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BBA 1st Year Business Ethics Work Life in Indian Philosophy Very Short Question Answer

(c) In order to increase efficiency of workers, they should be properly rewarded. In other words efficient workers should get better incentives.

(d) Workers should be given opportunity for participation in management decisions.

(e) There should not be political interference in the day-to-day operation ofthe business.

Q.5. How Could Indian ethos improve work culture in organization?

Ans. The following are some of the Indian ethos relevant to management that can improve work culture in any organization.

(a) All work is an Opportunity for doing well to the world and thus gaining materially and Spiritually in our work.

(b) One who works with calm and even tends to achieve most.

(c) As we think, so we succeed, so we become.

(d) Strength and cooperation for excelling in work comes from divine.

(e) A11 will enjoy the highest good by mutual cooperation and respect.

Q.6. what is the need of Indian ethos for business?

Ans. Following are the reasons for Indian ethics to be followed in business:

(a) To develop proper management system in the organisation. Management system based on principles as per ancient wisdom is of immense help for the smooth conduct of business. Value-oriented management system can be established with the help of Indian ethos.

(b) To ensure all round development, growth and prosperity, i.e. productivity, marketing and Profitability.

(c) Indian ethos teaches us that if you work sincerely for the society, for your organisation and for the nature, you will really enjoy your life through money harmony, peace and bliss. Your image is bright.

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