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M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

52. …. is a low cost advertising media which covers a large number of prospective customers. 

(a) Banner

(b) Poster 

(c) Newspaper

(d) Magazine 

53. Advertisement is must for ….

(a) The information about a new product 

(b) Search of new customers 

(c) Retainment of existing customers

(d) All the above 

54. Recruitment by promotion is :

(a) Internal source of recruitment 

(b) External Source of recruitment 

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above 

55. When small gifts are sent to the prospective consumers to arouse his curiosity about the gift-sender, it is called ………. 

(a) Door-openers policy 

(b) Trickery policy 

(c) Personal call policy

(d) Gift Trick policy 

56. Posters, hoardings and banners are media of advertisement : 

(a) Indoor

(b) Outdoor 

(c) Wall

(d) None of these 

57. The main qualities of a good salesman may be categorized as: 

(a) Physical qualities

(b) Psychological qualities 

(c) Character qualities

(d) All of these 

58. Advertising may be : 

(a) Visual

(b) Spoken 

(c) Written

(d) All of these 

59. ………. towards the product decides the result of Advertising Campaign. 

(a) Consumer’ Attitude

(b) Consumers’ Income 

(c) Consumers’ living standard 

(d) All of these 

60. Detailed information about probable customers can be obtained through ………..

(a) Marketing Research

(b) Media Research 

(c) Consumers’ Survey

(d) All of these 

61. The income source of Advertising Agency are:

(a) Commission

(b) Service Charges 

(c) Remuneration 

(d) All of these 

M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

62. Who said, “If it were possible diagnose customers as the physician does in his case; selling would be much more effective and less difficult.” 

(a) L.H. Haney 

(b) B.F. Barker 

(c) F.W. Taylor 

(d) Hanery Fayol

63. Advertising Budget may be based on ……:

(a) Percentage of Sales 

(b) Amount of Sales Revenue per unit 

(c) Competitors’ advertising budget

(d) All the above 

64. “Sales management means the planning, organization, direction supervision, motivation and control of all the selling activities of business and industrial enterprise.” To what extent do yon agree with this statement? 

(a) Fully agreed

(b) Partially agreed 

(c) Not agreed

(d) Can’t say 

65. Hot-shop advertising agency do not keep ………..

(a) Office

(b) Experts’ team 

(c) Ministerial Staff

(d) Menial Staff 

66. Which is not the function of sales executive?

(a) Management of Sales Department 

(b) Management of Sales Staff 

(c) Management of Production Department

(d) To perform operative functions of Sales Department

67. Advertisement message should be in? 

(a) Easy language

(b) Understandable language 

(c) Local language

(d) Hindi or English language 

68. Who said, “Salesmanship is an attempt to induce people to buy goods.” 

(a) T.E. Knox

(b) W.G. Carter 

(c) H.H. Houghtor

(d) Russel Beach 

69. The salesman who work inside the shops or showrooms are called-

(a) Faithful salesman

(b) Indoor salesman 

(c) Outdoor Salesman

(d) Travelling Salesman 

70. Which of the following come under the psychological quality of a sales manager? 

(a) Personal magnetism

(b) Sound health 

(c) Integrity

(d) Soft speaking 

71. Salesman are appointed for : 

(a) Promoting sales

(b) Selling goods 

(c) Satisfying customers

(d) All of these 

72. “BHARAT MAI BANA BHARAT KA” is the tag line of which company? 

(a) Bata Shoe Co.

(b) Dhariwal Wools Co. 

(c) Tata Motors Co.

(d) Ford Tractors Co. 

73. A Customer who always finds faults in the product and argues with sales man; is called……. 

(a) Suspicious

(b) Argumentative 

(c) Impatient

(d) Sarcastic 

74 «YOGKSHEM VAHAMYHAM” is the main slogan of which Insurance Company? 

(a) Reliance Life Insurance

(b) Life Insurance Corporation of India

(c) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

(d) National Insurance Company Ltd. 

75. “Salesmanship is the ability to persuade to want what they already need”. Who said this statement? 

(a) T.E. Knox

(b) W.G Carter 

(c) B.R Canfield 

(d) R.S Davar

76. Main components of a printed advertisement copy are:

(a) Headline

(b) Slogans 

(c) Picture

(d) All of these 

77. Sale Management is the inanagement of ……….. 

(a) Sales activities

(b) Sales promotion 

(c) Sales force

(d) All of these 

78. A geographical area assigned to a salesman for his selling activities is called . 

(a) Sales Block

(b) Geographical area 

(c) Sales Territory

(d) Sales Quota 

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