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M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper

438. Which of the following is not a ‘post-testing’ technique of advertisement? 

(1) Sales test

(2) Focus group 

(3) Enquiry test

(4) Attitude test 

Ans. (4) Attitude test 

439. All the following are among the chief activities of a salesperson EXCEPT

(1) Profit Analysis

(2) Prospecting 

(3) Servicing

(4) Information gathering 

Ans. (1) Profit Analysis 

440. The advertising budgetary process consists the following steps

(1) Collection of data and preparation of Budget 

(2) Presentation and approval of budget 

(3) Budget execution and control on budget 

(4) All of the above 

Ans. (4) All of the above

441. The quality of a good advertisement copy should be

(1) Attractive

(2) Meaningful

 (4) None of these

 (3) Both (1) & (2)

Ans.(3) Both (1) & (2) 

442. Which type of advertising objective is most important mature product

(1) Informative Advertisement 

(2) Reminder Advertisement 

(3) Comparison Advertisement

(4) Persuasive Advertisement

Ans.(2) Reminder Advertisement 

443. According to research the most popular compensation program for sales force is

(1) Salary 

(2) Incentives 

(3) Combination of incentive and salary hike 

(4) Profit sharing

Ans. (1) Salary 

444. Exhibitions are the means of –

(1) Indoor Advertising 

(2) Outdoor Advertising 

(3) Promotional Advertising 

(4) Indirect Advertising

Ans. (3) Promotional Advertising 

445. Advertising is a ………. function. 

(1) Managerial

(2) Principal 

(3) Both (1) & (2)

(4) None of these 

Ans. (1) Managerial

446. In personal selling there is ………. channel of transmission of message. 

(1) one

(2) two 

(3) many

(4) All of hese

 Ans. (1) one

447. In the stage of objection handling (sales people tackle obstacles put in their way by

(1) marketers

(2) producer’s 

(3) clients

(4) All of those 

Ans.(3) clients

448. Prospect is also known as

(1) stable customer

(2) fickle customer 

(3) potential customer 

(4) loyal customer

Ans.(3) potential customer

449. Which of the following is/are the feature of personal selling

(1) use fewer resources 

(2) products tend to be fairly complex 

(3) contact between buyer and seller after the sale 

(4) All of the above 

Ans.(4) All of the above

450. Which of the following is true about advertising?

(1) It is a paid basis

 (3) It is not a critical presentation 

(4) All of these

(2) It may be non-personal 

Aus. (4) All of these 

451. The steps in scientific campaign includes

(1) decision to advertise 

(2) marketing research 

(3) determining advertising budget 

(4) All of the above 

Ans.(4) All of the above Who propounded Emotional and Rational Buying motives? 

(1) R. S. Davar

(2) J. Kurian 

(3) M.T. Copeland

(4) Pbilip Kotlar 

Ans.(3) M.T. Copeland 

M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper
M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper

453. Secondary function of advertising is

(1) To boost the morale of salesmen 

(2) To furnish the requisite information to salesmen, dealers and customers 

(3) To reduction production and selling cost 

(4) All of the above

Ans.(4) All of the above 

454. Which type of salesperson fits betterwith today’s marketing concept 

(1) Hard Sell Salesperson 

(2) Blad handing extrovert 

(3) Relationship Introvert 

(4) Problem Solver

Ans. (4) Problem Solver

155, ………. is quoted as saying that “Everyone lives by selling something.” 

(1) Bill Gates

(2) Robert Steveson 

(3) Henry Ford

(4) Arthur Miller 

Ans.(2) Robert Steveson 

456. Buying motive is an urge of a– 

(1) Consumer

(2) Manufacturer 

(3) Middlemen

(4) Retailers 

Ans. (1) Consumer 

457. Advertisement is

(1) Non-personal Communication 

(2) Personal Approach to prospective customers 

(3) An oral or written information about company’s goods or services 

(4) All of the above 

Ans. (4) All of the above

458. Standards stating the amount a salesperson should sell how the sales should be divided among the comp products refer to

(1) Positive incentives

(2) Sales quota 

(3) Organisational climate 

(4) Profit Goals

Ans.(2) Sales quota 

459. ………. is any paid form of non-personal communication about an organisation, good, service or idea by an identified sponsor

(1) Publicity

(2) Sales Promotion 

(3) Advertising

(4) Personal Selling 

Ans.(3) Advertising 

460. Sales tools used to support a company’s advertising and the personal selling directed to wholesaler, retailer or distributors are called

(1) Trade Oriented Sales Promotion 

(2) Consumer Promotion 

(3) Manufacturers Promotion

(4) Promotion 

Ans. (4) Promotion 

461. The function of advertising involves

(1) to introduce new products 

(2) to explain causes of shortages 

(3) to aid salesmen

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

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