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M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper

350. Which of the following is physical features of product?

(1) Colour of the product 

2) Taste of the product 

(3) Size of the product

(4) All of these 

Ans. (4) All of these 

351. Innovation ineans

(1) management 

(2) budgeting 

(3) cost 

(4) introduction of new product 

Ans.(4) introduction of new product

M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper
M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Question Answer Paper

352. Personal selling consists of contacting prospective of product personally.”

 (1) Richard Buskirk

(2) W.J. Stanton 

(3) R.C. Davis 

(4) Peter F. Drucker

Ans.(1) Richard Buskirk

363. Sales promotion means any step that is taken for the purpose of obtaining or increasing sales.” Who statement? 

(1) Philip Kotler

(2) A.R.H. Delens 

(3) Manson & Rath

(4) S.E. Thomas 

Ans. (2) A.R.H. Delens 

354. “The salesman is a keystone of our comfort and of our security.” Who said? 

(1) Russell and Beach

(2) Prof. Sharlekar 

(3) W.J. Stanton

(4) Richard Buskirk

Ans. (4) Richard Buskirk 

355. Which of the following factor determines ad. expenses? (

1) Past experience

(2) Sales policy 

(3) Size of the business 

(4) All of these

Ans. (4) All of these 

356. Distribution of free samples, coupons, free gifts and trade fairs come in the category of

(1) Advertisement

(2) Clearance of old stock

 (3) Attracting new customers

(4) Sales Promotion Activities

Ans.(4) Sales Promotion Activities

 357. Which is not the press advertisement? 

(1) Sky writing

(2) Magazines 

(3) News Papers

(4) Pamphlets 

Ans. (1) Sky writing 

358. Sales goal includes

(1) Sale

(2) Project 

(3) Customer satisfaction 

(4) All of these

Ans. (4) All of these 

359. Salesmanship consists of one human mind in another human mind.” This definition of salesmanship is given by

1) H.L. Hanson

(2) Garfield Blake

 (3) H.K. Nixon

(4) W.M. Scott 

Ans. (1) H.L. Hanson 

360. Kent water is pure water-Hemamalini’ Which type of element of ad. copy is it? 

(1) Trust element

(2) Suggestion element 

(3) Education element 

(4) Emotion element

Ans. (1) Trust element 

361. A…… provides written information about the product. 

(1) branding

(2) packaging 

(3) label

(4) costing 

Ans. (3) label

862. The package design of a bag of flour would most likely be criticised for being

(1) unsafe to the environment 

(2) well suited for multiple unit packaging

(3) unsafe to the user 

(4) functionally deficient

Ans. (4) functionally deficient 

363. The warning label on a pack of cigarettes is included to

(1) promote the product 

(2) satisfy legal requirements

(3) encourage the proper use of the product 

(4) position the product as being socially responsible

Ans. (2) satisfy legal requirements 

364. Characteristics of good packaging is

(1) convenient

(2) interesting 

(3) attractive and protective 

(4) All of these

Ans. (4) All of these 

365 The label on a soft drink can reads “cool and refreshing”. For what reason are these words used? 

(1) To promote the product 

(2) To encourage multiple purchases 

(3) To satisfy legal requirements 

(4) To provide information 

Ans.(1) To promote the product 

366. The label on a pack of frozen pears says-packed within an hour of picking. These words are used

(1) for promotional reasons 

(2) to encourage multiple purchaser 

(3) to satisfy legal requirements 

(4) to provide information

Ans.(1) for promotional reasons 

367. Sales Organisation is responsible for 

(1) Selection

(2) Recruitment 

(3) Remuneration

(4) All of these 

Ans. (4) All of these 

368. “By sales territory is meant the geographical area assignedto a salesman for his selling activity.” Who gave this definition? 

(1) Philip Kotler 

(2) Cundiff and Still 

(3) R.C. Davis 

(4) William Lazer 

Ans. (1) Philip Kotler

369. Which of the following precautions should be Mural Ad?

(2) Bold letters must 

(1) Language must be simple

(4) All of these 

(3) Place must be proper

Ans. (4) All of these 

370. Which of the following is the first step in the process budget?

 (1) Control of budget

 (2) Budget execution 

(3) Presentation and approval of budget 

(4) Collection of data and preparation of budget

Ans.(4) Collection of data and preparation of budget 

371. Advertising is causing to know, to remember and to do. Who quoted this statement?

(1) Wheeler

(2) Wood 

(3) American Marketing Association

(4) William J. Stanton

Ans. (2) Wood 

372. Sales are the ……… of business. 

(1) Water

(2) Life 

3) Life-blood

(4) Back-bone 

Ans. (3) Life-blood 

373. A good salesman should have the full knowledge about the 

(1) Market

(2) Product 

(3) Competitors

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

374. Future of ad, agencies is bright in India because there is

(1) fast industrial development 

(2) expansion of education 

(3) improvement in living standard 

(4) all of these

Ans. (4) all of these 

375. Which of the following is a stunt ad?

(1) Wrist watch gives always same time only in 10 

(2) Buy two get one free 

(3) Vodafone made for you 

(4) LIC-Jeevan Ke Sath Bhi Jeevan Ke Bad Bhi

Ans. (1) Wrist watch gives always same time only in 10 

376. One distinguishing factor between a brand name and : brand mark is that a brand name

(1) creates customer loyalty 

(2) implies an organisation’s name 

(3) consists of words 

(4) identifies only one item in the product-mix

 Ans.(3) consists of words

377. In packaging of a new line of fabric conditioner, Proctor and Gamble would be wise to avoid the use of which colour? 

