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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer

668. Which of the following is not the element of the political environn

(a) Government Institutions 

(b) Political Pressure bois 

(c) Acts

(d) Supreme Court 

Ans. (d) Supreme Court 

669. Which of the following is not needs in the name documents? 

(a) Brands recognition

(b) Product category 

(c) Product promotion

(d) Product restriction 

Ans. (d) Product restriction 

670. Which of the following is not activities of Public Relation Depart 

(a) Press Relation

(b) Corporate Communication 

(c) Lobbying

(d) Trade and fair 

Ans. (d) Trade and fair 

671. The element of good brand are–

 (a) Small and attractive

(b) Easy in speaking 

(c) Rememberable

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

672. Marketing research is needed for

(a) Better customer service 

(b) Importing the VAT 

(c) Additional service charge d ) None of these

Ans.(a) Better customer service 

673. ‘4P include 

(a) Product

(b) Price 

(c) Promotion

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

674………. is a retail store that carries a narrow product line assortment within that line. 

(a) Shopping goods store

(b) Convenience store 

(c) Specialty store (5)

(d) Department store 

Ans.(c) Specialty store

675. The following are the advantages of packaging except

(a) Protection 

(c) Promotion

(b) Communication

(d) Facility  

Ans.(b) Communication

676. Meeting of the board of governors

(a) In year only at a time

(b) Every five years 

(c) Every two years

(d) According to needs 

Ans.(a) In year only at a time 

677. Which is the entry mode in service trade? 

(a) Undertaking customer oriented studies 

(b) Opening office in foreign countries 

(c) Set up foreign subsidiary obor 

(d) All of the above 

Ans.(d) All of the above 

678. In perfect competition, the inducting earns in long-term

(a) Maximum profits

(b) Normal profits 

(c) Too much normal profits 

(d) Lower normal profits Im 

Ans.(b) Normal profits

679. The type of trade-promotion discount in which manufacturers agree to reduce the price to the retailer in exchange for the retailer’s agreement to feature the manufacturer’s products in some way is called a (n)

(a) Discount

(b) Australia

(c) Premium 

(d) Rebate 

Ans. (b) Allowance

M.Com 2nd Year International Marketing Practice Paper Question Answer

680. Which of the following is not in ‘ASEAN’ grouping?

(a) Thailand

(b) Australia

(c) Laos

(d) Myanmar 

Ans. (b) Australia 

681. .. . is the payment method most often used in International trade which offers the exporter best assurance of being paid for the products soid internationally. 

(a) Bill of Lading

(b) Letter of Credit 

(c) Open account

(d) Draft 

Ans.(b) Letter of Credit 

682. Under which strategy terms create value for their products by transferring their specialized skills to foreign markets where indigenous competitors lack of those skills? 

(a) Value creation strategy

(b) Localisation strategy 

(c) Low cost strategy

(d) Trans-national strategy 

Ans.(a) Value creation strategy 

683. GATT means-

(a) Geneva Agreement for Trade and Transport 

(b) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

(c) Government Association for Trade and Transport (d) None of the above 

Ans. (b) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

(684) Which of the following is not a form of International marketing-

(a) Export of services

(b) Deemed to export 

(c) Export of project

(d) Export of workers for work 

Ans. (d) Export of workers for work 

685. “A channel of distribution for a product is the route taken by the goods as they move from the producer to ultimate consum Industrial user” Who says this? 

(a) Scanton

(b). Philip Kotler 

(c) J.B. Clark

(d) Adam Smith 

Ans.(a) Stanton 

686. Which of the following is the elements the product planning? 

(a) Product alteration

(b) Product standardization 

(c) Product multiplication

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

687. Under domestic marketing the company expands it product to 

(a) Country

(b) Foreign 

(c) One city

(d) One area 

Ans.(a) Country 

(688). When was (SEZ) special Economic Zone) established? 

(a) In 2005

(b) In 2006 

(C) In 2004

(d) In 2000 DOTO 

Ans. (d) In 2000 

689. Which indices are used for measuring the International marketing 

(a) Geographical indices

(b) Population indices 

(c) Economic indices

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these 

690. According to Export quality control and Inspection act, 1983 hown items can not be exported without inspection? 

(a) 1000

(b) 2000 

(c) 3000

(d) 4000

Ans.(a) 1000 

(691) These things are not export in India

(a) Coffee 

(b) sea things 

(c) Raw Rubber

(d) Rice Ans.

(c) Raw Rubber 

692. When was ASEAN started?

(a) In 1980

(b) In 1975 

(c) In 1967

(d) In 1982 

Ans.(c) in 1967

693. Negative Advertisement is

(a) Positive

(b) Negative 

(c) Marginal

(d) All of these 

Ans.(b) Negative 

694. What is correct sequence of adaption process of an inter product? 1. Awarness 2. Knowledge 3. Evaluation 4. Adaptation 

Select the correct answer from the following option

(a) 1, 2, 3, 4 

(b) 4,2,3, 

(c) 3, 4, 2, 1

(d) 1, 2, 3, 4 – 

Ans. (d) 1, 2, 3, 4

695. Under which strategy firms try to make their products and

marketing strategy as per the requirements of the country are exporting? 

(a) Value creation strategy

(b) Localisation strategy  

(c) Low cost strategy

(d) Trans-national strategy

Ans. (b) Localisation strategy

696. In which city processing area and sea port are not till now

(a) Kochee

(b) Chennai  

(c) Jodhpur

(d) Jaipur 

Ans. (d) Jaipur

697. Web marketing involves. 

(a) Selling web cameras

(b) Web advertisements 

(c) e-mail chatting

(d) Browsing the web 

Ans. (b) Web advertisements 

698. Which of the following factors is not included in the list of the economic factors affecting the international marketing? 

(a) Export-import policy

(b) Monetary restriction 

(c) Financial system

(d) Climate 

Ans. (d) Climate 

699……….. have contractual authority to sell a manufacturer’s entire output. 

(a) Selling agents

(b) Rack jobbers 

(c) Manufacturer’s agents

(d) Purchasing agents 

Ans. (a) Selling agents 

700. ………. includes practices such as overstating the product’s features performance etc. 

(a) Deceptive promotion

(b) Deceptive packaging

(c) Deceptive pricing 

(d) Deceptive cost structure 

Ans.(a) Deceptive promotion 

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