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M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer
M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

M.Com. (Part II) Examination,

Advertising and Sales Management

1. Advertising is the mirror of: 

(a) Life-style

(b) Economic prosperity 

(c) Level of saving

(d) Level of expenditure 

2. The qualities oi sales manager may be categorized under the following heads :

(a) Physical

(b) Psychological 

(c) Intellectual

(d) All of these 

3. Advertisements done inside and outside ‘Shopping Malls’ are called : 

(a) Shopping Malls Advertising 

(b) Point of Purchase Advertising)

(c) Point of Sales Advertising 

(d) Customer-alluring Advertising 

4. Advertising Campaign is ………. process. 

(a) Time bound

(b) Systematic 

(c) Scientific

(d) All of these 

5. The experienced salesman knows the way how to ………. the sales. 

(a) Start

(b) Close 

(c) Start and close

(d) None of these 

6. A plan for the approach to prospective consumers is know as the 

(a) Per-approach

(b) Post-approach 

(c) Final-approach

(d) None of these 

7. Where was the first Indian Advertising Agency started in India? 

(a) Bangalore

(b) Hyderabad 

(c) Chandigarh

(d) Mumbai 

8. Advertisements should not be against the…… 

(a) Laws of the Country

(b) Social Ethics

(c) Religious Ethics 

(d) All of these 

M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

9. ………. is the basis of all business.

(a) Relationship

(b) Salesmanship

(c) Citizenship 

(d) Friendship 

10. Advertising Agency is a good clinic where a team of various experts work together for making….

(a) Sales plan

(b) Production plan 

(c) Advertisement plan

(d) Marketing plan 

11. ………. is that shares of goals which have been assigned to a particular sales unit or territory.

(a) Sales Volume

(b) Sales quota 

(c) Sales area

(d) Sales value 

12. The advertisements given by Banks are called :

(a) Commercial Advertisements 

(b) Trade Advertisements 

(c) Individual Advertisements 

(d) Financial Advertisements

13. What are the responsibilities of a sales manager?

(a) Responsibilities towards organization 

(b) Responsibilities towards customers 

(c) Responsibilities towards sales persons

(d) All the above 

14. What is the full name of C.P.A.?

(a) Customer Protection Act 

(b) Consumer Protection Act

(c) Collective Protection Activity 

(d) Combined Protection Activitu 

15. Advertising budget is prepared ………… 

(a) For 3 months

(b) For one Year 

(c) For unlimited period 

(d) According to advertisement plom 

16. Demonstration should be made according to the ………. of the customer. 

(a) Paying capacity

(b) Buying capacity 

(c) Carrying capacity

(d) None of these 

17. In the present era consumer is 

(a) Black Sheep

(b) Black Horse 

(c) White Elephant

(d) King of the market 

18.”Salesmanship is a science in the sense the one human mind influences another human mind.” How far do you agree with this statement? 

(a) Fully agreed )

(b) Partially agreed 

(c) Not agreed

(d) Statement is confusing 

19. Who propounded emotional and rational buying motives? 

(a) R.S Davar

(b) M.T. Copeland 

(c) J. Kurian

(d) R.C. Davis 

20. Who said “Sales forecasting is the focus of integrative planning.” 

(a) William Lazer

(b) Philip Kotler 

(c) Cundiff and Still

(d) C.E. Sultan 

21. Which of the following is not a psychological factor affecting consumer’s behaviour? 

(a) Basic needs

(b) Family income 

(c) Learning theory

(d) Image 

22. Advertising does liasioning task between

(a) Manufactures and Distributors 

(b) Consumers and Consumers 

(c) Manufacturers and Consumers

(d) Middlemen and Advertising Agencies 

23. Complete knowledge about the product is essential to be a Salesman. 

(a) Educated

(b) Qualified 

(c) Successful

(d) Laborious 

24. Brand Image’ is created by whom? 

(a) Sellers’ efforts

(b) Consumers’ Behaviour 

(c) Effective Advertisement 

(d) Price of products 

25. Co-operation is a feature of ……… of a salesman 

(a) Character Quality

(b) Mental ability 

(c) Physical quality

(d) None of these

26. Salesmanship is the power of ability to influence people hat we have.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? 