(1) Blue 

(3) Pink

(2) Black 

(4) Green 

Ans.(2) Black

118. According to Philip Kotler, “Protection, convenience and ………. were the three traditional purposes attached to package”. 

(1) efficiency

(2) sufficiency 

(3) economy

(4) flexibility 

Ans. (3) economy 

379. A brand is best defined as a

(1) name of the manufacturer of the product 

(2) name, symbol, design, or combination of these that idertifies a seller products 

(3) registered design or symbol that is displayed on the product 

(4) related group of words that described the product 

Ans. (2) name, symbol, design, or combination of these that identifies a seller products 

380. A secondary use package can best defined as one that

(1) facilitates transportation, storage and handling for middlemen 

(2) can be re-used for purposes other than its initial use 

(3) can be used as a promotional tool 

(4) is recyclable and environmentally safe

Ans. (2) can be re-used for purposes other than its initial use 

381. The types of packaging includes

(1) family packaging

(2) re-use packaging

(4) All of these 

(3) multiple packaging

Ans. (4) All of these 

382. Packaging means putting the product in 

(1) store

(2) container

(4) all of these 

(3) box

Ans. (4) all of these 

383. Which of the following can have the advantage of brand names?

(2) Consumers 

(1) Manufacturers

(4) All of these

 (3) Distributors

Ans. (4) All of these 

384. Brand image is partially derived from a

(2) product image

1) price image

(4) place image 

(3) company image

 Ans. (2) product image

385. When a brand name is registered and legalised it becomes 

 (1) trade mark 

(2) brand mark

(3) trade right 

(4) brand right

Ans (1) trade mark

886. Salesmanship is an art of winning the

(1) Buyer’s confidence 

(2) Sellers confidence

(3) Owners confidence

(4) Middlemen’s cendence 

Ans. (1) Buyer’s confidence 

387. Trade fair is method of

(1) Pre-approach 

(2) Vospecting (inding out Sikely Customere) 

(3) Presentation and Demonstration 

(4) Closing the sale

Ans. (2) Vospeeting (inding out Sikely Customers) 

388. Match the following 

1. Ad is an investment A. Increase the sale 

2. Ad is a wasteful expenditure B Having short-term effect 

3. Ad is paid form of presentation C. Which ta non-personal 

(1) 1A, 2-B, -C 

(3) 1-B, 2-A, S-C

(9) 1-C2-B, S.A 

Ans. (4) 1-C, 2-B, 9-A 

389. Advertisement is a …… of marketing

(1) Tool 

(2) Medium 

(9) Source 

(4) Part

Ans.(4) Part 

390. Salesmanship is the art of

(1) Buying the product or service 

(2) Selling the product or service 

(3) Both buying and selling the product or service 

(4) None of the above

Ans. (2) Selling the product or service 

391. Which one of the following is not the step in se ing process

(1) After-sales service 

(2) Reception of t 

(3) Display of goods untomers

(4) Salling of goods 

Ans. (1) After-sales service 

392. “The Advertising Agencies” Associntion of India was formed in which year? 

(1) 1956 

(2) 1945 

(3) 1951 

 (4) 1948 

Ans.(3) 1951

393. By which time rate payment of advertisement is made in Radio/TV 

(1) Per second 

(2) Per hour

(3) Per minute 

(4) Per day

Ans. (2) Per minute

394. Packing has … functions. 

(1) one dimensional

(2) two dimensional 

(3) three dimensional 

(4) No any

Ans. (2) two dimensional 

395. A brand can help the manufacturers to

(1) distinguish the product from other competing products 

(2) save advertising cost 

(3) widen the work for products 

(4) All of the above

Ans. (4) All of the above 

396. According to Thomas F. Schutte a brand can be classified

(1) manufacturer’s brand 

(2) distributor’s brand 

(3) Both (1) and (2)

(4) consumer’s brand 

Ans.(3) Both (1) and (2) 

397. Which of the following confers the right to use of technical invention? 

(1) Copyright

(2) Patent 

(3) Brand

(4) Trade 

Ans. (2) Patent 

398. Which of the following constitute a brand? 

(1) Name

(2) Tern 

(3) Symbol

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

399. Personal and impersonal activity of selling includes

(1) advertisement or sales promotion 

(2) publicity 

(3) public relation

(4) All of these 

Ans.(1) advertisement or sales promotion 

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