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CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English

CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English


Directions – Each of the following questions in this test consists of a incomplete sentence. Each sentence is followed by a series of lettered words, one of which best completes the sentence.

CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English
CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English

CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English

  1. there are many different opinions about the matter : is is a …… issue.

(A) Desultory

(B) Controversial

© Convertible

(D) Curious

(E) Credential

  1. Having lost everything he possessed, he now ….. himself totally to the service of the country.

(A) Depicted

(B) Pledged

© Vowed

(D) Avowed

(E) Devoted

  1. he ate ….. amount of delicious rice, no wonder he is sick.

(A) Precocious

(B) Huge

© Prodigious

(D) Immaculate

(E) Impeccable

  1. His family was economically ruined on account of his wife being fashionable and …….

(A) Extravagant

(B) Thrifty


(D) Miserly

(E) Remiss

  1. He harbours great ……. Against his boss because the latter has been instrumental in baulking his chances of promotin.

(A) Rage

(B) Bestowed


(D) Resentment

(E) Delicacy

  1. Reason is the highest faculty ….. on man by his creator.

(A) Gifted

(B) Bestowed

(C) Endowed

(D) Credited

(E) Conferred

  1. The atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb have both been … by the neutron bomb in their ferocity, which in fact poses veritable danger to the very existence of the human race.

(A) Substituted

(B) Surpassed

© Excelled

(D) Superseded

(E) Furthered

  1. Patriotism, like so many other objects of this imperfect world, is a ….. wed of good and evil.

(A) Entrapped

(B) Intricate

(C) Complex

(D) Tangled

(E) Serpentine

  1. The Adult Education Programme promises to be a potential step in the direction of …… of illiteracy from the face of India.


(B) Absorption

(C) Extradition

(D) Eradication

(E) Expatriation

CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer Sample Paper 

  1. Rights and duties are so …. Connected that the attempt to separate them would sound the desth knell of both.

(A) Intricately

(B) Intrinsically

© Intimate

(D) Fast

(E) Deeply

  1. A spirit of national service has to be ….. into those whose labouurs and talents can carry India on the path of progress.

(A) Created

(B) Inculcated

(C) Inculpated

(D) Exculpated

(E) Originated

  1. The failure on our part to me expectations of the Indian millio a number of factors.

(A) Credited

(B) Persuada

(C) Attributed

(D) Blamed

(E) Attenuated

  1. Green Revolution has occurred fields of the average farmer but in thos …… ones.

(A) Advanced

(B) Penurious

(C) Impecunious

(D) Educated

(E) Affluent

  1. Before the commencement of planned development in India, the state of Indian economy was ……

(A) Miserable

(B) Miserly

(C) Degraded

(D) Degenerated

(E) Damnable

  1. Sound educational system for India would be one in which liberal and technical educations are …… combined.

(A) Juridically

(B) Judiciously

(C) Justly

(D) Justifiably

(E) Genuinely

  1. India’s educational system should …… regard for the great cultural values of her past.

(A) Reflect

(B) Redeem

(C) Redirect

(D) Predict

(E) Generate

  1. Debts …… the family while the children were small.

(A) Impeded

(B) Baulked

(C) Encumbered

(D) Obstructed

(E) Hampered

  1. Nothing is too big and no problemi is too ….. for the Government to achieve and provided it has the will to act.

(A) Inharmonious

(B) Inherent

(C) Incoherent

(D) Ineluctable

(E) Intractable

  1. All data …… to the fact that during the plan periods the rich have become richer, the poorer.

(A) Verify

(B) Prove

(C) Testify

(D) Point

(B) Imply

  1. Democracy ……. some values which are fundamental to the realization of the dignity of man.

(A) Cherishes

(B) Nurtures

(C) Nourishes

(D) Harbours

(E) Deifies

CTET Word Usage Sentence Completion Question Answer in English

  1. Liberty stands for freedom for every individual to develop his personality … with the claims of other individual to the same freedom

(A) Persistent

(B) Consistent

(C) Insistent

(D) Compatible

(E) Commensurate

  1. Though Akbar could not read or write he was a great …… of art and literature.

(A) Guardian

(B) Votary

(C) Patron

(D) Defender

(E) Protector

  1. It is interesting to note that Columbus died …… of the fact that he had discovered a new continent.

(A) Oblivious

(B) Isolated

(C) Devious

(D) Ignorant

(E) Unknown

  1. Man’s success in space exploration has opened vast possibilities of greater …… in the future.

(A) Successes

(B) Explorations

(C) Developments

(D) Advancements

(E) Achievements

  1. It, therefore follows that a worker should not …..his outlook with considerations of superior or inferior work. 

(A) Erode

(B) Corrode

(C) Camouflage

(D) Vitiate

(E) Pollute


1.(B)  2. (E) 3. (C) 4. (A)  5. (D) 6. (B)   7. (B) 8. (D)    9. (D) 10. ©   11.   (B)  12. (C) 13. (E)   14. (A)  15. (B)  16. (A)   17.(C) 18. (E)   19. ©  20. (A)  21.(B) 22. (C) 23. (D)   24. (E) 25. (D)

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