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M.COM Annual Examination Advertising And Sales Management Question Answer Paper

54. “Promotion includes advertising, personal sellings, sales promotion and other selling tools” said by-

(1) Delhens

(2) Stanton 

(3) Bill Gates

(4) Steve Jobs 

55. One reason for using the internet as an advertising medium is 

(1) its video and audio capacity 

(2) its ability to use animation 

(3) the way that the ads can link customers and advertisers

(4) all the above 

56. “The purpose of advertising is to reduce the % cost of product and distribution” said by

(1) Breach 

(2) Daver 

(3) Mitchell 

(4) Bill Gates 

57. Advertisement is a ………. of marketing

(1). Tool 

(2) Medium 

(3) Source 

(4) Part 

58. By which time rate payment of advertisement is made in Radio/TV?

(1) Per second 

(2) Per minute 

(3) Per hour 

(4) Per day 

59. Who has said that “Advertising is Salesmanship in print”?|

(1) Lasker 

(2) Wood 

(3) Shelton 

(4) Wheeler 

60. Primary functions of advertising are

(1) To increase sales volume 

(2) To persuade intermediaries

(3) To raise standard of living 

(4) All of these 

61. Match the following.

1. Ad is an investment A. Increase the sale 

2. Ad is a wasteful expenditure B. Having short-term effect 

3. Ad is paid form of presentation C. Which is non-personal 

(1) 1-A, 2-B, 3-C

(2) 1-A, 2-C, 3-B 

(3) 1-B, 2-A, 3-CY

(4) 1-C, 2-B, 3-A 

62. The Advertising Agencies” Association of India was formed in which year?

(1) 1956 

(2) 1945 

(3) 1951 

(4) 1948 

63. Public Service Alike “Know AIDS for no AIDS”, it is which type of responsibility of Ad. agency? 

(1) Economic responsibility 

(2) Social responsibility

(3) Political responsibility 

(4) Physical responsibility 

64. Which of the following is a broadcast media?

(1) Cinema

(2) Newspaper

(3) Video Cassettes

(4) None of these

65. Which of the following is not a function of an advertising agency?

(1) Account planning

(2) Creative services

(3) Media services 

(4) Social services

66. Outdoor media includes-

(1) Posters

(2) Banners 

(3) Wall writing

(4) All of these

67. Which of the following is a stunt ad.?

(1) Wrist watch gives always same time only in Rs. 10 

(2) Buy two get one free 

(3) Vodafone made for you

(4) LIC-Jeevan Ke Sath Bhi Jeevan Ke Bad Bhi 

68. Which of the following is the first step in the process of ad. budget? 

(1) Control of budget 

(2) Budget execution 

(3) Presentation and approval of budget

(4) Collection of data and preparation of budget 

69. Which of the following is a principle of effective ad? 

(1) Continuity

(2) Novelty 

(3) Creativity

(4) All of these 

70. Which of the following is not the test of effectiveness of the ad.? 

(1) Sales test

(2) Opinion test 

(3) Race test

(4) Inquiry test 

71. Future of ad. agencies is bright in India because there is-

(1) fast industrial development 

(2) expansion of education

(3) improvement in living standard 

(4) all of these 

72. Which of the following precautions should be taken in Mural AD.?

(1) Language must be simple

(2) Bold letters must be used 

(3) Place must be proper

(4) All of these

* Placer of the comme

73. By which of the following a stunt ad. can be checked?

(1) Government 

(2) Consumer Organisation

(3) Social Institutions

(4) All of these 

74. Which of the following is not given in Ad. Copy?

(1) Name and address of advertiser 

(2) Name and quality of the product 

(3) Production Cost

(4) Price 

75. ‘Kent water is pure water-Hemamalini’. Which type of element of ad. copy is it? 

(1) Trust element

(2) Suggestion element 

(3) Education element 

(4) Emotion element

76. Which of the following is the disadvantage of picture ad.? 

(1) Quick attention 

(2) Proper knowledge of the product 

(3) Cause of accidents on roads

(4) Permanent effect 

77. Which of the following ad. appeal inspires– e 

(1) Consumers

(2) Wholesalers 

(3) Retailer

(4) All of these 

78. Which of the following factor determines ad. expenses? 

(1) Past experience

(2) Sales policy 

(3) Size of the business 

(4) All of these 

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