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M.COM Examination Advertising And Sales Management Sample Paper Question Answer

79. The word ‘Advertising’ was created from the Latin word ………. 

(a) Advertee

(b) Adverto 

(c) Advert

(d) Advent 

80. Advertisement reduces the risk of ………. 

(a) Dumping the stock

(b) Decrease in demand 

(c) Non-liking of the product 

(d) All of these 

81. Efficient sales-force should ever be in search of ……..

(a) Prosective Consumers 

(b) High Salaries 

(c) Maximum facilities

(d) Opportunities to escape from work 

82. The responsibilities of a salesman are to:

(a) Secure adequate sales volume 

(b) Work within his authorities

(c) Promote company’s goodwill 

(d) All of these 

83. Presentation helps in convincing the ……….. 

(a) Salesman

(b) Customers

(c) Suppliers 

(d) Sales Staff 

84. Which one of the following is not the step of selling process? 

(a) Search of consumers

(b) Approach

(d) After sales service 

(c) Closing 

85. When was National Council of Advertising Agencies’ established in India?

(a) 1947

(b) 1950

(d) 1971 

(c) 1967 

86. Advertising is different from ………

 (a) Arguments

(b) Publicity

(c) Discussion

(d) All of these 

87. Which is the step of advertising budget making process?

(a) Preparation of Budget

(b) Presentation of Budget 

(c) Preparation of advertisement model 

(d) Execution of Budget

88. Marketing process, creativity, advertisement and quality products are helpful in creating what? 

(a) Brand Image

(b) Trade Image 

(c) Producer Image

(d) Producer Image 

89. Advertising is : 

(a) Art

(b) Science 

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these 

90. Buying motive is an urge of a ………. 

(a) Consumer

(b) Manufacturer 

(c) Seller

(d) Middlemen 

91. Fundamentals of selling are : 

(a) Salesman personality

(b) Product knowledge 

(c) Knowledge of customers 

(d) All of these 

92. Which is not the primary function of advertising?

(a) To assist the dealers to sell the goods effectively 

(b) To remove the obstacles in sale 

(c) To increase profits of the firm

(d) To Increase per capita use of the product 

93. The main objective of advertisement is :

(a) To inform the probable customers about the product 

(b) To attract the attention of probable customers 

(c) To popularize the product

(d) All the above 

94. Under ………. salesman agrees with the objections raised by the customer, but the offsets these objections by giving his statement. 

(a) Direct Denial Method

(b) Indirect Denial Method 

(c) Boomerang Method

(d) Compensation Method 

95. Safeguard the interest of the ………. is the prime duty of a salesman. 

(a) Employer

(b) Employees 

(c) Family Members

(d) Relatives 

96. “To save consumers from marketing frauds advertising should be scrapped.” Do you agree with this statement? 

(a) Fully agreed

(b) Not agreed 

(c) Partially agreed

(d) Can’t say 

97. Sales management enhances the ………. of the enterprise. 

(a) Goodwill

(b) Sales volume 

(c) Sales Revenue

(d) All of these 

98. Demonstration is the heart of.

weari OI ….. 

(a) Marketing process

(b) Buying process 

(c) Selling process

(d) Manufacturing process 

99. The main objectives of sales management are :

(a) To maximize sales volume 

(b) To maximize profits of the no 

(c) To satisfy customers

(d) All of these 

100. Advertisements attract the attention of the people towards utility of: 

(a) Business goods and services 

(b) Individual skills 

(c) Personnel abilities

(d) Social services

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