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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing MCQ Question Answer

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing MCQ Question Answer

54. The consideration obtained from the customers is known as-

  • Price
  • Profit
  • Cost
  • None of these

Ans. Price 

55. Using a successful brand name to introduce additional items in a given product category under the same brand name is called ______

  • Line extension
  • Brand extension 
  • Multi-branding
  • New brands 

Ans. Line extension

56. Marketing is the joint study of

  • Purchasers behavior and function of consumer 
  • Product demand and product supply 
  • Brand formation and publicity 
  • All of these

Ans. All of these 

57. Under costing method estimate are mode for

  • Total income 
  • Total cost 
  • Total expenditure
  • Total transport cost 

Ans. Total cost

58. Writer of the Theory of Social Economy”

  • Gustave Kesal 
  • G.D. Call 
  • S.E. Thomas
  • PT. Alseworth

Ans. Gustave Kesal

59. Which among the following is not a type of commercial document?

  • Order or Indent 
  • Shipping order
  • Bill of landing (B/L)
  • Commercial Invoice

Ans. Bill of landing (B/L) 

60. Patent is a _______

  • Legal right 
  • Plan
  • Target
  • Money 

Ans. Legal right 

61. Where Head Office is situated of the International Trade Organisation

  • Geneva 
  • New Delhi 
  • China 
  • London

Ans. Geneva

62. Because international marketing requires that a product is exported is thus more important than the other 3 Ps of the marketing mix. 

  • True
  • False 
  • Doubtful
  • None of these 

Ans. False 

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63. Which of the following elements emphasizes consumers’ satisfaction? 

  • Cost concept
  • Purchase concept 
  • Sales concept
  • Latest marketing concept 

Ans. Latest marketing concept 

64. The present distribution system includes

  • Trade on NET
  • Advertisement on NET 
  • Trade through E-Mail
  • All of these 

Ans. All of these 

65. What is the full name of BEP? 

  • Break-Even Point
  • Break Every Point 
  • Break Every Point
  • None of these 

Ans. (a) Break-Even Point 

66. Purchase order is given by– 

  • Marketing Department
  • Finance Department 
  • Purchase Department
  • Sales Department 

Ans. Purchase Department 

67. Industrial Development Bank of India was established? 

  • Ist Aug. 1964 (Govt. of India) 
  • 11 Apr. 1935 (RBI)
  • 6 Jan. 1948 (SBI)
  • None of these 

Ans. Ist Aug. 1964 (Govt. of India) 

68. For the development of infrastructure in our country Government of India develop the “BOT” model. What BOT means

  • Build, Operate, Transfer 
  • Better, Operate Technology 
  • Bombay, Orissa, Tripura 
  • None of these

Ans. Build, Operate, Transfer 

69. The objective of the Distribution Channel is

  • To send the goods from producer to consumer 
  • To send the goods from producer to retailer 
  • To send the goods from producer to stockist 
  • To send the goods from producer to broker 

Ans. To send the goods from producer to consumer

70. ________ is the step in the selling process in which the salesperson learns as much as possible about a prospective customer before making a sales call. 

  • Prospecting
  • Pre-approach 
  • Approach
  • Handing objecting 

Ans. Pre-approach 

71. The export maybe

  • Direct
  • Indirect 
  • Both (a) and (b)
  • None of these 

Ans. Both (a) and (b) 

72. The process of sending the goods to the customer is known as

  • Distribution 
  • Export 
  • Import 
  • All of these

Ans. Distribution 

73. Which of the following cannot be a brand?

  • A sign 
  • A slogan 
  • A design 
  • A word

Ans. A slogan 

74. The factors determining the international distribution relate to

  • Product
  • Competition 
  • Market
  • All of these 

Ans. All of these 

75. In the case of an indirect export system the degree of risk is

  • Lowest 
  • Greater, 
  • Nil
  • Too much 

Ans. Lowest 

76. Which one of the following is not the impact of globalization?

  • Development of Social consciousness 
  • Technological change 
  • Global form of business
  • Reduction in casteism 

Ans. Reduction in casteism 

77. Conflicts between different levels of the same channel of distribution are referred to as

  • Horizontal conflicts
  • Vertical conflicts 
  • Parallel conflicts
  • Layer-based conflicts 

Ans. Vertical conflicts 

78. The bureau has set standards for

  • 17819 
  •  17820 
  • 17821 
  • 17822

Ans. 17821 

79. Full name of TQM is

  • Trade Question Mark
  • Trade Quality Mark 
  • Total Quality Management 
  • Trade Quality Management

Ans. Total Quality Management 

80. International reconstruction and Development Bank provides

  • Short-term loans
  • Long-term loans 
  • Both (a) and 
  • None of these

Ans. Long term loans 

81. What is the full name of FEMA?

  • Full Exchange Money Agency
  • Foreign Exchange Money Act  
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • All of these

Ans. Foreign Exchange Management Act

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