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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Mock Test Paper Question Answer

431. What are the factors which indirectly affect the international marketing activities of the business organisation? 

(a) Controllable factors

(b) Non-controllable factors 

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Non-controllable factors 

432. Which of the following is not in ‘ASEAN’ grouping? 

(a) Sri Lanka

(b) Vietnam 

(c) Myanmar

(d) Malaysia 

Ans. (a) Sri Lanka 

433. Who appoints director general of foreign trade in India?

(a) Govt. of India

(b) State Govt. 

(c) Centre Govt.

(d) Supreme Court 

Ans.(a) Govt. of India 

434. From which of the following factors the price deformation is affected? 

(a) Competition

(b) Product life cycle 

(c) Target of the company

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

435. IBRD is known as in present–

(a) World Bank

(b) Nations Bank 

(c) (a) and (b) both are true 

(d) (a) and (b) both are false

Ans.(a) World Bank 

436. Under which policy countries impose restrictions or levy heavy import duties on import? 

(a) Independence trade policy trade policy 

(b) Protectionist trade policy 

(C) Foreign trade policy

(d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Protectionist trade policy 

437. Which factors is recognized in international product limitation?

(a) Expansion of domestic product limit 

(b) Inclusion of additional products in global limits

(c) Entrance of new products in entertaining countries 

(d) All the the above

Ans.(d) All the the above 

438. Marketing of service is resorted to in

(a) Manufacturing concerns

(b) Hotels 

(c) Airlines business

(d) Only (b) and (c) 

Ans. (d) Only (b) and (c)

439. ………. describes changes in an individual behaviour arising from experience behaviour arising from experience. 

(a) Modelling

(b) Motivation 

(c) Perception

(d) Learning 

Ans. (d) Learning 

440. World Bank was established in

(a) 1943 

(b) 1944 

(c) 1945 

(d) 1947

Ans.(c) 1945 

441. Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools the firm user to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market ? Who said it? 

(a) Philip Kotler

(b) J.B. Clark 

(c) Adam Smith

(d) William Stanton 

Ans.(a) Philip Kotler 

442. Which of the following letter of credit cannot altered?

(a) Confirmed letter of credit 

(b) Non-convertible letter of credit 

(c) Convertible letter of credit 

(d) Unconfirmed letter of credit

Ans. (b) Non-convertible letter of credit 

443. International distribution channels include-

(a) Only manufactures

(b) Only consumers 

(c) Manufacturers and consumers 

(d) None of these

Ans.(c) Manufacturers and consumers 

444. A good marketing plan will include which one of the following-

(a) Ambitions targets

(b) Contentions targets 

(c) Production details

(d) Focused marketing programmes 

Ans. (d) Focused marketing programmes 

445. ……….. consists of dividing a market into distinct group of buyers on the basis of needs, characteristics or behaviour who might require separate products or marketing mixes? 

(a) Product differentiation

(b) Market segmentation 

(c) Market targeting

(d) Market positioning 

Ans. (b) Market segmentation 

446. Sales promotion does not include-

(a) Providing the information 

(b) Creating product awareness 

(c) Creating the interest

(d) Designing the new product 

Ans.(a) Providing the information

447. In 2011 ………. was the biggest trading partner in India? 

(a) Europe 

(b) America 

(c) China 

(d) Japan

Ans.(c) China 

448, Which of the following is related to primary demand formation of product? 

(a) Informative

(b) Confidence creative 

(c) Comparative

(d) All of these 

Ans.(a) Informative 

449. Which of the following is not included in adaptation process? 

(a) New product awareness

(b) Evaluation 

(c) Fixation 

(d) Product testing

Ans.(c) Fixation

450. Assigning a name, a symbol, a sign to the product, the decision to this effect is known as 

(a) Advertising 

(b) Production 

(c) Branding

(d) None of these 

Ans.(c) Branding

451. The fact that services cannot be stored for later use or sale is evidence for later use or sale is evidence of their

(a) Intangibility 

(b) Inseparability 

(c) Variability

(d) Perishabilly

Ans. (d) Perishability

452. Which is the right sequence of a stage of Internationalisation?

(a) Domestic Transnational Global International 

(b)Domestic->International+Multinational–>GlobalTransnational Multinational 

(c) Domestic Mutinational International Transnational->Global

(d) Domestic-International Transnational Multinational+Global

Ans. (a) Domestic Transnational->Global International Multinational 

453. Which of the following is not included in the list of trade organisation?

(a) Asian Free Trade Association 

(b) Association of south east Asian nations – 

(c) Asia-pacific economic co-operation 

(d) World Health Organisation

Ans. (d) World Health Organisation 

454. In which year first issue published problems of International Liquidity? 

(a) 1958 

(b) 1959 

(c) 1957

(d) 1961 

Ans. (b) 1959 

455. When a manufactures sells his product under one brand name in all the countries of the world, it is known as-

(a) International Brand

(b) National Brand 

(c) Regional Brand :

(d) Local Brand 

Ans.(a) International Brand 

456. For foreign trade the foreign currency is provided by

(a) Central Bank  (RBI)

(b) State Bank

(c) Punjab National Bank

(d) Rural Bank 

Ans.(a) Central Bank (RBI): 

457. When a business unit increase the claims for it product, it has to face the risks expect one of the following

(a) Under positioning

(b) Over positioning

(c) Confused positioning 

(d) Doubtful positioning 

Ans.(c) Confused positioning 

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