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BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes: A2zNotes Presents study material Long Question Answer Notes by the Latest BEd Syllabus for Philosophical and Socialogical Perspective of Education. A Collection of Question-Answers compiled and Edited by A2zNotes Well Experienced Authors Based on Latest Two-Years BEd Curriculum. Here in this post, we will provide you with Long Questions and Answers for the Definition, and Meaning of Educational Sociology, the Scope of Educational Sociology, Need and Significance of Educational Sociology.

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BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes
BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes

Meaning and Definition of Educational Sociology

In the twentieth century, a new discipline developed as a result of the study of interrelationships between education and society, it is called educational sociology. George Payne of America is considered to be its proponent. He published his book named The Principles of Educational Sociology in 1928. In it, he clarified the influence of social life on education and the influence of education on social life.

After Payne, several others have specifically worked in this field, such as Dewey, Sneden, Peters, Bolton, Cook, and Taba of America; Durkheim of France, Max Weber of Germany, and Ottaway of England. Dewey wrote The School and Society and Democracy and Education in order to spread his views in the country and abroad.

According to Dewey, education is a social process in which an individual takes part in the social consciousness of society. From this view, the study of social consciousness is necessary for the provision of proper education.

Individuals, society, social institutions, social groups, social classes, etc. are studied in educational sociology, and the influence of all these on individuals is observed, and then the form of education is determined on this basis. Educational sociology has been defined by different scholars differently, (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

In the words of its proponent. Payne:

By educational sociology, we mean the science which describes and explains the institutions, social groups, and social processes, that is, the social relationship in which or through which the individual gains and organizes his experiences.

Good has defined educational sociology in the following way:

Educational sociology is the scientific study of how people live in social groups, especially the study of the education that is obtained by living in the social groups, and the education that is needed by the members to live efficiently in the social groups.

In the words of Brown:

Education sociology applies sociological principles to the whole process of education.

Ottaway has defined it in a very brief form. According to him.

The sociology of education may be defined briefly as a study of the relations between education and socie

In our view it should be defined as follows:

Educational sociology is that branch of sociology in which the form of man and of his education are analyzed on the basis of sociological facts and the sociological solutions to the problems related to his education are found.

Scope and Subject-Matter of Educational Sociology

The scope and subject matter of educational sociology are limited to the application of sociological principles in the field of education. It is studied the interactions between individual and individual and individual and society, and their influence on the development of children. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

The chief field of educational sociology is the study of the role of different social groups, such as family, community, state, and school, in the education of children. It also studies, social classes and social institutions and their influence on education and the influence of education on them. The study of interrelationships between culture and education is also included in its scope.

Educational sociology also studies the use of newspapers, radio, and television in the field of education. Besides all these, it studies the present needs and aspirations of the society, and the process of education for fulfilling them, and for it; gives suggestions to bring about changes in the curriculum of education. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

Need, Utility, and Significance of Educational Sociology

Educational sociology studies the relationships between education and society. It should be studied by all persons concerned with education, as administrators and teachers, in order to understand the form of education and to run it smoothly. Its study begets us the following advantages:

1. Knowledge of Society and the Nature of its Different forms and its influence on Education: Education is a social process that goes on throughout human life. Educational sociology studies all social groups family caste, species, communities, and states. etc., and then influence the education of the children. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

On the basis of this knowledge, we acquaint all the agents of education with their duties and function. It results in the proper cooperation of all these social groups in the education of the children. Therefore, educational planners, administrators, and teachers should have a clear knowledge of this subject. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

2. Assistance in Clearing the Concept of Education: Education sociology explains the educational process. Educational sociology has made out the fact that education is a social, dynamic, and developmental process that moves forward as a result of interactions between two or more individuals. Its study helps teachers and educational administrators in understanding the true concept of education. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

3. Assistance in Determining Aims of education: In educational sociology, the effort is made to understand the form and problems of society, and the methods of providing proper education for their result. The study of all these helps us understands the form and needs of our society. On its basis, we determine the aims of our education.

4. Assistance in constructing the Curriculum of Education: Social needs can be met by social activities. Educational sociology has studied the causes and outcomes of social activities; we can select definite activities or curricula from its knowledge for getting definite outcomes. From this viewpoint too, educational sociology has to be studied.

5. Assistance in Construction of Teaching Methods: Though educational psychology helps the most in the construction of teaching methods, proper teaching methods cannot be provided for modern complicated societies without the knowledge of educational Sociology. Man is a social being, without understanding this aspect we cannot provide proper education.

Educational sociology has made out this fact that the educational process moves forward through the participation of individuals in social activities, it has provided a social form to the educational process. It is necessary to study educational sociology for understanding it. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

6. Knowledge of the Social Concept of Discipline in Education: There are different viewpoints about discipline in education. Educational sociology clarifies its social concept to acquaint us with its true form without having studied educational sociology. It is difficult to clearly understand that discipline is also a social feeling that manifests itself in the form of abidance with social laws, and its development is possible only when the child is given independent opportunities to take part in social activities.

7. Place of Teacher and Student in Educational Process: Educational sociology also explains the role of teacher and student in the education process. On the basis of the study of educational sociology, we have started to demand the teacher present a proper social environment and advise the student to take part in the activities of real life with an open mind.

8. Assistance in determining the Form and Function of School: Education sociology studies from the functions of the school. It is natural to get assistance in determining the form and function of a school from it. It is very helpful in developing schools as community centers. Therefore, the teachers should study it(BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

9. Solution to other problems of Education: Society is changeable, its needs keep changing. Education is the means of meeting social needs. It is necessary to know the whole nature of society in order to determine the type of social changes to be included in education. Educational sociology trains us in this method. So it is essential for us to acquaint ourselves with educational sociology in order to find out the exact solution to any problem in education. (BEd 2nd Year Educational Sociology Study Material Notes)

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