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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing MCQ Question Answer

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing MCQ Question Answer

82. On which medium of advertising amount is spent in the world?

  • Television
  • Print media
  • Radio
  • Direct mail

Ans. Print media 

83. Motivation means

  • Better communication technique 
  • Sales coaching 
  • Motivating the employees for better performance (d) Marketing research

Ans. Motivating the employees for better performance 

84. Which is not the principle of T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management)?

  • Measurement of cost-efficiency 
  • Error-free work 
  • Timely fulfill consumer demand 
  • Business Process Recognition

Ans. Business Process Recognition 

85. The element of product development targets include 

  • Plan
  • Ratio 
  • Determination of needs and preferences of the customer (d) Removal of defect

Ans.  Determination of needs and preferences of the customer 

86. Of the following pricing strategies _______ is not ideal for new products. 

  • Skimming products
  • Discretionary products 
  • Promotional pricing products 
  • All of these

Ans. Discretionary products 

87. When products manufactured by different manufacturers are practically the some as regards quality, shape, kind, price, etc., it is called

  • Competitive Brand
  • Personal Brand 
  • Family Brand
  • Regional Brand 

Ans. Competitive Brand 

88. Product decision depends on

  • Price
  • Distribution 
  • Marketing
  • All of these 

Ans. All of these 

89. The headquarter and laboratories of the Indian Institute of packaging are located in

  • Mumbai
  • Allahabad 
  • Delhi
  • Lucknow 

Ans. Mumbai 

90. Out of the following social factors which factor affects the international marketing

  • Culture
  • Language 
  • Standard of living
  • All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

91. Which of the following is known as the most expensive means of promotion? 

  • Sales promotion
  • Personal selling 
  • Advertisement
  • Public relation 

Ans. Personal selling

92. Which of the following does not create pressure on the business unit for reducing the prices? 

  • More plant capacity
  • Strong branding 
  • Low price system
  • Decrease in market share 

Ans. Strong branding 

93. What are the factors affecting the product mix? 

  • Increase in population
  • Change in the level of income 
  • Change in behavior of the customer 
  • All of these

Ans. All of these 

94. The market information means

  • Knowledge about companies 
  • Area-wise information 
  • Information about the related markets 
  • All of these

Ans. Information about the related markets 

95. There are many types of organizational forms. Which of the following is not a type of organization form? (Note: There are five types of organization in International Marketing:
1. Functional, 2. International Division structure, 3. Product Division structure, 4. Geographical Division structure and 5. Matrix Division structure.) 

  • Functional
  • Geographical 
  • Matrix
  • Subsidiary 

Ans. Subsidiary

96. Which of the following is not included in demographic indices related to international marketing? 

  • Total population
  • Education 
  • Increase rate in the population 
  • Density of population

Ans. Education 

97. The whole world appears as a market in

  • Global marketing
  • Export marketing 
  • Import marketing
  • All of these 

Ans. Global marketing

98. Commodity boards make decisions about how many various commodities? 

  • 8 Commodities
  • 9 Commodities 
  • 7 Commodities
  • 5 Commodities 

Ans. 9 Commodities

99. Multinational corporations are organizations conducting business in

  • At least one other country 
  • Just the host country 
  • Through internet-only sales 
  • At least three countries in addition to the host country

Ans. At least one other country 

100. Which of the following factors influence the process of globalization?

  • End of Cold War in 1990 
  • Large flow of funds between countries 
  • Financial superiority 
  •  Integrating with the world economy 

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