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MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer

MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer


MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer
MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer

Case Study 4 (Technological Innovation)

Nano from Tata’s may be flash point. There were other heroes who proved to be successful innovators in India.

Ujwal Parghi is one among them. As director of Shri Kamadhenu Electronics, the Anand based company founded by seven young entrepreneurs with less than half a million rupees as seed capital he has been nart of the innovation wave. His firm has developed Akashganga, an automatic milk collection and accounting system that has made lives of dairy farmers in cooperatives much easier what previously took over five minutes, now gets done in just 30 seconds, saving dairy farmers from sernentine queues where they had to worry about their milk getting spoilt by the time it was measured. The machine incorporates a milk analyser that provides data on six parameters of milk simultaneously and helps to monitor adulteration. Little wonder that Akashganga in addition to big dairy and food clients, such as Amul, Nestle India transformed milk collection systems across Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan and has even found a ready market in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam and Nepal.

MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer


Q.1. In what way Innovations affect the business environment? Why?

Ans. Effects of Innovations on Business Environment: The innovations are made to improve the ne business. Through it the business comes up with new ideas that benefit itself and makes the business successful. It changes the way, the business can do something.” the reasonable ways by which inovations affect the business environment include:

1. Competitive Economy: Innovation brings about new ideas that are not available in the market  and also innovate new products that can bring more competition in the markent and hence affect the business of the rivalries that belong to the same part.

2. Reputation: Business can gain a reputation for producing a high quality product. With reputation product can boost the sales of other products also. A high quality product helps in making new customers loyal towards business brand. 

3. More Sales: New product satisfies the needs of the customers as it attracts a large number of Customers from the market. Thus, many customers include the loyal customers of rival ew product.

4. Profit Margin: Innovation brings the noduct to an extent that fulfils the desires of the customers. enerally, innovated products are priced higher to generate huge amount of profit margin which affects e financial position of the firms.

5. Green Environment: Many businesses are concerned about the environmental situation of the world. Thus, a new innovative product is emploved that does not harm the environment and consumers re also concerned about the environment so as to buy the harmless product.

MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer

Q.2. What are the advantages of becoming the first in technology in a particular industry? 

Ans. Advantages of becoming the First in Technology: These are as follows:

1. Market Cost Advantage: First mover businesses can develop technology that is difficult for their ompetition to copy and one of the ways they gain advantage over later entrants is that the developing country has learned ways to reduce costs of production.

2. No Competitors: The business has the market to get customers to buy its products and first firm will not have any other besides it to sell the product and this helps in building market share.

3. Market Experience: The firm will have advantages when other firms try to enter the market because the firm knows the market and is known by consumers in the market.

4. Technological Leadership: A first mover business will be benefitted by applying for patents for their technology to prevent other companies from copying it and patents appear to protect first mover advantages in some industries.

5 Resource Advantage: First mover businesses are more able to control their resources that is advantageous to the firms.

6. Control of Switching Cost: An important advantage of being a first mover business is controlling buyer switching costs. Consumers develop loyalty to a certain product and th get them to switch

MBA 1st Technological Innovation Case Study 4 With Question Answer

Q.3. The Nano car introduced in April 2009 is affecting the business environment of small cars segment. Explain.

Anc Nano Car Affects Business Environment of Small Car Segment: The impact of Nano on two wheeler segment and the used car segment compared to its impact on the small car segment is high and this depends on the performance of the car. The difference lies in the follow

1. Cheapest Car: Tata Nano is the cheapest car because of the engine applied to the car model simplified with minimum components, compact features and design, inexpensive labour and extensive backward and forward linkages.

2. Fuel Efficient: It comes with an engine management system and has safety features like the fuel  injection being cut off if the car is reversed too fast and a warning light is displayed on the dashboard with a buzzer chime.

3. Safety: Nano has passed the Indian safety standards and provides as much safety to a luxurious car having air bags.

Spacious: Nano provides the more space to drive and sit comfortably as compared to other small cars which have their engine in the bonnet but Nano doesn’t have. Its height is also more than that of other cars.

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