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BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes: A2zNotes Presents study material Long Question Answer Notes by the Latest BEd Syllabus for Philosophical and Socialogical Perspective of Education. A Collection of Question-Answers compiled and Edited by A2zNotes Well Experienced Authors Based on Latest Two-Years BEd Curriculum. Here in this post, we will provide you with Long Questions and Answers for the Definition, and Meaning of Society, the Relationship between Society and Education, the Impact of Society on Education, and the Impact of Education on Society.

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BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes
BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes

Meaning and Definition of Society

Generally, a group of people is called a society. The specific groups of people are studied in all social sciences. In anthropology any group is called society, even the primitive community is also called society.

In geography, the community of people of the same civilization of a specific region is called society, such as Indian society and European society. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

In theology, the group of members of a specific community of a specific religion is called society; such as Hindu society, Muslim society and Christian society. In political science, the group of people of a particular state is called society; such as Indian society, British society and American society. But in sociology, society is taken in a different form than all these.

Definition of Society

All sociologists consider society abstract, but they have defined it in different forms. Some of the important definitions are given below. In the words of Talcott Parsons :

Society may be defined as a total complex human relationship in so far as they grow out of action in terms of means and ends, relationship, intrinsic or symbolic. —Talcott Parsons

MacIver and Page have defined society in a little clearer way. According to them:

Society is a system of usages and procedures of authority and mutual aid, of many groupings and subdivisions, of control of human behaviour and of liberties. This ever-changing complex system we call society.

They have further said in brief: It (society) is a web of social relationships and it is always changing

The definition presented by Lapierre is even briefer and clearer. In his words:

The term society refers not to a group of people but to the complex pattern of the forms of interactions that rise among and between them.

The Distinction between Society and a Society

Society and society are used with different implications in sociology. Society is meant the system of social relationships in people of a group, while a society means a group of people bound by social relationships.

It is clear that society is abstract and society is concrete. But each group of people cannot be called a society. Society is such an organization of people which is organized for the fulfilment of some aims, such as Jain society and Indian society.

In the words of Manzer:

A society may be thought of as a group of people among whom there is conscious participation in some kind of common activity. –H.E. Manzer

In grammatical terms, the words ‘society’ and ‘a society’ may be used according to the grammatical constructions as may be used in the sentences. However, their meaning should be understood in their context. –

Relationship between Society and Education

Society and education are mutually related, but before we consider this mutual relationship between society and education, it becomes necessary that we know the real meaning of society. context of education.

In sociological terminology, society is an abstract concept, it is a network of social relationships, but in general use, society is called that particular society which is made up of social relationships. It is called a society in sociological terminology. In most countries of the world, the arrangement of education is considered to be the responsibility of the state, and from this viewpoint, the whole population of the state is the society of the state. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

When we talk of society in the context of education, we mean the whole population of the state or country. When we study society of this type, we study its components individual-individual, individual-group, and group-group in view of their – social relationships or social interactions. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

The fact is that education is determined according to the type of society, the society becomes what education makes it. We clarify it further. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

Impact of Society on Education

Each society makes arrangements for education according to its beliefs and needs, and society’s beliefs and needs depend on its geographical, social, cultural, religious, political and economic conditions. The changes occurring in society also change its form and needs, and accordingly, the form of its education also undergoes a change. We discuss it in brief as below:

1. Geographical Location of the Society and Education: The life of people in a society is affected by its geographical location. So it is natural for its education to be affected by it. The societies in which geographical location is such that individual has to bitterly struggle for the protection of life, in most people have neither time nor money for education; consequently, they have no system of mass education and the scope of education is limited too. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

On the contrary, societies having favourable geographical locations and abundant natural resources have time and money for education; as a result, they have a good system of education. This fact is also known that the people of a country adopt the industries according to the natural resources available there and accordingly education is also provided for it. Emphasis is laid on agricultural education in agricultural countries and on industrial education in industrial countries.

2. Structure of the Society and Education: The form of different societies is different. Some societies have races or castes and discrimination based on race or caste, but in some societies, there is no caste or race discrimination. Thus, some societies have aristocratic and low classes of people, and it is absent in some societies. The form of a particular society affects its education.

