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M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes

M Com 2nd Year Advertising Sales Management Study Material Notes


It is the time of cut throat competition. Advertisement has become a necessity of every business and industrial enterprise these days. No enterprise can think of getting any success in its marketing efforts in the absence of intensive and extensive advertisement. Success of advertisement depends to a large extent upon the Advertising Copy of the enterprise. If the copy is able in attracting the attention of persons advertising efforts of the enterprise can achieve the object of increasing the demand of the enterprise, otherwise, advertising efforts of the enterprise will not be producing desired results. Therefore, advertising copy must be prepared very carefully. Following are the essential qualities of an advertising copy :

1. Attention Value. The very first essential quality of an advertising copy is that it must be able in attracting the attention of persons. For this purpose, the title of advertising copy must be attractive, colours must be bright, attractive pictures of beautiful girls and handsome boys must be given and impressive slogans must be used

2. Suggestive Valne. Adverüsing copy must be prepared in the manner that it may inspire the customers to purchase the product which the producer wants to sell. For this purpose, effective flugars and comments from light personalities must be given to the Com As in the advertisement of Lux Toilet Soap, famous film actress Lema Malini says. “Credit of my beauty goes to Lux”In the advertiser nt of Palmolive shaving cream famous cricket player Kapil Dev says, Palmolive A JAWAB NAHI.”

3. Memorisir.g Value. The advertising copy must be prepared in the manner that the customers may be compelled to memorise the message. As, “The best TV your money can buy-UPTRON”, “Lifebouy Soap for health”, “Those who love, get insured.”

4. Convincing Value. Advertising copy should be able in convincing the persons that only this is the best product for their money. For purpose guarantee may be given. As 10 years guarantee for U-Foum sheets, 7 years Guarantee for Prestige Pressure Cooker, “Life on guarantee for VIP briefcases etc.”.

5. Emotional Value. Every customer has some emotions. should be made to attract and affect these emotions. As, “Laxmi

for cuery good occasion, Larme cosmetic for every fashionable lady Red & White for loving couples”,”JSP Books for intelligent studente etc.

6. Educational Value. Advertising copy must be educative in nature. For this purpose, instructions to use the product may be given in advertising message or a separate booklet explaining the use of product may be supplied with every product item.

7. Instinctive. There are some buying motives which inspire customers to purchase a product. These buying motives differ from man to man and from time to time. Advertising copy must be prepared in the manner that it may satisfy these buying motives. Dr. Scoot and Prof. Hens have described following eight instinct values :

(i) Self Preservation Instinct. Every person wants to protect his life and wealth. An advertising copy may be prepared which may satisfy this instinct of customers. As, “Life insurance symbolises protection”, “Harrison Lock provides safety and security”. 

(ii) Food Preservation Instinct. Every person likes to use the food of best quality. Advertising message may be prepared in the manner that it may satisfy this instinct of buyers. As, “Pan Parag increases the grace of party” and “Krishna Brand spices make the food delicious and tasty” ete. 

(iii) Hunting Preservation Instinct. Advertising copy for sport goods and ammunition may satisfy hunting preservation instinct of buyer. As to show sports goods with the picture of a famous player. 

(iv) Clothing Preservation Instinct. Everybody wants to save for future, so that he may meet future contingencies. With this view in mind, financial institutions stress upon the habit of saving in their advertisements. As, “Savings of today means the happiness of tomorrow”, “Save today and beget multiples tomorrow”. 

(v) Parental Preservation Instinct. Every parent likes to see their children happy and prosperous. For this, they become ready to pay the higher price even. To attract this instinct. Toy companies show that the children playing with their toys feel happy and pleasant. 

(vi) Curiosity Preservation Instinct. A man is always anxious to know, get and enjoy new things with this instinct in mind. To satisfy this instinct some advertisers use cartoon films in their advertising copy. 

(vii) Something for Nothing Preservation Instinct. Every person likes to get much more than he deserves or than the efforts he puts to a work. To satisfy this instinct, some advertisers start prize schemes, competition etc.

8. Other Factors. Some other essentials of an advertising Copy are-(i) Advertising copy should not tell anything which is wrong. Gil Advertising copy must be brief but complete, (iii) Advertising copy must be prepared in common and easy language, (iv) Advertising copy must be prepared keeping in view and particular circumstances, (v) Advertising copy must contain something new and different from that of competitors.

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