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BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes

BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes: a2znotes.com presents Study Material Long Question Answers based on the Latest BEd syllabus for Teaching Strategy of Pedagogy of Social Science. Long Question Answers are one of the major scoring ways as far as the BEd Pedagogy of Social Science Exam is concerned.

Here in this post, we are Long Question Answer for the Definition and importance of Teaching strategy, Definition of Teaching Method, Difference between Teaching Strategy and Method, Types of Teaching Strategy, and Lecture Method. If you are preparing for BEd Pedagogy Social Science Examination, this can help you a lot with preparation. At a2znotes.com you can find all the study material, notes, question answers, and sample model practice papers in a single place.

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BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes
BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes

Meaning and Definition of Teaching Strategy

“Teaching strategy is the means to achieve learning objectives”. E. Stones and S. Morris have defined the term ‘teaching strategy comprehensively in the following manner:

“Teaching strategy is a generalized plan for a lesson which includes structure, desired learner behavior in terms of goals of instruction, and an outline of planned tactics necessary to implement the strategy. The lesson strategy is a part of a larger development scheme of the curriculum.”

This definition of teaching strategy involves two aspects :

(i) a generalized plan for the presentation of a lesson and

(ii) it includes desired learner behavior in terms of goals of instruction.

He has further explained the meaning of the lesson. It is a part of a development scheme of the curriculum and the plan includes an outline of tactics of teaching which helps in implementing the strategy.

Teaching strategy seeks to establish the relationship between teaching and learning in view of achieving the objectives.

Teaching strategies include broad methods of instruction, e.g., a lecture strategy, a tutorial strategy, a case study strategy, programmed instruction strategy. They can be regarded as a broad way of operation.

Definition of Teaching Method

The teaching method is a style of the presentation of content in the classroom M. Varma has defined the term ‘method’ in the following manner:

“The method is an abstract as a logical entity that we can distinguish between manner and methods. In reality, they form an organic whole and matter determine method analogously as objective determines means; content and spirit determine style and form of literature”. -M. Varma

M. Varma has presented a broad meaning of the term method. According to him, the matter is important for determining a method. The common teaching matter may be of three types, hence all the methods can be classified under three heads:

(i) Telling Method-Lecture, Questioning. Discussion, etc.

(ii) Showing Method–Demonstration, Excursion, etc.

(iii) Doing Method—Project, Role-playing, Practical, etc.

Broudy (1963) has stated that “Method refers to the formal structure of the sequence of acts commonly denoted by instruction. The term method covers both strategies and tactics of teaching and involves the choice of what is to be taught, and in which order is it to be presented”.

The method is more general, it includes techniques also. The teacher has techniques are ways of implementing a method. Different techniques may ho employed within one method. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Difference Between Teaching Strategy and Method

Teaching strategies and methods are used for the same meaning but they are quite different from one another. Some points of difference have been discussed here:

(i) Teaching method is based on the classical theory of human organization task-entered whereas teaching strategy is based on the modern theory of organization task and relationship-centered. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

(ii) The content and mode of presentation are the main elements of the teaching method. The matter determines the method (telling, showing, and doing). The behavioral objectives and learning conditions are two basic elements of teaching strategy. The objective determines the strategy (Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor) teaching.

(iii) The term strategy has been borrowed from military science (technology) and method is the term of pedagogy.

(iv) The assumption regarding teaching strategy is that teaching is a science and the method assumes that teaching is an art.

(v) Teaching strategy employs micro-approach to teaching, whereas method use micro-approach to teaching.

(vi) The strategies are implemented by tactics of teaching and methods are implemented by techniques of teaching. The tactics are more concerned with learning structure, whereas techniques are concerned with the mode of presentation and nature of the content.

(vii) The effectiveness of the teaching strategy is evaluated in terms of achieving objectives by administering criterion tests. The teaching methods are evaluated in terms of mastery over the subject matter by using achievement tests.

