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M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Practise Paper Notes Question Answer

43. The term of the central consumer protection council under the Consum Protection Act, 1986 is-

(a) 3 years 

(b) 4 years 

(c) 5 years 

(d) 6 years 

44. Goods under CPA-1986 covers-

(a) all movable property

(b) stocks and shares 

(c) growing crops

(d) All of these 

45. Importance of press advertisement is 

(a) Source of income

(b) Wide Scope 

(c) Diagrammatic Publication 

(d) All of these 

46. The term property used in Section 2(11) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930 means

(a) a special property 

(b) all types of property let the general property in goods and not merely a special property

(d) All of the above 

47. The international factors affecting the marketing plan include-

(a) international Monetary System

(b) International Stability and Peace 

(c) Technical Development in the World

(d) All of the above 

48. The two components of a marketing strategy are

(a) target market and marketing mix 

(b) target market and promotion 

(c) market and producer

(d) produce and agent 

49. Motivation means– 

(a) a good communication skill

(b) a better marketing plan 

(c) inspiring employees to perform better 

(d) All of the above 

50. Advantages of T.V. advertising-

(a) It has vast scope

(b) Repeated telecast possible 

(c) It has long-term impact

(d) All of these 

51. Perception is a three-step process that involves

(a) selecting organising and interpreting information inputs

(b) anticipating and selecting 

(c) collecting, eliminating and organising information inputs

(d) planning and executing 

52. Full form of EOQ is-

(a) Economic on Quality

(b) Economic Order Quality 

(c) Even on Quality

.(d) Evolution on Quality 

53. Marketing Planning is concerned with-

(a) the identification of resources that are available and their allocation meet specified objectives 

(b) selling 

(c) financing

(d) managing

54. Evaluating marketing performance by comparing it to the established Evaluating marketing perform standards is part of-

(a) market segmentation

(b) marketing control 

(c) market planning

(d) target market 

55. Which of the following is/are the importance of Marketing Planning? 

(a) to offset future uncertainties 

(b) economy in operation is 

(c) helpful in co-ordination

(d) All of these 

56. Creating the marketing strategy includes

(a) marketing objectives and strategies 

(b) forecasts of expected results . 

(c) create alternative plans

(d) All of the above 

57. Market inspection Method use for? 

(a) Calculating sale

(b) Calculating purchase 

(C) For forecasting

(d) None of these 

58. Which of the following Acts deals with quasi-contract?

(a) The English Sale of Goods Act, 1893 

(b) The Indian Contract Act, 1873 

(c) The Sale of Goods Act, 1930

(d) All of the above 

59. Which of the following can be the subject matter under Section 6 of the Sale of Goods Act. 1930? 

(a) Either existing or future goods 

(b) The existing goods only 

(c) The future goods only

(d) All of these 

60. Which of the following is not included in the term person under Consumer Protection Act, 1986? 

(a) Hindu undivided family 

(b) A co-operative society 

(c) Firm

(d) None of these 

61. No need of sales territory when the size of institution is- 

(a) Small

(b) National 

(c) Regional

(d) None of these 

62. Which of the following can play an important role for the right to consumer education? 

(a) Consumer association

(b) Education institutions 

(c) Policy makers

(d) All of these –

63. Which of the following is not a function of sales forecasting? 

(a) Purchase Planning

(b) Inventory Planning 

(c) Production Planning

(d) Transport Planning 

64. Method to remove objections of customers is-

(a) Product replacement

(b) Compensation

(c) Questionnaire Method

(d) All of these 

65. Which of the following is the department of a sales organisation?

(a) Sales promotion department

(b) Training department

(c) Credit department 

(d) All of these 

66. Sales quota is- 

(a) control activity of sales management 

(b) product

(d) department

(c) service 

67. Sales forecasting involves

(a) sales pricing 

(b) sales planning

(c) distribution channels

(d) All of these

68. Sales quotes may be expressed as in- 

(a) monetary terms

(b) volume terms 

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) physical term 

69. Which of the following is not a group training method? 

(a) Group discussion

(b) On the job training 

(c). Sales conference

(d) Special courses 

70. A common method of preparing sales forecast consists of

(a) prepare a macro-economic forecast 

(b) prepare on industry sales forecast 

(c) prepare a company sales forecast

(d) All of the above 

71. Which of the following is physical features of product? 

(a) Colour of the product

(b) Taste of the product 

(c) Size of the product

(d) All of these 

72. Which of the following factor determines ad. expenses? 

(a) Past experience

(b) Sales policy 

(c) Size of the business

(d) All of these 

73. ‘Kent water is pure water-Hemamalini’ Which type of element of ad. copy is it? 

(a) Trust element

(b) Suggestion element 

(c) Education element

(d) Emotion element 

74. The label on a soft drink can reads “cool and refreshing”. For what reason are these words used? 

(a) To promote the product 

(b) To encourage multiple purchases

(c) To satisfy legal requirements 

(d) To provide information 

75. Which of the following is the first step in the process of ad. budget?

(a) Control of budget 

(b) Budget execution 

(c) Presentation and approval of budget

(d) Collection of data and preparation of budget 

76. Which of the following is a stunt ad?

(a) Wrist watch gives always same time only in 10 

(b) Buy two get one free 

(c) Vodafone made for you

(d) LIC-Jeevan Ke Sath Bhi Jeevan Ke Bad Bhi 

77. A secondary use package can best defined as one that

(a) facilitates transportation, storage and handling for middlemen 

(b) can be re-used for purposes other than its initial use 

(c) can be used as a promotional tool

(d) is recyclable and environmentally safe 

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