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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Long Question Answer


(iii) The creative energies of human beings are derived from and rooted in the supreme creative intelligence.

(iv) The concept of self in man has to embrace the spiritual dimension beyond his physical, social and economic dimensions.

(v) The final resolution of managerial conflicts rests in de-ionization of self.

(vi) Effective leadership style requires an understanding of three fundamental ingredients that make up each individual. These three gunas (trigun) are sattva, rajas, tamas.

These are the three constituents of nature (prakriti). The quality of purity or goodness is sattva. Rajas is activity or passion. It is the second of the inhrent qualities orgunas of living being. Tamas is the quality of darkness or ignorance, which is the third constftutent of all nature.

(vii) All managerial decisions are subjective in the ultimate analysis and the effectiveness of such decisions depends critically on the purity of mind of a decision maker. Values such as responsibility, integrity, commitment and patriotism are considered old fashioned by some people as they try to highlight change of perception, thinking and attitude globally with changing time. These might be old values but are not certainly obsolete, rather there is great need of these types of values in global change in positive way. These values are universal. In fact, the need of these values in global change is the need of time which cannot be ignored. The need to get the priorities right is very important if we are to influence the global society positively. The need for values in global change is very significant. The need for values like dependability, reliability, predictability, consistency, caring, sincerity, integrity and loyalty are the important values required for survival in this era of global change.

Importance of Value Based Management: The importance of value based management is as follows

(1) Managerial effectiveness based on value-based management can solve problems of decline of the economy in all countries. Such management offers human welfare, nature welfare, better quality of life and work.

(2) Selfless action purifies our mind/intellect. Pure mind concentrates, contemplates and mediates to approach divinity or perfection, i.e. pure consciousness.

(3) Self surrender to the God and emotionally we can reach the goal of pure consciousness.

(4) Value based management provides proper use of human values and material resources offered by the mother earth.

(5) Value based management promotes work culture, self discipline and consciousness among the employees.

(6) Value based management helps in bringing the human harmony and happiness in the organisation.

(7) Values based management cares for its people. People are protected from unwanted stress and strains, unrest, loneliness and adverse organisational work life.

(8) Value based management helps in reducing conflicts and disputes. This enhances reputation and goodwill of the organisation.

Style of Value Based Management: The style of value based management is as follows:

(1) Performer: Be conscientious and live by the ethical values and principles. Treat others with fairness and objectivity. Be fair and precise at improving products or services.

(2) Helper : Act as a team player and support others and make them feel welcome in a group. Be at the service of the clients and customers.

(3) Producer: Be pragmatic with resources and people. Delegate responsibilities and divide work components into small manageable teams.

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