Take Indian society for example. When there was a strict class system in it, the Shudras (S.Cs) were deprived of education, and at present when we do not believe in class discrimination, equal opportunities for education are available to all classes of people.

3. Culture of the Society and Education: Culture is taken to mean differently in different disciplines. In the modern context, the culture of a society is meant the specific form of its lifestyle; eating habits, behavioural norms, conduct and thinking, customs and traditions, art and skill, music and dance, language and literature, religion and philosophy, ideals, beliefs and values in which it believes and which are its marks of identification. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

The utmost effect on the education of a society is that of its culture. The aims of education of a society are determined on the basis of its religion, philosophy, ideals, beliefs and aspirations and utmost significance is attached to its language, literature, religion and philosophy in the curriculum, and such behavioural norms are adopted in the educational institutions.

4. Religious condition of Society and Education: Religion is a part of the culture, yet we have taken it up separately because religion has played a dominant role in education. Secondly, scholars possess different opinions about religion; some favour making it the basis of education, while some advocate keeping it apart from education. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

Societies can be divided into two classes from the viewpoint of religion -one, in which a particular religion is followed, and the other in which several religions are in force. The educational systems in these societies are different. In societies following a particular religion, the education of particular religion is included in the curriculum such as in Muslim countries.

In the second type, it is not possible to include the education of a particular religion in the curriculum, so a liberal attitude is adopted there, such as in our country India. Some countries do not give any place to religion in education, such as in Russia.

5. Political system of Society and Education: Political system of society also influences its education. For example, in dictatorships, blind followers of the state are prepared by education, while persons of free thinking and free expression are prepared in democratic countries. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

Besides, a society secure from a political viewpoint has wider aims of education, while a society feeling political insecurity emphasizes enhancing its military power and production. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

Impact of Education on Society

If it is true that society influences education, then it is also true that education determines the form of society and influences its cultural and religious and political and economic aspects. Education is the foundation stone of society; it constructs society, changes it and it develops:

1. Education and control over Geographical Conditions of Society: There was a time when man was described as a slave to his geographical condition, but man succeeded to control his geographical condition with the help of education. The days have gone when rivers and mountains blocked our path. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

Education has facilitated the manufacturing of aeroplanes, and we not only cross over rivers and mountains by it, but we also travel long distances virtually in no time. We have become able to control our geographical condition due to education.

2. Education and Form of Society: Through education, man gets knowledge of himself, society, the world and the whole universe. On the basis of this knowledge, he determines his aims in life and constructs different societies for the attainment of these aims. A true follower of Vedanta does not distinguish between individual and individual, even between two objects and he sees the existence of Brahm in everything. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

But an atheist person tests everything on the physical scale and distinguishes between man and man on several norms. The persons of different ideologies form different societies. Education protects one form of society while bringing about necessary changes in it as well. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

3. Education and Culture of Society: Each society transmits culture to its members by education, Thus, education preserves the culture of a society. When a man is educated, he affects changes it on the basis of his experiences. Thus, education develops society’s culture. The development of culture cannot be imagined in the absence of education.

4. Education and Religious Condition of Society: We can see that some societies provide education for their respective religions in education, while some of them adopt a liberal attitude in this field and provide education for different religions of the world, while still others do not give any place to religion in education. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

As a result of the above, religious fundamentalism is found in the societies of the first type, religious liberality in the second type and in the third type of societies the education of physical sciences eliminates religious narrowmindedness and superstitions on the one hand; and on the other, they start to base their education on true religion due to increasing social disorder. People cannot understand the real form of religion in the absence of education. (BEd 2nd Year Meaning of Society Study Material Notes)

5. Education and Political Condition of Society: Education is used to enhance the knowledge of man and to give a definite direction to his conduct. Education develops in him the power to think and to distinguish between true and false. Education brings about political awareness in society and the citizens are acquainted with their rights and duties. Through it, national and international spirits are developed in them. A person can only be made a blind follower in the absence of proper education, not an aware citizen.

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