. Stress can manifest itself in both a positive and negative way. Stress can become an opportunity for one to gain something. It is negative when stress is associated with heart disease, absenteeism etc. Further, stress is a situation where a person is not in his normal stage or he is not satisfied with his life. In other words, when the demands of a person from the environment are more and his output is less because of failure, he suffers from anxiety and stress. Thus stress is expressed mainly through anxiety and frustration. When a person is not able to cope with environment and surroundings and cannot maintain proper balance, then person is in stress. Stress has been defined as a physical, mental or emotional response to events with mental or bodily tension. In the modern day life stress is a part and parcel of our lives. At the same time,.it should not exceed the capacity of an individual to handle it. If it exceeds in proportion to a person’s ability to cope with it, it would cause mental and physical imbalances in that person.

Therefore, a major challenge for everyone today is to make stress work for you as a productive force rather than as a deterrent which can cause imbalance in an individual’s mind.

Types of Stress Stress is highly individualistic in nature. Some people have high tolerance for stress and do well in case of several stressful factors.

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