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MBA 1st Semester Applications Very Short Question Answer Study Notes

MBA 1st Semester Applications Very Short Question Answer Study Notes Sample Model practice 3 mock papers for self-assessment Unit-wise division of the content Knowledge Boosters to illuminate the learning.

MBA 1st Semester Applications Very Short Question Answer Study Notes
MBA 1st Semester Applications Very Short Question Answer Study Notes

Section A


MBA Topic Chapter Semester Wise Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

Q.1. What are Enterprise Systems (ES)? 

Ans. Enterprise systems are large scale, integrated 

application software packages that use the computational data storage and data transmission power of modern IT to support processes, informational flows, etc.

Q.2. What are the characteristics of ES? 

Ans. The characteristics of ES are:

1. Support process and coordination of work in the organisation. 

2. Affect the work of many people across the organisation.

3. Difficult and time consuming to implement.

4. Facilitate internal control. 

Q.3. What do you mean by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Ans. Enterprise resource planning involves integration of all data and processes of an organisation into a unified system. ERP covers the techniques and concepts employed for integrated management of business as a whole.

Q.4. What are the features of ERP? 

Ans. The features of ERP are:

1. Accommodating variety. 

2. Supply chain management and resource management. 

3. Integrated data model.

4. Integrated management information. 

Q.5. What are the advantages of ERP? 

Ans. The advantages of ERP are: 

1. Reduction of lead time.

2. Reduction in cycle time. 

3. Improved supplier performance. 

4. Increased flexibility. 

Q.6. What do you mean by Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Ans. Customer relationship management is a comprehensive strategy and process of acquiring, retaining and partnering with selective customers to create superior value for the company.

Q.7. What are the objectives of CRM? 

Ans. The objectives of CRM are:

1. It costs six times more to sell to a new customer than to sell to an existing one. 

2. A company can boost its profit 85 per cent by increasing its annual customer retention by only 5 per cent.

Q.8. What are the advantages of CRM?

Ans. The advantages of CRM are: 

1. CRM helps the organisation to easily adjust importance or status.

It helps the company in getting continuous feedbacks from the customers. 

Q.9. What is the need for security? 

Ans. The security is needed to:

1. Reduce the risk of systems and organisations ceasing opera 

2. Ensure the integrity and reliability of data resources. 

3. Maintain information confidentiality. 

4. Ensure compliance with policies and laws regarding security and privacy. 

MBA 1st Semester Applications Very Short Question Answer Study Notes

Q.10. What do you understand by business ethics? 

Ans. Bersinace this concerned with the numerous emnica

wagers confront as part of their daily business decision-making

Q.11. What are the principles of technology ethics? 

Ans. The principles of technology ethics are:

1. Proportionality. 

2. Informed consent. 

3. Fair distribution of benefit and burden. 

4. Minimised risk.

Q.12. What is cyber crime?

Ans. Cyber crime is a computer crime that refers to criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target or place of a crime. It is a growing threat to society caused by criminals. 

Q.13. What do you mean by privacy?

Ans. Privacy is the wish to remain unnoticed or unidentified in the public realm. When something is private to a person, it means there is something within them that is considered personally sensitive.

Q.14. How can the privacy may be invaded? 

Ans. Privacy may be invaded in four ways:

1. Unreasonable intrusion upon a person’s privacy.

2. Public disclosure of private facts. 

3. Appropriation occurs when the use of person’s name or likeness is used for economic benefit. 

4. Publicly characterising or placing a person in a false light.

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