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M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Question Answer Paper

735. Which are basic points to be considered when entering a foreign market? 

(a) Which markets to enter 

(b) When to enter the foreign marker 

(c) Scale of entry

(d) All of these 

Ans. (d) All of these

736. What is full name of C & F? 

(a) Cost and Freight

(b) Cash and Freight 

(c) Cost and Flight                             

(d) None of these 

Ans.(a) Cost and Freight 

737. Which of the following is not market flow route in international marketing? 

(a) Informations

(b) Ownership 

(c) Research

(d) All of these 

Ans. (c) Research 

738. Promotion in marketing means

(a) Passing an examination : 

(b) Elevation from one grade to another 

(c) Selling the product through various means 

(d) Selling the product in specific areas

Ans.(c) Selling the product through various means 

739. What is full name of NAFTA?

(a) North America Free Trade Area 

(b) North Asia Free Trade Area 

(c) North Atlantic Free Trade Area 

(d) New American Free Trade Area

Ans.(a) North America Free Trade Area 

740. Demographics, broadly defined is the study of

(a) Population characteristics 

(b) Age and sex 

(c) Buyer behaviour

(d) Attitudes and fife styles 

Ans.(a) Population characteristics 

741. ………. is a bundle of utilities consisting of various product features and accompanying services. 

(a) Product Idea

(b) Product Image 

(c) Product Concept

(d) Product features 

Ans.(c) Product Concept 

742. Which of the following utilities is not provided by the mediators in international marketing? 

(a) Time utility be

(b) Place utility 

(c) Design utility

(d) Adoption 

Ans.(c) Design utility 

743. 4 Ps are called

(a) Marketing mix

(b) Product life-cycle 

(c) Price discrimination

(d) Parallel pricing 

Ans.(a) Marketing mix 

744. The following the fulfilling tests except– 

(a) Engineering test

(b) Consumer testing

(c) Relativity testing

(d) Trader testing 

Ans.(c) Relativity testing 

745. Which one is not the Indian “Multinational Corporation”. 

(a) Uniliver

(b) Asian Paint 

(c) Piramal

(d) Wipro 

Ans.(a) Uniliver

746. At present which of the following foreign trade policy is applicable in India? 

(a) 2008-2014

(b) 2000-2006 

(c) 2009-2014

(d) None of these 

Ans.(c) 2009-2014 

747. From which out of the following measures the new product consideration should proceed? 

(a) Commercial analysis

(b) Concept Invention 

(c) Testing

(d) Product development 

Ans.(c) Testing 

748. Export and Import (control) Act, was come into force in which year? 

(a) 1950

(b) 1951 

(c) 1948

(d) 1947 

Ans. (d) 1947 

749. International business models are-

(a) Market entry strategies 

(b) Modes of market entry 

(c) The basic business formula 

(d) Ways of doing business internationally

Ans.(c) The basic business formula 

750. Which of the following elements is not needed for evaluating the market segments? 

(a) Existing size of the segment 

(b) Development project of the segment 

(c) Resources of the company 

(d) Salary structure of company

Ans. (d) Salary structure of company 

751. Which of the following is net the business trade card qfor the company with regard to entrance in international marketing? 

(a) Export

(b) Joint risk 

(c) Agreement

(d) Environments 

Ans. (d) Environments 

752. The central point of marketing policies and procedures is-

(a) Product

(b) Shop 

(c) Purchasers

(d) Sales 

Ans.(a) Product 

753. Which one of the following is not the reason for firms to go into international market? 

(a) Market Saturation

(b) Foreign Competition 

(c) Emergence of new market 

(d) All of these 

Ans.(a) Market Saturation

M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Question Answer Paper
M Com 2nd Year International Marketing Question Answer Paper

754. If a company’s objective were to reach masses’ of buyers that were geographically dispersed at a low cost per exposure, the company would likely choose which of the following promotion forms

(a) Advertising

(b) Personal sing 

(d) Sales promotion

(c) Public relations

Ans.(a) Advertising

755. Environment means-

(a) Geographical area

(b) Economy 

(c) Product techniques

(d) Flexible factors 

Ans. (d) Flexible factors 

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