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BBA Business Environment June 2013 Solved Question Paper With Answers

BBA Business Environment June 2013 Solved Question Paper With Answers : BBA Second Semester Previous Year June 2013 Mock Question Answer Sample Model Paper Book Code 205.

BBA Business Environment June 2013 Solved Question Paper With Answers

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BBA 1st 2nd 3rd Year Study Material Notes

B.B.A. Examination, June 2013

Business Environment (BBA Mock Test Paper)



Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 75

Note: Attempt all the sections as per instructions.

Section –A

(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note: Attempt all the five questions. Each question carries 3 marks. Very short answer is
required not exceeding 75 words. (3 x5= 15)

1. What do you mean by multi-dimensional environment?

Ans. To speed-up the business, it is most necessary to have a multi-dimensional environment. It is a process when each and every angle is put on the priority. The multi-dimensional activities give the platform for developing useful strategies and long-term policies in favour of the business and firm. It helps in direct and indirect to make beneficial arrangements for any enterprise.

2, f1efine mixed-Economy

Ans.  Refer An economic system in which both the private enterprise and a degree of state monopoly (usually in public services, defense, infrastructure, and basic industries) co-exist. All modern economies are mixed where the means of production are shared between the private and public sectors, also called dual economy.

3- E1lain liberalisation.

Ans. Some merits of globalization are as under:

(a) It helps in viewing the whole world as one market.

(b) In terms of economic welfare, globalization refers to the unique economically independent international environment.

(cJ It helps in earning more profits through export business than through domestic business.

(d) The government provides merits, incentives, royalties, tax rebates to the export oriented firms.

(e) When the population of the host country is large, it provides more demand and growth opportunities to the entrant firms.

4. Explain any three objectives of monetary policy.

Ans. Monetary base.

Section-B (BBA Demo Test)

(Short Answer Questions)

Note: Attempt any two questions out of the following three questions. Each question carries
7.5 marks. Short answer is required not exceeding 200 words. (7.5 x 2 = 15)

6. Explain difference betwen capitalism and socialism.

Ans. Refer Some of the major steps which suggests for improving public sector performance are:

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