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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer

645. What is the full form of DDP?

(a) Delivery Duty Paid

(b) Duty Delivery Paid

(c) Depreciation Duty Paid

(d) None of these

Ans.(a) Delivery Duty Paid 

646. Which of the following factors should be taken into consideration while determining the prices in domestic market?

(a) Product analysis

(b) Demand analysis 

(c) Price objective

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

647, The process of deciding by the manufacturing unit to manufacture single product in place of several products is called-

(a) Product simplification

(b) Product commercialization 

(c) Product multiplication

(d) Product specialization 

Ans.(a) Product simplification 

648………. factors are more popular bases for segmenting customer groups 

(a) Geographic

(b) Demographic 

(c) Psychographic

(d) Behavioural 

Ans. (b) Demographic

649. When international and domestic company work together it is called –

(a) Joint venture

(b) Foreign renture 

(c) State enterprise

(d) Both (b) and 

Ans.(c) ‘State enterprise 

650. Criteria for eliminating markets from the list while s acting markets-

a Banned countries should be dropped 

b. Shipping cast may be too high 

c. Having foreign exchange short in the country 

d. GNP is so high 

(a) a, b, c

(b) a, d, c. 

(c) b, c, d

(d) ad 

Ans.(a) a, b, c 

651. Which is not included in SWOT for Multinational Companies?

(a) Strength 

(b) Weakness 

(c) Opportunity 

(d) Threats

Ans. (d) Threats 

652. Methods of allocating advertising budget for international firm are give below Which one of the following is not method of budget? 

(a) Affordable Method

(b) Parcentage of Sales Method 

(c) Competitive Parity Method 

(d) Strategic Parity Method 

Ans.(d) Strategic Parity Method

653. The organisation whose primary purpose is to provide financial and chnical assistance for the development of poorer countries is the- 

(a) International Monetary fund

(b) World Bank 

(c) International Development Association

(d) World trade Association Ins. 

Ans. (b) World Bank 

654. Packaging is an important part of International marketing. It has several Problem. Which one is not the problem of packaging? 

(a) Weight

(b) Breakage 

(c) Moisture and Temperature 

(d) Water 

Ans.(a) Weight

655. Marketing principles are likely to be more universal than man Strategies? 

(a) True 

(b) False

(c) Doubtful 

(d) None of these 

Ans.(a) True 

656. At present, how many export promotion council India have 

(a) 18 Counsels

(b) 19 Counsels 

(c) 20 Counsels

(d) 21 Counsels Ins. 

Ans. (c) 20 Counsels 

657. Method measure in the effectiveness of advertising is foreign countries Is-

(a) Testing effects of exports 

(b) Remembering the advertisement 

(c) Surveying the effects

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

658. which out of the following ‘P’ is not related to marketing mix? 

(a) Product

(b) Prize 

(c) Process

(d) Promotion to do Ins. 

Ans.(c) Process 

659. The elements of international marketing environment include- 

(a) Economic Factors

(b) Physical Factors

(c) Population Factors

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

660. which intermediary is related to direct distribution channel? 

(a) Domestic retailers

(b) Domestic trader 

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these 

Ans. (a) Domestic retailers 

661. When the manufacturing company directly deals with the foreign stomers it is called-

(a) Indirect route for distribution 

(b). Direct route for distribution 

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these 

Ans. (b) Direct route for distribution 

662. Which of the following is the characteristic of powerful branding? 

(a) Clarity 

(b). Confidence 

(c) Desire 

(d) All of these 

Ans. (a) Clarity

M.Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer

663. full form of EOU

(a) Expert-oriented Unit 

(b) Import-oriented Unit

(c) Export-oriented Unit

(d) None of these

Ans. (c) Import-oriented Units

664. The total number of items that the company carries within its product lines refers to ……….. of the product mix. 

(a) Width                       

(b) Depth 

(c) Length

(d) Consistency 

Ans.(c) Length 

665. The indication of political risk in international marketing included- 

(a) Nationalization concept

(b) Weak Political instability 

(c) Delay due to weak administration 

(d) All of these

Ans.(d) All of these 

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer
M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer

666. The best means of publicity in market is

(a) E-promotion

(b) Public relation 

(c) Advertisement

(d) Viral marketing 

Ans.(c) Advertisement 

667. In which adaptation category most of the popular leaders are exclu

(a) Innovators a romas

(b) Early adapters om 

(c) Early majority

(d). All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

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