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MBA 1st Semester Management Concepts And Applications Mock Paper II Questions Answers

MBA 1st Semester Management Concepts And Applications Mock Paper II Questions Answers In this post, you will find MBA 1st semester related mock papers all-important Question Answers Management Concepts And applications All topic wise chapter wise Question Answers.

MBA 1st Semester Management Concepts And Applications Mock Paper II Questions Answers
MBA 1st Semester Management Concepts And Applications Mock Paper II Questions Answers

Mock Paper-II

Time: 3 hours)                                                                                  [Maximum Marks: 100

Note: The question paper contains three sections. Attempt all sections. (2×10=20)

Section A

MBA 1st Semester Management Concepts And Applications Mock Paper II Questions Answers

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Note: Attempt all questions of the following: 1.

 (a) How can you say management is an art?

(b) Define the term planning.

(c) What are the characteristics of an organization?

(d) Give any three natures of coordination.

(e) What is a 5S methodology?

(f) Define the term authority, Point out its elements.

(g) What does the directing function of management involve? Discuss the importance of directing in the management process.

(h) Discuss the meaning and characteristics of control.

(i) Give the importance of quality management for organizations.

(j) What do you know about 5S?

Section B

Note: Attempt any five questions of the following:  (10×550)

2. Why is it important to understand the different perspectives and approaches to management

thought that has evolved throughout the history of the organization?

3. What are the functions of a manager? Is mere knowledge of management enough to become a successful manager? Briefly explain managerial skills.

4. Explain briefly the process of formal planning and discuss the reasons for the failure of planning.

5. What is an authority? What are the kinds of authority? State the difference between authority and responsibility. 6. What is statistical quality control? Give its objectives and significance.

7. ‘Control is a fundamental function that ensures work accomplishment according to plans.

Analyses this statement and outline the various steps involved in the control process.

8. What is the role of customers in total quality management?

9. Write a note on six sigma and quality management.

Section C

10. Read the following case and answer the following questions given at the end of the case: (10×3=30)

Bharat Engineering Works Limited is a major manufacturer of industrial machinery besides other engineering products. It has enjoyed considerable market preference for its machineries because of limited competition.

competition in the field. Usually, there have been more orders than what the company could supply However the scenario changed quickly because of the entry of two new competitors in the field with foreign technological collaboration. For the first time, the company faced a problem in marketing its products with a usual profit margin. Sensing into the likely problem, the Chief Executive appointed

Mr. Arvind Kumar as General Manager to direct the operations of industrial machinery division. Mr. Kumar has a similar assignment abroad before coming back to India.

Mr. Kumar had a discussion with the Chief Executive about the nature of the problem being faced by the company so that he could fix-up his priority. The Chief Executive advised him to consult various heads of departments to have first-hand information. However, he emphasized that the company lacked. an integrated planning system while members of the Board of Directors insisted on introducing this in several meetings both formally and informally.

After joining as General Manager, Mr. Kumar got briefings from the heads of all departments. He asked all departmental heads to identify major problems and issues concerning them. The Marketing Manager indicated that in order to achieve higher sales, he needed more sales managers and sales professionals, His main concern was a lack of engineering support to sales and marketing efforts. The company had adequate engineers but they were spread under three separate engineering groups. Sales people had no central organisation which had responsibility to provide sales support. Therefore, some jobs were being done from outside at higher costs or with lower quality. Besides, he needed a generous budget for demonstration system which could be sent on trial basis to customers to win business.

The Production Manager complained about the old machines and equipment used in manufacturing, Therefore, cost of production was high but without corresponding quality. While competitors had better equipment and machinery, Bharat Engineering neither replaced its age-old plant nor got it reconditioned. Therefore, to reduce the cost, it was essential to automate production lines by installing new equipment.

Director of Research and Development did not have any specific problem and, therefore, did not indicate for any change. However, a principal scientist in R&D indicated on one day that the Director of R&D, though very nice in his approach, did not emphasis short-term research projects which could easily increase production efficiency to the extent of atleast 20 per cent within a very short period, Moreover, such projects did not involve any major capital outlay.

Mr. Kumar got himself convinced about the management process going on in the division and the type of problems being faced.


  • Discuss the nature and characteristics of management process followed in the company.

(ii) What are the real problems of industrial machinery division of the company?

(iii) What steps should be taken by Mr. Kumar to overcome these problems?

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