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MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Papers 3

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Papers 3 Online Syllabus Free Online Study Notes MBA Its Year

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Papers 3
MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Papers 3

Mock Paper-III

Time: 3 hours)                                                                                   [Maximum Marks: 100

Note: The question paper contains three sections. Attempt all sections.

Section A

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Note: Attempt all questions of the following:                                                             (2×10=20) 

1. (a) Give the merits of downward communication. 

(b) What do you mean by encoding and decoding of messages? Give an example. 

(c) What do you understand by space language? What role does it play in business relationships? 

(d) Write a short note on good summary writing techniques. 

(e) Why is it desirable to avoid the use of jargon? 

(f) What are the most important factors to be considered for writing a good memo! 

(g) Write a short note on intranet. 

(h) Write down the three advantages of fax system. 

(i) Explain the concept of business etiquette. What are the basic rules of business etiquette? 

(j) What do you mean by netiquettes?

Section B

Note: Attempt any five questions from this section.(10×5=50) 

2. With the help of suitable examples. Explain what are the various barriers to communication. As – a manager what measures you would use to overcome them? 

3. Write down the various forms of non-verbal communication and explain its effects. 

4. Explain the importance of body language in the oral communication. What effective measures

should be taken to make the oral communication more understandable? 

5. Elucidate on the concept of a business report. Discuss the purpose and the types of business report 

6. How would you design a presentation? What would be the visual support you will consider for your business presentation? Is appearance and posture plays a vital role for the presentation2 

7. Suggest practical guidelines which should be followed by an individual for taking an effective part in group discussion. 

8. As a professional, what are the various e-mail do’s and don’ts you would adhere to when transmitting a message through e-mail? 

9. What skills are expected of a chairperson for the smooth conduct of a meeting?

Section C

10. Read the following case and answer the following questions given at the end of the case: (10×3=30) 

You are the General Manager of a large company. After an extensive study of operations, you approved the installation of new machines and a new scheduling system. This investment was expected to result in substantial increase in the productivity and decrease in manufacturing costs. To the surprise of everyone, the productivity has not increased as expected. In fact, productivity has dropped, quality has fallen off and workers complaints have increased after the installation of new machines.

MBA 1st Year Business Communication Section Wise Mock Test Papers 3

The representatives of the machine suppliers have thoroughly checked the operations in plant and are satisfied that the plant should operate at peak efficiency. You have reason to believe that new scheduling system may be the sub-ordinates insist that the new scheduling system is culprit. But your immediate is operating as intended. Some believe that the drop in productivity is entirely due to workers’ psychology. Others feel that lower productivity is caused by a combination of factors such as poor training, poor supervision, lack of financial incentives and poor morale.

Your president called you in the morning and reviewed your production figures for the last quarter. He is concerned that the problem was yours and you should resolve this problem without further delay.


  • What are the issues in the case ?
  • Do you agree with the general Manager’s approach in the introduction of change in the organisation? Give reasons for your answer.
  • As the general manager, what steps will you take to resolve the problem?

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