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M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Sample Model Set

M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Sample Model Practice Question Answer
M Com 2nd year Advertising Sales Management Sample Model Practice Question Answer

Multiple Choice Questions

1 The outdoor advertising include

(1) wall

2. A marketer that display            

(2) vehicular display

(3) billboard display

(4) All of these

Ans. (4) All of these

wanted to include detailed explanations

in advertisements would be most likely to use

(1) television

(2) radio 

(3) magazines

(4) outdoor display 

Ans.(3) magazines 

3. The final stage in the development of an advertising campaign is

(1) developing the media plan 

(2) creating the advertising platform 

(3) creating the advertising message 

(4) evaluating the effectiveness of advertising

Ans. (4) evaluating the effectiveness of advertising 

4. The major stages of advertising development include

(1) domestic

(2) export 

(3) international

(4) All of these 

Ans. (4) All of these 

5. Sales training conference conducts

(1) For newly appointed personnels 

(2) For untrained personnels 

(3) For experienced personnels 

(4) For advertisement of the product

Ans. (3) For experienced personnels 

6. When a product or brand is embedded in entertainment and media then it is known as

(1) covert advertising

(2) guerrilla advertising

(4) overt advertising 

(3) both (1) and (2)

Ans. (3) both (1) and (2) 

7. Which of the following is the means of bank advertising?

(1) Newspapers or magazine

(2) Poster 

(3) Internet

(4) All of these 

Ans. (4) All of these 

8. Which is the type of advertising?

(1) Direct advertising 

(2) Indirect action advertising 

(3) Primary demand advertising 

(4) All of the above 

Ans.(4) All of the above

9. If a pull policy is to be used in promoting a prodne

(1) promotes the product to wholesalers only 

(2) promotes the product to retail stores only 

(3) promotes directly to consumers 

(4) promotes only to the next marketing institution down marketing channel 

Ans.(3) promotes directly to consumers 

10. A marketer uses pioneer advertising to

(1) pro note established brands 

(2) promote a product in the introductory stage of the life-cyd 

(3) compare brand names 

(4) introduce a competitive version of the product 

Ans. (2) promote a product in the introductory stage of the life-cyd

11) Jindagi ke Saath bhi, Zindagi ke Baad bhi, th Advertisement line is for which Insurance Co. 

(1) Birla Sun Life

(2) Aviva 

(3) L.L.C.

(4) Bajaj Alliance 

Ans.(3) L.I.C. 

12. “Wherever we are? Advertisement is always with us. Wsaid this statement? 

(1) Warden

(2) Watson 

(3) Maison

(4) Stanton 

Ans. (2) Watson 

13. How is advertisement campaign controlled?

(1) Through control on planning 

(2) Through control on expenses 

(3) Through control on communication process 

(4) None of the above

Ans. (2) Through control on expenses 

14. Principle of proper selection of salesmen is

(1) Proper person for proper place 

(2) Training 

(3) Principle of savings 

(4) None of the above

Ans.(1) Proper person for proper place 

15. Not included in the department of sales organisation

(1) Sales Department 

(2) Training Department 

(3) Production Department 

(4) Investigation Department 

Ans.(3) Production Department

16. What do you understand by market research.

(1) Study of sales problems 

(2) Study of purchase problems 

(3) Marketing control

(4) Production control 

Ans. (1) Study of sales problems 

17. Which of the following is not an area of responsibility for people who works in an advertising agency? 

(1) Research

(2) Buying 

(3) Creativity

(4) Printing 

Ans. (2) Buying 

18. Main object of Sales Promotion is

(1) To Introduce New Product 

(2) To Attract New Customers 

(3) To Encourage to more Purchases 

(4) All the above

Ans. (4) All the above 

19. Mural advertising includes

(1) bus tram and train advertising 

(2) sticker advertising 

(3) sky advertising

(4) Ail of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

20. Types of advertising includes

(1) product advertising 

(2) competitive advertising 

(3) pioneering advertising 

(4) All of these

Ans. (4) All of these 

21. Advertising that promotes organisational images, ideas and political issues is ………. advertising. 

(1) product

(2) defensive 

(3) competitive

(4) institutional 

Ans.(4) institutional 

22. Which of the following is a means of advertising? 

(1) Cinema

(2) Gift 

(3) Demonstration

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

23. Advertising may be

(1) personal presentation 

(2) non-personal presentation 

(3) positive

(4) negative 

Ans. (2) non-personal presentation 

24. VAT stands for

(1) Value After Tax

(2) Value Added Tax 

(3) Value After Technique 

(4) All of these

Ans. (2) Value Added Tax 

25. Recall test includes

(1) Gallup and Robinson test 

(2) Association test 

(3) Radio recall test

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these

26. Mail advertising includes 

(1) price list

(2) booklets 

(3) novelty gift

(4) All of these 

Ans.(4) All of these 

27. What benefit society get from advertisement?

(1) Reduction in number of mediators 

(2) Increase in healthy competition 

(3) Increase in social standards 

(4) All of above

Ans. (4) All of above 

28. Limitation of personal selling

() High Cost 

(2) Lack of efficient salesmen 

(3) (1) and (2) both 

(4) None of these

Ans. (3) (1) and (2) both 

29. The medium on which India advertise spend the most money each year is

(1) Radio

(2) Newspapers 

(8) Television

(4) Magazine 

Ans. (3) Television 

30. Which of the following is not an aspect of the promotion 

(1) Direct Marketing

(2) Advertising 

(3) Public Relation

(4) Strategic Positioning fun. 

Ans. (4) Strategic Positioning! 

31. Which of the following is not the part of

(1) The pre-approach 

(2) Planning the sales presentation 

(3) Prospecting 

(4) Evaluating sales effectiveness

Ans. (1) The pre-approach 

32. A good Advertisement includes

(1) Written message 

(2) Oral communication 

(3) Pictures serving the purpose of Advertising 

(4) All of the above

Ans. (4) All of the above 

33. The main purpose of Advertising is

(1) Maximum Sales 

(2) Maximum Profit 

(3) Both (1) & (2)

(4) None of these

Ans. (3) Both (1) & (2)

34. The step in the selling process characterized by identifying qualified potential customer is called … step. 

(1) Closing

(2) Approach 

(3) Presentation

(4) Prospecting 

Ans. (4) Prospecting 

35. One reason for not using newspapers as an advertising medium is their inability to cover markets

(1) Short Time Span 

(2) Hgh Cost 

(3) Limited Scope 

(4) Long’ lead time for ad placement

Ans. (1) Short Time Span 

36.  Who is known as the Father of 

(1) David Ogilvy

(2) Benson 

(3) Mather

(4) Watson 

Ans.(1) David Ogilvy 

37. Advertising is a form of paid non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services for the purpose of 

(1) brand 

(2) newspaper 

(3) advertising 

(4) inducing people to buy

Ans. (4) inducing people to buy 

38. Utility of advertising includes

(1) price stability 

(2) good effect on firm’s personnel 

(3) permanent demand 

(4) All of the above

Ans.(4) All of the above 

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