(viii) The main focus of a teaching strategy is to achieve the objective by creating appropriate learning conditions. The teaching method aims at the effective presentation of subject matter to have mastery over it. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Some teaching methods are also termed as teaching strategies, e.g., the lecture has used both methods as well as strategy.

The lecture strategy refers to realizing some specific objectives but the lecture method refers to the mode of presentation of some specific content. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

In selecting an appropriate teaching strategy task analysis, learning conditions, and learning objectives are crucial factors, but subject matter determines the method though the same subject content can be used for achieving different types of objectives.

Type of Teaching Strategies

A teacher organizes his activities of teaching to bring about the desirable change in the behavior of the learner. Thus, the students are forced to achieve learning objectives. Most of the teaching strategies are selected to be used by students to their full capacity. They attempt to achieve maximum student performance. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Therefore, it is essential to know about different teaching strategies in terms of their effectiveness in achieving different kinds of learning objectives. There are the means for realizing the following two heads:

(A) General Teaching Methods

(i) Lecture Method

(ii) Lecture-cum-Discussion Method

(iii) Project Method

(iv) Socialised Recitation Method

(v) Supervision Study, and

(vi) Source Method (in history)

(B) Specific Teaching Methods

(i) Question-Answer Methods

(ii) Discussion Method

(iii) Dramatization Method

(iv) Story Telling Method

(v) Inductive and Deductive Method

(vi) Regional Method

(vii) Chronological Method

(viii) Survey Method

Lecture Method

It is the oldest teaching method given by idealism philosophy. It is still the most important teaching method in our schools. It is one of the autocratic teaching strategies. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Focus. It may be used to achieve cognitive and affective objectives. Lectures can be used to realize the highest order of cognitive objectives. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Structure. The lecture lays emphasis on the presentation of the content. The teacher is more active and students are passive participants but he uses the question-answer technique to keep them attentive in the class. Teacher controls and plans for all students to act. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Principles of Teaching. It employs the following principles:

(i) The content is presented as a whole.

(ii) The main stress is on presentation.

(iii) The students learn better through listening.

(iv) The subject content is correlated with another subject.

(v) The new knowledge is linked with the student’s previous knowledge.

Applications. The presentation can be made effective but it should be used with great precaution. The teacher should make use of the teaching aids in the description and explaining concepts. Developing questions should be asked to make the presentation purposeful and interesting. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

Advantages. The following are the major advantages of lecture strategy

(i) The habit of concentration may be developed among the students.

(ii) It is an economical teaching strategy. Large subject content may be taught relatively in small duration.

(iii) Very high order of cognitive objectives may be achieved.

(iv) The personality of the teacher influences the learner’s personality.

(v) The new content can be easily introduced.

(vi) It provides the opportunity for the teacher to use different types “of teaching aids.

(vii) Teacher can employ his full verbal communication.

Limitations. It has the following limitations:

(i) It has more emphasis on teacher presentation and has no place for the participation of the students.

(ii) This strategy can be used in higher classes but it can not easily be used in elementary classes,

(iii) Teaching activities are dominated by the teacher and there is no place for student’s abilities, interests, and learning.

(iv) It is not based upon the principle of psychology. Individual differences are not considered in implementing teaching strategies.

(v) It can not be used for achieving the psychomotor objectives and the highest order of affective objectives.

(vi) Usually teacher deviates from the subject content and teaching points. Therefore, students can not perform well in examinations.

(vii)  An effective teacher can use this strategy effectively because the teacher should have mastery over the content.

Suggestions. The following precautions should be observed strategy effectively:

(i) The language of the lecture should be simple, easy, and comprehensive.

(ii) The developing question should be asked to make the students attentive in the class.

(iii) The students remain inactive and passive participants, hence the teacher use humor to release the tension and monotony of the class. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

(iv) The strategy should be used from the secondary level to upward classes.

(v) The teacher should explore their previous knowledge and make efforts to link with the new one.

(vi) The strategy should be supported by a question-answer technique and appropriate teaching aids, maps, charts, diagrams, pictures, etc. (BEd 2nd Year Teaching Strategy Study Material Notes)

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