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MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 2

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 2

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 2

Mock Paper-II

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MBA Topic Chapter Semester Wise Sample Model Practice Question Answer Papers

Time: 3 hours)

Note: The question paper contains three sections. Attempt all section

Section A

Note: Attempt all questions of the following:  (2×10=20)

1. (a) What are the advantages of informal communication! 

(b) Differentiate between horizontal and vertical communications.

(c) The objectives of any organisation can be achieved with effective communication. Explain 

(d) What are the disadvantages of oral communication?

(e) Explain the major considerations in drafting and editing the business letters. 

(f) What are the factors considered while planning a CV?

(g) What is meant by interview? Discuss its advantages.

(h) As an interviewer, what perceptual error we should try to avoid during an interview? 

(i) How are notice and agenda of a meeting prepared? 

(j) What are the characteristics of a good press release?

Section B

Note: Attempt any five questions from this section.(10×5=50)  

2. Mention what are the different Cs of the communication. 

3. What makes people poor listeners? Suggest how one can overcome the barriers that cause poor listening. 

4. What are the different uses of thesaurus? How can the thesaurus be used for making the writing more stylish and impressive? 

5. What are social letters? Draft a letter congratulating your friend on getting a dream job in a

multinational corporation. 

6. What is an office memo? What purpose does it serve? Also discuss the guidelines to write a memo. 

7. As a manager explain how would you use information technology for making communication effective? 

8. Prepare a notice intimating the member of the general body that the meeting of the body will be held on a specific date, time and place to consider some important issues, 

9. Explain the various business etiquettes followed in a business organisation.

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Paper 2

Section C

Note: Answer the following questions: (15×2=30) 

10. (a) In response to the advertisement published in the newspaper for the position of management trainee in ABC Enterprises, write a covering letter and a resume for giving all necessary details and highlight your specially strong points. 

(b) Make out a complaint to the Postal Department stating a certain parcel you booked a month back has not reached to the address. Also request them to have an enquiry to find its whereabouts.

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