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BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes: a2znotes.com presents Study Material Long Question Answers based on the Latest BEd syllabus for Lesson-Plan of Pedagogy of Social Science. Long Question Answers are one of the major scoring ways as far as the BEd Pedagogy of Social Science Exam is concerned.

Here in this post, we are Long Questions and Answers for the Definition or Meaning and importance of Lesson-Plan, the need for Lesson-Plan, the Principles of Lesson Planning, Characteristics of a Good Lesson-Plan. If you are preparing for BEd 2nd Year Pedagogy Social Science Examination, this can help you a lot with preparation. At a2znotes.com you can find all the study material, notes, question answers, and sample model practice papers in a single place.

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BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes
BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes

Meaning of Lesson Plan

The means of achieving a definite objective or aim of teaching work systematically and successfully is called lesson-planning. When any work is performed under a plan, then it is successful surely. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

It can be said in this way that the lesson plan is that predetermining plan according to a teacher presents before the students through new knowledge methods and teaching aids at a definite time. In this way, lesson planning is the designing of behavior shapes on all sides of the teaching arrangement. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

The lesson planning takes birth during the pre-stage (first stage of teaching, In this period, the teacher prepares a sketch of his all teaching activities the teacher gives behavioral shape to planned teaching activities in the lesson planning, and at the time of the last activity period of teaching. The teacher arranges his teaching work in the lesson-planning what he has to teach.

Therefore, lesson planning is an essential prerequisite for a good teacher the structure of the plans should vary with the different teaching-learning situations and with the needs of different groups of pupils. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

Moreover, whatever way to plan a lesson, lesson planning is an essential part of the teacher’s work. the teacher has planned his lesson both wisely and too well he will enter his with confidence and with an easy conscience. However, the lesson plan is. servant but a bad master. It is a means to an end not an end it teacher should be able to discard his plan if a sudden situation demands it.

Definitions of Lesson-Plan

The main definitions of lesson planning given by different mathematicians are as follows:

According to Bossing, “Lesson plan is actually a plan of action.

According to Bining and Bining, “Daily lesson planning involves an objective, selective and arranging the subject matter and determine method and procedure.”

According to Joseph Landon, “Lesson-plan as a draft of the lesson put udon paper with all the important points whether of matter or method clearly marked.”

According to Educational Dictionary, “Lesson-plan is a teaching outline of the important points of a lesson arranged in the order in which they are to be presented, it may include objectives, points to be made, questions to be asked, references to materials, assignment, etc.”

According to N.L. Bossing, “Lesson-plan is the title given to a statement of the objective to be realized and specific means by which these are attained or a result of activities engaged during the period.”

According to Laster B. Stands, “A lesson plan is actually a plan of action. It, therefore, includes the working philosophy of the teacher, his knowledge of philosophy, his information about and understanding of pupils, his comprehension of the objectives of education, his knowledge of the material to be taught, and his ability to utilize effective methods.”

According to Ryburn, “To teach we must use experience already gained as starting points of our work.”

In this statement, Ryburn considers that a pupil teacher gains experiences in his classroom. Work through lesson planning, so that he is able to perform his tasks successfully in his teaching. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

IK. Davis has given four steps for management of learning viz. planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. So, he has given greater importance to lesson planning as the first step of teaching. He has defined it in the following manner :

“Lesson must be prepared for there is nothing so fatal to a teacher’s progress as unpreparedness.”

So, lesson planning is important and memory or intelligent planning of learning, through which we can see how the children are motivated for gaining new information, ability, and frequency and how it can motivate their previous knowledge.

Need and Importance of Lesson-Plan

Lesson planning plays a significant role in the process of teaching. It has its own values and advantages. In the teaching-learning process the need and importance of lesson-plan may precisely be mentioned in the following points :

1. Lesson plan confirms the order and shape of the presentation of the subject matter.

2. Lesson plan creates self-confidence in students and teachers.

3. It provides guidelines to the teacher to proceed systematically in classroom teaching.

4. Lesson plan establishes the relation between teaching activities and learning.

5. Lesson plan makes the teaching work regular and collective.

6. It provides awareness of teaching objectives and structure of content and the teacher has to perform his activities in the direction to achieve the objectives. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

7. Lesson plan helps the teacher in choosing the best method of teaching materials that can be made in an order with its help.

8. Lesson-plan gives attention to different matters of person the child means it may be conducted according to individual teaching work by using individual differences in the lesson plan. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

9. The basis of previous knowledge to achieve new knowledge may be the secret to the success of the teaching.

10. The necessity of a lesson plan is also important in the training program for the teachers. Lesson-plan presents the outline for class activities for training the teachers. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

11. It is observed several times that if the teacher comes into the class without teaching preparation and does not perform the teaching work properly undiscipline is created in the class. The lesson plan is prepared to avoid this also. It is helpful to stop the undiscipline.

Principles of Lesson Planning

To make his teaching successful and effective a teacher plans the lesson. prepares it and puts down his plan in the form of a lesson note. In this process of lesson planning, the following principles are to be followed :

(i) Selection of suitable subject matter,

(ii) Presentation of the selected material in an organized, orderly, and effective manner,

(iii) Child activity and participation in co-sharing the teaching-learning process,

(iv) Attainment of objectives and outcomes of orderly procedure.

Characteristics of a Good Lesson-Plan

The following are the main characteristics of a good lesson plan :

(i) A good lesson plan should preferably be written. It should not be at the oral or mental stage because many details are lost when the plan is put to practice if it is merely a mental sketch. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

(ii) The psychological units of planning should be well arranged. The plan should contain all the steps and stages of an orderly procedure.

(iii) The plan must have its basis on the background of the class.

(iv) The subject matter and teaching aids should be well selected to suit the pupils.

(v) Application stage or the expression work to be assigned must be a suitable place in the plan. References, if there are, should be clearly given.

(vi) Important and essential elements of the subject matter should be w at the end of the plan as a black-board summary to be reproduced

(vii) Good lesson planning requires that the lesson unit must be fine within the specified time. Therefore, time must be apportioned suitable to all stages of the plan. (BEd 2nd Year Lesson-Plan Study Material Notes)

(viii) A good lesson plan should be flexible and elastic. It should not be too rigid and mechanical.

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