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BBA 3rd Year India Trade Policy Very Short Question Answer Paper

BBA 3rd Year Corporate Strategy Very Short Question Answer

Q.9. What is corporate parenting?

Ans. Corporate parenting refers to the level of management re over business unit of corporate.

Q.10. Give any three characteristics of corporate reformation.

Ans. The three characteristics of corporate reformation are given below:

(a) Reducing assets by selling of unprofitable or useless

assets. (b) Modifying the corporate management.

by selling (C) Improving balance sheet of a firm

unprofitable division from its core business.

Q.11. Give the various types of strategic control.

Ans. Various types of strategic control are as follows:

(a) Premise control. (b) Implementation control.

(c) Strategic control.

Q.12. Give the various steps involved in strategy control process.

Ans. Various steps involved in strategy control process are as follows:

(a) Set control standards. (b) Measures performance. (c) Analysing deviation. (d) Take corrective action.

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