(a) Fully agreed

(b) Partially agreed 

(c) Not agreed

(d) Can’t say –

27.  Salesmanship helps in establishing cordial relationship between…

(a) Salesman and customers 

(b) Manufacturers and middlemen

(c) Wholesalers and retailers 

(d) None of these 

28. The obiective of sales organization is to :

(a) Appoint the consumers 

(b) Appoint the salesmen

(c) Appoint the producers 

(d) Appoint the wholesalers 

29. Salesmanship raises the ………. of consumers.

(a) Economic status

(b) Income level 

(c) (Standard of living

(d) Educational level 

30. While making Advertising Plan the strategy of …….. should be considered property. 

(a) Manufacturers

(b) Marketers 

(c) Competitors ?

(d) Consumers 

31. Advertising is an ……… source of recruitment. 

(a) Internal

(b) External 

(c) Fundamental

(d) None of these 

32. Who give the following statement? “Advertisement is an art to transmit a view from one person to another 

(a) Leach

(b) Rozer Rivaz 

(c) Frenk Jaifkin

(d) Luskar 

M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

33. Direct Mail System of advertisement is suitable for :

(a) Industrial goods

(b) Consumer goods 

(c) Durable goods

(d) Perishable goods 

34. Local Peddler is a form of:

(a) Buyer

(b) Vendor 

(c) Producer

(d) Stockiest 

35. Advertisement enhances ……… of a firm. 

(a) Goodwill

(b) Sales Area 

(c) Sales Volume

(d) All of these 

36. Pre-approach means meeting the ……… face-to-face. 

(a) Sales Manager

(b) Perspective consumers

(c) Sales Person

(d) Sales Administrator 

37. The size of advertising budget should be fixed at a point where :

(a) Marginal Revenue = Marginal Selling + Advertising Cost 

(b) Marginal Selling = Marginal Revenue + Advertising Cost 

(c) Advertising Cost = Marginal Revenue + Marginal Selling

(d) Marginal Revenue = Marginal Selling – Advertising Cost 

38. Sales Control is an integral part of:

(a) Production Management Process 

(b) Sales Management Process 

(c) Marketing Management Process 

(d) None of the above

39. Which is not the advantage of advertisement?

(a) Creation of demand 

(b) Increase the knowledge of consumers 

(c) Improvement in the quality of the product,

(d) Helpful for salesman 

40. “Salesmen are not required in case of monopoly.” How far do you agree with this statement? 

(a) Statement is correct

(b) Statement is not correct 

(c) Statement is partially correct 

(d) Statement is confusing 

41. An effective sales-personnel planning helps in : 

(a) Reducing selling cost

(b) Increasing sales 

(c) Increasing the number of customers 

(d) All of these 

42. Advertisement can be given by : 

(a) Business concerns

(b) Service providing concerns 

(c) Non-profit organizations 

(d) All of these 

43. Advertising Budget is :

(a) Financial Statement of Income and Expenditure of the firm 

(b) Forecasting of advertising expenditures through budget 

(c) Financial Statement of expenditure on advertisement and estimated income from advertisement during the same period 

(d) Forecasting of sales revenue through budget 

44. Who is the author of the following definition? “Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promoting of ideas or services by business firms identified in the advertising message intended to a sale immediately or eventually.” 

(a) American Marketing Association 

(b) William J. Stanton 

(c) Philip Kotler

(d) Richard Buskirk 

45. The main objective of establishing sales territory is to ..

(a) Prepare separate plan for different territories 

(b) Prepare separate marketing programme for different territories 

(c) Implement marketing programme separately in different territories

(d) All of the above 7 

46. ………. given by salesman prove helpful in convincing the buyer. 

(a) Product

(b) Service 

(c) Guarantee

(d) Both the service and guarantee 

47. Sales budget is a forecasting of ………. of a product.

(a) Expected sales

(b). Total Sales 

(c) Maximum Sales

(d) Minimum sales 

48. A good advertisement ultimately reduces the ………. of the product. 

(a) Cost and Price

(b) Demand and Sales 

(c) Use and Utility

(d) None of these 

49. When the salesman and customer meet and sales dialogue take place, it is called …… 

(a) Sales function

(b) Sales talk 

(c) Sales promotion

(d) None of these 

50. When was ‘Indian Advertising Committee’ established? 

(a) 1907

(b) 1909 

(c) 1917

(d) 1952

51. Who pay for the advertising cost? 

(a) Producer

(b) Consumer 

(c) Agent CO

(d) All of these 

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