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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Long Question Answer

(b) Complex organisational structure.

(c) Poor organisational policies, rules and regulations. \

(d) Role conflict.

Consequences of Stress: Stress shows itself in three ways:

(1) Physiological Symptoms : Most of the early concern with stress was directed at physiological symptoms due to the fact that specialists in the health and medical sciences have done a lot of research on it and proved it.

(2) Psychological Symptoms: (a) Job related stress can cause job related dissatisfaction.

(b) The less control people have over the pace of their work, the greater the stress and diss atisfaction.

(3) Behavioral Symptoms: Behaviour related stress symptoms include changes in productivity, absence and turnover, as well as changes in eating habits, increased smoking or consumption of alcohol, rapid speech and sleep disorders.
Managing Stress: Stress is inevitable in human life. There is no way out but to cope with stress or fight it out. There are so many methods to reduce stress.

(1) Stress Management Programmes : Oorganisations have adopted stress management programmes, career development programmes and other kinds of programmes for this purpose. Sessions should also be undertaken in every organisation to improve mental health.

(2) Job Redesign: Job maybe a source of stress to many individuals. Properly designed jobs and work schedules can help ease stress in individuals and organisations.

(3) Hobbies: By developing certain hobbies like games, sports, painting, listening songs, one can get relaxation.

(4) Supportive organisation Climate: Many organisational stressors emerge because of faulty organisational policies and practices. These can be controlled by creating supportive organisational climate. Supportive organisational climate depends upon managerial leadership. The focus is primarily on participation and involvement of employees in decisionmaking process.

(5) Counseling: Counseling is discussion of a problem by a counsellor with an employee. Counselling seeks to improve employee’s mental health by release of emotional tension. (If stress is not managed it can lead to several complications).
(6) Others : Yoga, meditation is helpful in reducing stress. Self introspection, brain stilling are some Indian tehniques for stress management.

If stress is not managed, it may lead to several medical problems like:

(a) development of ulcer.

(b) development of suicidal tendency.

(c) high blood pressure.

(d) heart attack.

(e) cancer.

(f) behavioural changes like anger, frustration, and depression.

Q.4. What are the main causes of stress in the corporate life these days? Discuss Indian perspective to stress management.

Ans. The main causes of stress in the corporate life these days are as follows:

(1) Stress is caused by a stimulus which may be either physical or psychological.

(2) It’s a condition of strain due to one’s emotions, thought process and physical condition.

(3) When it is excessive, it can threaten one’s ability to cope with the environment.

(4) Stress indicates the pressures people feel in corporate life. As a result of these pressures, employees develop various symptoms of stress that may harm their job performance.

(5) People who are stressed may become nervous, easily provoked to anger and unable to relax. They may be uncooperative or resort to excessive alcohol consumption.

(6) Stress also leads to physical disorders within the body leading to stomach ulcer, hypertension, heart disease, kidney troubles etc.

Before we discuss the art of stress management, it is imperative to know causes of stress. In the fast changing world, our way of living is also changing very fast. There are several ways to manage stress. These include:

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