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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Short Question Answer


Which factors are responsible for poor work culture? What steps should be taken to
improve work culture

Ans. Reasons for Poor Work Ethos/Culture as Organisations : The following factors are responsible for poor work culture in a business organisation:

(1) Lack of Commitment: Lack of commitment refers to the disinterest shown by worker towards the work. This creates poor work culture in the organisation and results in poor quality of product and lower productivity. Dedication towards work should be visible by his behaviour.

(2) Lack of Discipline: Discipline includes regularity, punctuality such as to come in time to workplace, to complete the task in given time, to follow rules and regulations if any, do not waste time during working hours etc. Hence, lack of discipline will create poor work culture which may cause delay in operations.

(3) Poor Working Condition: Poor working conditions include unhealthy working climate, lack of pure drinking water, lack of ventilation, lack of canteen facility, lack of safety devices and norms, noise pollution etc. These are the constituents of poor working conditions in an organisation.

(4) Political Interference: Most of the unions in the companies are affiliated to some political party. Political leaders, sometimes, destroy the peace and harmony in the organisation for the sake of power and ego only. This is one of the reasons that causes industrial conflict.

(5) Decline in Moral Standards: Moral standards provide tool for judging the moral value of a decision. They provide the basis for deciding whether an act is right or wrong. If there is decline in the moral standards, the culture of the work in an organisation becomes poorer.

Q.3. What do you understand by Indian ethos for management? What are the features of Indian ethos?


 Explain Indian ethos for work life.

Ans. Indian Ethos for Management: The Indian ethos is the outcome of the Hindu way of life.
Indian ethos means application of principles of managing an organisation revealed in our ancient wisdom described in Gita and (Jpanishads. Indian ethos would certainly help the future as well as existing organisations to tackle the changes and channelize it for their development. The Indian ethos will prove to be of immense help as well as practical use to the managers in an organisation.

Features of Indian Ethos: Following are the essential features of Indian ethos and insight:

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