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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Multiple Choice Question Answer

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Multiple Choice Question Answer

101. Which of the following factors influence the process of globalisation?

(1) End of Cold War in 1990 

(2) Large flow of fund between countries 

(3) Financial superiority (a) 1,2

(4) Integrating with the world economy

Ans. (b) 1,2, 4 

102. When was incorporated FTC?

(a) 1915 

(c) 1921

(b) 1914 

(d) 1925 

Ans.(b) 1914

103. Which of the following characteristic is not presented by super market? 

(a) Cost effectiveness

(b) Good trained sales officers 

(c) High receipts

(d) Dividend 

Ans. (b) Good trained sales officers 

104. Marketing cost is

(a) Total sales cost

(b) Total material cost 

(c) Indirect cost

(d) Total cost 

Ans.(a) Total sales cost 

105. Wall-Mart owned Sam’ club is an example of a retail from called

(a) Factory outlet

(b) Super specially store 

(c) Second store

(d) Warehouse club 

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Multiple Choice Question Answer
M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Multiple Choice Question Answer

Ans. (d) Warehouse club 

106. Export agency agreement is

(a) A legal document

(b) Social document 

(c) Constitutional document 

(d) Employees document

Ans.(a) A legal document 

107. Pricing Strategy is an important part of fixing the international price.

Which of the following is not the part of price strategy? 

(a) Market Penetration Strategy 

(b) Skimming Pricing Policy

(d) High Profit Policy 

(c) Bait Price Policy

Ans. (d) High Profit Policy 

108. Which among the following is not a function of export credit guarantee corporation?

(a) Include short-term loans to exporters 

(b) Provide information of credit ratings of various countries 

(c) Help exporters in realizing bad debts 

(d) Issues exported goods against non-payment by importers

Ans.(a) Include short-term loans to exporters 

109. What are limitations of personal selling?

(a) High cost 

(b) Difficulty in getting efficient sales people 

(c) Difficulty in reaching at right time 

(d) All of the above

Ans.(d) All of the above 

(110.) If the value of an Indian exporters export in each of past three year and in current years is 500 crores, what will be to star rating? 

(a) 3 star 

(b) 4 star 

(C) 5 star 

(d) 6 star 

Ans.(a) 3 star

111. A… .. is the way consumers perceive an actual or potential product. 

(a) Product Idea

(b) Product Image 

(c) Product Concept

(d) Product Feature 

Ans. (b) Product Image 

112. What is the percent of Service business in GDP of developme countries? 

(a) 49 percent

(b) 50 percent 

(c) 51 percent

(d) 52 percent 

Ans. (d) 52 percent 

113. Export quality, control and Inspection Act, was passed in

(a) 1962 

(b) 1964 

(c) 1963 

(d) 1961

Ans.(c) 1963 

114. Limit strategy for credit card depends on

(a) Competition

(b) Customers income 

(c) Customers relations

(d) Customer awareness 

Ans. (b) Customers income 

115. Labelling is important for international, legal and ………. reasons. 

(a) Marketing

(b) Promotional 

(c) Branding

(d) Strategic 

Ans.(a) Marketing 

116. What is full name of MIS?

(a) Marketing Information System 

(b) Management Information System 

(c) Middle Income Scheme 

(d) Management Information Science

Ans.(a) Marketing Information System 

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Multiple Choice Question Answer

117. “The product life-cycle is and attempt to recognise distinct stages in the sales history of a product.” This statement is given by

(a) W.J. Stanton

(b) P. Kotler 

(c) Johnson

(d) Mason and Rath 

Ans. (b) P. Kotler 

118. Segmenting markets by using attitudinal and behavioural characteristic is

(a) Parallel pricing

(b) Price discrimination 

(c) Psychographic

(d) Product life cycle 

Ans.(c) Psychographic 

119. Product is selected

(a) On the basis of demand 

(b) On the basis of size 

(c) On the basis of price

(d) On the basis of attraction 

Ans.(a) On the basis of demand 

120. Who is the writer of “The international Economy”? 

(a) Walter Kruse

(b) Adam Smith 

(c) Kenon

(d) Jacob Vinner 

Ans.(a) Walter Kruse 

121. MNC is a one-dimensional concept. 

(a) True

(b) False 

(c) Doubtful

(d) None of these 

Ans.(b) False

122. Which of the following countries is included in the list of NAFTA? 

(a) America

(b) Canada 

(c) Mexico

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

123. When was EXIM Bank of India established? 

(a) 1964

(b) 1976 

(c) 1980

Ans. (d) 1982 

124. In which the sales of the product increase with high speed? 

(a) Development stage

(b) Downward stage 

(c) Presentation stage

(d) All of these 

Ans.(a) Development stage 

125. The scope of international market planning is

(a) Wide

(b) Limited 

(c) Depend on Business

(d). Depends on management ability 

Ans.(a) Wide 

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