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M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

(ii) Advantages to Middlemen

Advertisement is very useful for the middleman also. Main advantages of the advertisement available to middlemen are as under

1. Convenient in Selling. Middlemen feel it convenient to sell to advertised goods because for selling such goods, middlemen have not w put any special efforts. Customers ask these goods by name becaus they are well convinced of such goods.

2. Increase in Sales. Advertisement increases the sales of middlemen because they maintain the stock of the goods for which the advertisement is made by the manufacturers and demand for such goods is already high.

3. Stability in Sales and Profits. As the advertisement helps in maintaining the cemand in all the seasons and at all the times, it helps the middlemen also in getting stability in their sales. Stability in sales brings stability in profits.

4. Increase in Goodwill. Dealing in standard and quality goods increases the goodwill of middlemen. It also wins the faith and favour of customers.

5. Economy in Selling. Advertisement by producers provides many types of advantages to the middlemen. It saves their selling overheads considerably. As they share the reputation created by manufacturers, they need not spend anything for the advertisement.

(III) Advantages to Consumers

Advantages of advertisement available to consumers may be summarised as follows:

1. Knowledge of New Products. Whenever a new product is introduced into the market by a manufacturer, it is widely advertised through various media about the commodity to purchase,

2. Convenient in Purchasing. Advertisement makes it very convenient for the consumers to make their purchases because they take the decision well in advance about the commodity to purchase.

3. Saving of Time and Labour. Advertisement helps in saving the time and labour also of customers in making their purchases because through advertisement message, they decide about the commodity to purchase and the place from where to purchase and they have not to move from here to there for making such purchases.

4. No Possibility of Cheating by Sellers. Advertisement protects the customers from being cheated by sellers because through advertisement message, the customers come to know about the weight, packing. price, discount, special scheme etc. for a product, and thus. they purchase the goods according to these specification only.

5. Knowledge of Alternative Uses of Product. Through advertisement message, consumers come to know about the alternative uses of a product because the manufacturers develop new and alternative uses of their products and widely advertise these uses.

6. Increase in Knowledge. Advertisement is a significant source of knowledge for the consumers because through advertisement, they come to know about new products, their new uses and the changes made in the products. It increases their knowledge about the market and the products available in the market.

7. Increase in the Standard of Living. Standard of Living

Living of consumers has dramatically changed during recent years. A great credit of it goes to advertisement because advertisement informs the consumers about various products available in the market and encourages them to use these new products.

8. Elimination of Middlemen. Advertisement helps in establishing direct relations between manufacturers and consumers, and thus, minimises the role of middlemen in trading. 

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