M Com 2nd Year International Marketing MCQ Question Answer

  • The sender of the goods submits it to the shipping company which issues in exchanges of for mate’s receipt?
  • Way Bill
  • Latter of credit
  • Bills of landing
  • Combined transport document

Ans. (c) Bills of landing

  • Which of the following is the first stage for market segmentation?
  • Analysis
  • Future generation
  • Investigation and Research
  • None of these

Ans. (c ) Investigation and Research

  • The business organization established on the basis of characteristics of the foreign customers is known as-
  • Work oriented organization
  • Product oriented organization
  • International Marketing Customer Qrganisation
  • All the above

Ans. (c ) International Marketing Customer Organisation

  • Which one of the following is not and alternative Market Strategies toward Market segment?
  • Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy
  • Differentiate Marketing Strategy
  • Concentrate Marketing
  • International Marketing Strategy

Ans. (d) International Marketing Strategy

  • On which basis normally the market is distributed?
  • Demographic base
  • Economic base
  • Geographical base
  • Multi factors

Ans. (a) Demographic base

  • When the global level plans are prepared at international head quarters, it is known as-
  • Operational planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate planning
  • None of these

Ans. (c) Corporate planning

  • Spreading news which is important from business point of view through newswpapers, televisions etc., is called-
  • Publicity
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • All of these

Ans. (a) Publicity

  • Full name of Fera is-
  • Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
  • Foreign Exchange Rating Act
  • Foreign Exchange Ratio Act
  • Foreitgn Exim Rate Act

Ans. (a ) Foreign Echange Regulation Act

  • The production classification may be in the following forms
  • Durable and non-durable products
  • Consumer producs
  • Industrial products
  • All of these

Ans. (d) all of these

  • Market segmentation means-
  • Dividing the selling staff is small size
  • Dividing the tefrritory is small size
  • To divide the target group in small size
  • All the above

Ans. (c ) To divide the target group in small size

  • Globa! Presence of giant multinational corporations is and evidence for the existence of globalization.
  • Ecological
  • Political
  • Agricultural
  • Economic

Ans. (d) Economic

  • In which year the foreign trad development regulation act was passed?
  • 1993
  • 1992
  • 1994
  • 1990

Ans. (b) 1992

  • Restraining forces against globalization are-
  • Governments policies
  • Fortsighteness of Organisation
  • Organisation culture
  • All of these

Ans. (d) All of these

  • Which of the following is  the means of measuring the transfer price?
  • Direct manufacturing cost
  • Cost plus mark up
  • Market based transfer price
  • All of these

Ans. (d) All of these

  • Which of the following does not affect the purchasing power of the man?
  • Income
  • Prize
  • Loan
  • Cultural nature

Ans. (d) Cultural nature

  • Market share means-
  • Share Market
  • Sensex
  • Elasticity of demand
  •  Market demand

Ans. (d) Market demand

  • Which one is not the technique of Environmental Analysis of international marketing?
  • Verbal and written information
  • Search and Scanning
  • Bargaining Power
  • Forecasting and formal Studies

Ans. (b) Search and Scanning|

39. Off-set means-

(a) Purchasing the domestic goods and selling the name in foreign countries 

(b) Purchasing is foreign country and selling out side the country 

(c) Manufacturing outside country and selling outside 

(d) None of the above 

Ans.(a) Purchasing the domestic goods and selling the name in foreign countries 

40. Which approach explains that the producer should conduct according to requirement of the consumer? 

(a) Traditional approach

(b) Consumer investigation 

(c) Current approach 

(d) General approach 

Ans. (b) Consumer investigation

41. Paper Gold is

(a) SDR

(b) ADR 

(c) UDR 

(d) GDR 

Ans. (a) SDR 

42. Which one is not the export promotion agency in India?

(a). Export Promotion Council 

(b) World Trade Organisation 

(c) Commercial Banks

(d) Export Credit and Guarantee 

Ans. (b) World Trade Organisation 

43. Product survey includes

(a) Production

(b) Advertising expenditures 

(c) Wages

(d) Shape, colour and design of the product 

Ans. (d) Shape, colour and design of the product 

44. It is one provides for credit to be given to the exporter to cover the period of storage of goods at the part? 

(a) With recourse letter of credit 

(b) Transferable letter of credit 

(c) Red Clause letter of credit 

(d) Green Clause letter of credit

Ans. (d) Green Clause letter of credit 

45. Gold Price of SDR

(a) 0.886 grain 

(b) 0.8886 grain 

(c) 8-886 grain 

(d) 1.24 grain

Ans. (b) 0.8886 grain 

46. In evaluating message for advertising, telling how the product is better than the competing brands aims at making the ad

(a) Meaningful

(b) Distinctive 

(c) Believable

(d) Remembered 

Ans. (b) Distinctive 

47. What is Dumping?

(a) To fill up any country with cheap commodity 

(b) Promote to Export 

(c) Both (a) and (b) 

(d) None of these

Ans.(a) To fill up any country with cheap commodity 

48. Which of the following is smallest element in categorization of adaption? 

(a) Laggard

(b) Innovator 

(c) Early majority

(d) Late majority 

Ans. (d) Late majority

49. Which of the following is price determination method?

(a) Cost price transfer 

(b) Cost plus transfer 

(c) Transfer price based on market 

(d) All of these

Ans. (d) All of these 

50. Founders of born-global firms

(a) Often have little or no international relationship created 

(b) Work for large MNCs 

(c) Are often entrepreneur who have prior international business experien 

(d) Have been born into business families 

Ans.(c) Are often entrepreneur who have prior international busine experience 

51. Which marketing factors in creating the finance in the rearket? 

(a) Product

(b) Price 

(c) Place

(d) Promotion 

Ans. (b) Price 

52. The person act as connecting links between an exporter and importe and charge commission for their service, is called

(a) Agent

(b) Brokers 

(c) Distributor

(d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Brokers 

53. The factor not to be considered is packaging is

(a) Climate of importing country 

(b) Convenience in handliing 

(c) Physical and chemical characteristic of the product 

(d) Financial resources of exporter 

Ans. (d) Financial resources of exporter 

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