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BBA Business Communication Study Material Its Meaning and Nature

There is another level of structure that we may call process structure. When we talk or write, much of what we transmit is made up of words or phrases which indicate how what we are going to say relates to what has already been said. For example, our reaction to an idea or opinion may be to expand it, to add something to it, to disagree with it, to substantiate it, to give a reason for it, or to explain it. The following are examples of phrases or words which may serve these functions:

When it comes to that

Yes but

And another thing

Well may be

All the same


In any case

To give you an idea


As a matter of fact

To begin with





All communication is by nature conversation, and the examples given above are called ‘conversational gambits’. They signal directions and relations within discourse or the communicative event. Evidence suggests that these contribute significantly to an impression of fluency in conversational writing. In simpler words we say that these words and phrases are the linking devices that help the logical progression of the speaker/writer’s intention. They must, therefore, be carefully marked in any piece of written or speech, business or otherwise.

In this way see that there are two levels of the structure of communication-macro and micro. The macro-structure is seen in the ordering of different or related points of information of message. The microstructure is seen in the ordering of sentences or utterances by means of the linking devices. Anybody aiming at effective communication must be conscious of both these levels, imbibe the best of both and try his best to achieve the desired result. More of it later on.

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