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M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes


There are various media of advertisement and every business and industrial enterprise has to select a particular or some particular med a of advertisement for its product. This is the decision upon which the success or failure of the enterprise depends to a large extent. Therefore,

the media of advertisement must be selected very carefully and after considering all the relevant factors. Some important affecting the selection of an advertisement of Media may be summer as under:

1. Nature of Product. Nature of product affects the selection Media of advertisement. If the product meets the requirements of local market, it should be advertised through outdoor media advertising, such as-Advertising Boards, Wall Painting, Loud-speak Cinema Slides etc. If the product is to be sold through out the count it should be advertised through Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Television

2. Object of Advertisement. Selection of a particular media of advertisement depends upon the object of advertisement also. If the object of advertisement is to recruit employees or to sell some property or matrimonial or auction sales etc. press may be the best media of advertising. If the object of advertising is to create, increase or maintain the demand of product, it may be outdoor Advertising. Direct Mail Advertising or advertising through Radio and Television.

3. Goodwill of the Media. While selecting a particular media, traditions and customs prevailing in the market must be followed. A media must be selected only when it may be assured that it has got reputation and goodwill.

4. Cost of Advertising Media. Cost of Advertising media is perhaps one of the most important factors to be considered while selecting a particular media. Cost of advertising is different for different media and ability of bearing the cost of advertising varies from enterprise to enterprise and from time-to-time. Therefore, a particular media of advertising must be selected only after its cost and ability of the enterprise to bear it.

5. Number of Customers. If the number of customers of a product 18 very large and scattered throughout the country, Press, Radio and Television will be effective media. If, on the other hand, the number of customers of a product is very small, Direct Mail Advertising may be adopted.

6. Nature and Status of Customers. Media of Advertisement depends upon the nature and status of customers also for whom the advertisement is being made. If the customers are illiterate, Outdoor advertising and advertising through Radio and Television may be the effective media. If the customers of a product are educated, Press Advertising and Direct Mail Advertising may be adopted. In addition to this, the media must be selected after considering economic status, religious feeling and attitudes etc., of customers.

7. Policy of Competitors. An Enterprise must select the media of

Advertisement for its products after considering the policy of advertisement adopted by its competitors.

8. Effectiveness of Repetition of Advertisement. An advertisement for a product can produce desired results only when the advertisement is repeated at different times. Therefore, the eflectiveness of repetition of Advertisement must be studied thoroughly before selecting a particular media or the media of advertisement.

Above discussion makes it clear that the selection of particular media of advertisement depends upon many factors and an enterprise must select particular media of advertisement for its products only after considering all the factors altogether, thoroughly and carefully.


Advertising copy means the material of advertisement message. Advertising copy contains the name, qualities, characteristics and price of the product; instruction to use the product; pictures and diagrams related with the customers may encourage them to purchase the product It is prepared by advertisement department of the enterprise and presented before customers through various media of advertisement.

Preparation of a Advertising Copy

Process or preparation of an advertising copy may be divided into allowing three paras:

1. Description of Advertising Copy. Description of advertising popy means to determine all the facts to be given in advertising copy. At this stage all the facts to be mentioned in the copy are to be decided well n advance. The product, title of advertising copy. Name of advertiser, Feature that may encourage the customers to purchase the product etc.

2. Selection of Pictures. An advertising copy generally contains tome pictures also that they may attract the consumers. These pictures help in attracting the attention of both the educated as well as ineducated customers. Therefore, after preparing the description of advertising copy, some attractive pictures are selected to be used in advertising copy. These pictures must be selected very carefully and autiously, so that these may serve the main purpose of attracting the attention of consumers. It must be considered that these pictures may not be object by anyone on any ground. Pictures to be given in an advertising copy may relate to:

(i) Picture showing the producing process of the product; 

(ii) Picture of the consumers using the product; 

(iii) Pictures showing losses if the product is not used; 

(iv) Picture showing comforts and benefits if the product is used; 

(v) Picture showing precautions to be taken while packing the product, and 

(vi) Picture showing product with its trademark.

3. Preparation of Layout or Design of Advertising Copy the last stage, advertising copy is prepared. Designer of the enterprise sets the picture along with advertisement message in a suitable attractive and appealing style. Attractive colours are used for it.

When the designer finalises the copy, it is sent for printing, and thus, the enterprise gets the advertising copy ready for advertisement

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