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CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper

Directions – this is a test principally to determine candidate’s ability to remember main ideas and significant details. Read the following passages carefully and mark out the correct answers form among the multiple choices given below each question in every passage.

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper
CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper

English Comprehension (iii)

One of the main reasons of corruption elections today is the lure of power which the politicians so much that they feel no qual conscience in adopting any underband met come out successful. The Watergate Scan the U.S.A. is an eloquent example to lose Fact how even the top level politicians can stoop to the lowest level in order in maintain themselves in power. Who does not remember how Adolf hitler rode roughshod overall canons of electoral pro- priety to captur power? In India also the record of the various political parties in not clean. Crruption thrives in elections because those in the field play on the psychology of the electorate. The voters are swayed by the tall promises of the candidates to whose machinations they fall an easy prey. They are also susceptible to fall an easy prey to the adulations of the politicaians due to their illiteracy. Besides, in the representatiove tries the constituencies are quite extensive obviate- ing the possibility of corrupt practices being discovered. Anti corruption laws are honored more in their braach than in their observance. Even the code of conduct to be observed by the parties fighting the elections becomes a dead letter in as much as it is jettisoned out of existence and thrown unscrupulously over board by the unfair politicians whose only aim is to maintain them- selves in the saddle

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Question Answer in English

  1. The politicians indulge in corruption in elections now-a-days because :

(A) Of lure of power

(B) Lure of money

(C) Elections can be won only by corrupt means

(D) Corrupt practices in elections go unno ticed

(E) Morality in it is a discount in every field of life today

  1. Which example of the U.S.A. testifies to the fact that even the top level people can stoop very low in order to maintain themselves in power?

(A) The New Deal

(B) The Watergate Scandal

(C) The Philadelphia Contract

(D) The Washington Agreement

(E) None of these

  1. Adolf Hitler came to power

(A) As a result of bungling in elections

(B) By liquidating any semblance of oppose tion

(C) By organising a mass movement

(D) With foreign help

(E) By conquest

  1. How does corruption thrive in elections?

(A) The people themselves are corrupt

(B) A sizable part of the society is corrupt

(C) There is natural connection between elections and corruption

(D) The politicians exploit the electorate psychologically

(E) The politicians cheat the electorate economically

  1. Why according to the writer do the voters fall an easy prey to the machinations of the politicians ?

(A) They want to self their votes because of poverty

(B) They are illiterate and do not understand what designs the politicians have at the back of their tall promises

(C) They are coward and submit to the threats of physical violence held out by the cronies of the politicians

(D) They are totally indifferent to what happens on the political horizon

(E) They have no political knowledge worth the name

  1. Why according to the writer, do the corrupt practices indulged in elections go unnoticed ?

(A) Because nobody is interested in dis covering corrupt practices

(B) Because vested interests shield those who indulge in corrupt practices

(C) Because constituencies are so small that the politicians take the electorate, whose number is very limited, into confidence

(D) Because the law enforcing authorities themselves are in collusion with the politicians

(E) Because the constituencies are so big that it becomes difficult to discover the corrupt practices

  1. What happens to the anti-corrpution laws?

(A) There is actually no such things as anti corruption laws

(B) Anti-corruption laws are certainly hono ured but in a limited way

(C) Anti-corruption laws are honoured morec in their breach than in their observance

(D) The Government does not want to enforce anti-corruption laws

(E) Anti-corruption laws are simply an eye wash just to hoodwink the masses

8. What happens to the code of conduct?

(A) It is not observed at all

(B) It is observed only in a very limited way

(C) It is prepared in such a way that it leaves loop holes for the practice of corruption in elections

(D) The machinery devised to enforce the code of conduct is defective

(E) There is no such thing as code of conduct

  1. “To maintain themselves in the saddle” means :

(A) To remain in state of preparedness

(B) To be ready to run whenever danger is apprehended

(C) To retain power in their hands by continuing in office

(D) To play an unfair game

(E) To oust the opposition at every cost

  1. Which one of the following may be the most appropriate title to the above passage ?

(A) Corruption in Public Life

(B) Corruption in High Places

(C) Politicians Game of Power

(D) Elections and Corruption

(E) The True Character of a Politician

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper in English 

Pick out the most appropriate equivalent (synonym) of the following words taken from the above passage: 

  1. Lure:

(A) Attraction

(B) Repulsion

(C) Resistance

(D) Allergy

(E) Alacrity

  1. Eloquent:

(A) Tiamboyant

(B) Dim

(C) Dazzling

(D) Out spoken

(E) Fluent

  1. Stoop:

(A) To bend

(B) To yield to temptation

(C) To injure

(D) To inure

(E) To adapt

  1. Thrives:

(A) Prospers

(B) Progresses

(C) Promotes

(D) Fosters

(E) Forges

  1. Observance:

(A) Inspection

(B) Supervision

(C) Compliance

(D) Comprehension

(E) None of these

CTET Paper Level 2 Comprehension 1 Sample Model Paper

Pick out the most appropriate word exactly opposite in meaning (antonym) of the following words taken from the above passage: 

  1. Broken up:

(A) Permeates

(B) Includes

(C) Repels

(D) Attracts

(E) Invigorates

  1. Underhand:

(A) Hidden

(B) Surreptitious

(C) Obscure

(D) Exposed

(E) Open

  1. Testify:

(A) Falsify

(B) Evidence

(C) Prove

(D) Confide

(E) Witness

  1. Extensive:

(A) Expensive

(B) Compact

(C) Concrete

(D) Abstract

(E) Narrow

  1. Discovered:

(A) Exposed

(B) Obscured

(C) Concealed

(D) Confided

(E) Contended



  1. (A) 2.          (B)       3.         (A)       4.         (D)       5.         (B)       6.         (E)        7.         (C)       8.         (A)                       9.          (C)       10.       (D)       11.       (B)       12.       (D)       13.       (B)       14.       (A)       15.       (C)                       16.        (C)       17.       (E)        18.       (A)       19.       (E)        20.       (C)

Explanations (III)

  1. The Watergate scandal that was during Presidentship of Nixon.
  2. Adolf Hitler- He was the dictator of Germany; he was the chief hero of the second World War.
  3. The various parties fighting a general election agree to a Common code of conduct, but in practice they do not observe it.
  4. To maintain themselves in saddle means to continue in office. It is a very popular idiom in English.
  5. Elections and Corruption is the most suit- able title as it shows that the passage deals chiefly with the corruptions of elections

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