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MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer

MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer


MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer
MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer

Case Study 6 (Transmission of Pop Culture)

Cultural barrier is one of the talked about in International business  problems. It is however very interesting to note that cross border transmission of culture is very rampant. Many politicians, sociologists and others are highly critical for the invasion of western culture in the developing countries

The export of American culture is interpreted as a means to spread American Imperialism. And the Coca Cola culture or the corn flakes culture or the pop culture are terms which have come to be broadly used to include, besides the pop music and associated things, the western products and styles such as foreign jeans, cola drinks, fast foods, Hollywood movies etc. which the youth, particularly are crazy about. They have fast spread to the developed and developing countries.

The emergence of culture as economic goods that can be traded-crafts, music, films, TV programmes software’s, books, tourism etc, has contributed very substantially to the globalisation of culture.

A UNESCO study shows that world trade in goods with cultural content-printed matter. literature music, visual arts, cinema an photographics radio, and television equipment has grown tremendously. For United States, the largest single export industry is not aircraft, computers, or automobiles, it is entertainment in films, and television programmes. Hollywood films grossed more than $30 billion world wide in 1997, and in 1998 a single movie. Titanic, grossed more than $1.8 billion. 

As the Human Development  Report 1999 points out, the vehicles for this trade in cultural goods are the new technologies. Satellite communications technology from the mid 1980’s gave rise to a powerful new medium with a global reach and to such olabal media networks as CNN. The development of the internet is also spreading culture around the world, over an expanded telecommunications Infrastructure of fiber optics and parabolic antennas.

The report referred to above, points out the global market for cultural products which is becoming concentrated, driving out small and local industries. At the core of the entertainment industry film, music and television-there is growing dominance of US products, and many countries are seeing there local industries wither. Although India makes the most film each year, Hollywood reaches every market, getting more than 50% of its revenue from overseas, up from just 30% in 1980. It claimed 70% of the film market in Europe in 1996, up from 56% in 1987 and 83% in Latin America and 50% in Japan. By contrast, foreign films rarely make it big in the United States, taking less than three percent of the market there.

MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer


Q.1. In the light of the above account, evaluate the view that culture is a highly difficult barrier to International business.

Ans. Culture is a very difficult barrier in International business. This is one hidden barrier that no one can take away, that is the fact that culture influences people in trade. This is because trading Dartners live in a different environment. The environment could be different in a number of aspects The most distinct difference will include social structure, business organisation, & family life. Different cultures have different spending powers and perception on wealth. Political structures, government Influence and laws, state of technological advancement among other may all be different. Since culture mav he vastly different. It may sometimes prove difficult to understand what the other party is Saving their feeling and their action. Since, there are no manuals on the subject to bridge the cultural pan so the biggest bet is the trading partner.

MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer

Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer

Q.2 What are the implications of the spread of pop culture for business? 

Anc Amane the three effects of globalisation on culture, the growth of global ‘Pop culture’ tends to get the most attention and strike people. Many complain that this form of globalisation is actually Americanication Pop culture is manifested around the world through movies, music, television shows newspapers, satellite broadcasts, fast food and clothing among other entertainment and consumer foods. For the United States, the entertainment industry is one of the most important spheres of conomic activity. In fact, the US entertainment industry generates more revenue from overseas sales in any other industry other than the commercial aerospace industry

MBA 1st Transmission of Pop Culture Case Study 6 With Question Answer

Q.3. What could be the reasons for the adoption, particularly by the youth 

Ans. In modern age, youths are adopting pop culture for variety of reasons. Distinguishable from the original manner, a new pop trend may had been originally portrayed, localised versions to which the yu ith responds from no less than an emerging genre that introduces new styles, habits and other sorts of prescribed behaviours and attitudes. Pop culture shows what the trends are, what people should be wearing, what they should be listening to how they should act, and what they should look like. Pop culture defines what one should look like through movies, television, magazines, catalogues billboards, fashion and music. Wherever we look, catalogues, magazines, television, movies, and billboards, images show us the cultural standards, what we should be like and that is in fashion.

Thus, it can be said that pop culture has attained an immense globalisation following precisely because it is popular. That is the reason why youth is adopting the pop culture.

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