MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Long Question Answers Notes

(b) Methods of Investigation: In the section of report, basic problems are investigated, Interpreted, analysed and thereafter judgements are given, by following certain procedure and method for collecting the data, to organise the report to the recommendations. It actually highlights how information has been obtained from various sources.

(c) Discussion or Description: This section describes the main business of the report. It contains the data which are so organised in a logical order that yields results which again are inferred. These are then evaluated.

(d) Findings: In this section, the various solutions that emerges from the investigation are presented together with the respective merits and demerits of each. There is a clear explanation of all solutions. On the basis of the analysis of the findings, the appropriate judgements are formed.

(e) ( Conclusions: To give a sense of finality and completion to the process of discussion, the

investigator makes certain remarks at the end of the discussion which closes the discussion yielding the reader a psychological assurance of reaching the end.

(f) Recommendations: Recommendations are given or included in the report when they are sought. Recommendations suggest the course of action to be taken and indicate the result in effect. Recommendations are clearly derived from the conclusions.

6. Appendices: Appendices are the useful sections or elements of a report. Appendices provide a convenient means of relieving the text and the reader of any detailed information which digress the text of the line of argument or is of little interest to the reader.

7. List of References: In the text of the report we may have used or quoted some matter published or unpublished. In this section, we give credit to the authors concerned by listing them at the end of the report, when we cite them in the text.

8. Bibliography: Unlike list references, bibliography is a list of sources consulted. The entries in ne bibliography are given in the alphabetical order in the text.

9. Glossary of Technical Terms: A glossary explains the list of technical words used in the report. The decision of including words and other terms in glossary depends upon the readership of the report.

10. Index. The index is included in those reports where the table of content is not adequate to help he reader to locate a topic or sub-topic easily.

11.Other Elements: Apart from the above mentioned elements of a report, we also som include front space, copyright notice, list of illustrations and preface.

Q.15.Discuss what are the important parts of a report. Also, mention the features of an informational report. (2009-10 (2015-16)

Or Give four examples of informational reports.

Ans. Although the structure of a report can vary, business and academic reports usually contain th following parts:

1. Title page.

2. Table of contents.

3. Acknowledgment

4. Synopsis or abstract or summary

5. Body of the report

6. Appendices

7. List of references

8. Bibliography

9. Glossary of technical terms

10. Index

11. Other elements

For Details of Parts of Report: Refer to Sec-C, 0.14.

Informational Report: This report contains the data collected or the facts observed in an organised form. It presents the situation as it is.

Features of Informational Report: The important features of an informational report are as follows:

1. It informs or instructs present information.

2. Reader sees the details of events, activities or the conditions.

3. It has no analysis of the situation, no conclusion and no recommendations.

4. It presents relevant data required by management to take decisions.

Examples of Informational Report: Topics or subjects found in these can be about one specific thing or a group of things. Some examples include:

1. Cars, 2. Ocean animals, 3. Rainforests, 4. Pollution,

5. Computers.

Q.16. Assume that you are the chairman of a committee appointed by the President of the emplovees union of your company to look into the complaints against the functioning of the canteen on than measures for improvement. Write a report containing your analysis and recommendation (2009-10)

Ans.                            Report Containing Analysis and Recommendations

14th July, 2016,

The Director,

Employees Union,

J.R.S. Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi-110001

Subject: Report of the functioning of canteen in the premises,


I am appointed as the chairman of committee by the President of Employees 1 complaints regarding improper functioning of canteen in the premises. In this connection, I conducted a survey and collected necessary information.

  1. The quality of food products in the canteen is becoming low and needs improvement.
  2. Contractor is not paying proper attention on the pricing and a Paying proper attention on the pricing and are charging more rates than market.

3. Extra rush at the time of lunch or breakfast makes employees

lunch or breakfast makes employee suffer and there is no time management also.

In my opinion, there is a possibility of changing this contractor and hire the best one.

Suggestions and Recommendations: .

1. Either the best contractor can be hired or the current one or can be hired or the current one must be warned for improvements.

2. Good quality products must be used or they are to be checked De 3. Proper arrangement for supply of items to all req rangement for supply of items to all requiring them, be made with time management

onditions of canteen and making a queue for convenience. All these measures can improve in the premises.

Yours faithfully,

Sarvesh Oberoi


Q.17. Madhusugar Fruit Canning Company, Hyderabad proposes to open a branch factory in Goa in order to make advantage of the different variety of fruits available in the region. A sub-committee of directors has been appointed to examine the feasibility of the proposal. Write a report recommending a sultable location for the factory.(2010-11)

Ans.Report for Suitable Location

The Board of Directors,

Madhusugar Fruit Canning Company,


Subject: Report to open a branch factory in Goa.


As instructed by yourself we have examined the feasibility and proposal to open a branch factory in Goa in order to take advantage of different variety of fruits available in the region.

Following are the recommendations for suitable location:

1. The sub-committee met a number of property dealers of this locality to find out, if the suitable site could be made.

2. The sub-committee visited the various places of Goa to study its suitability for setting up a plan for the factory.


1. Marmavo is a suitable place which is near to the Goa capital, Panaji. It is only five kilometers away from main vegetable and fruit market of Goa.

2. This area is also connected with Panaji railway station.

3. Some dealers have to store their goods in cold storage situated far away from the market, incurring necessary expenditure to transport and facing a good deal of inconvenience. In my opinion, order should be placed for the purchase of the cold storage plant.

Yours faithfully,

Sachin Ahuja

Committee Head.

Q.18. Make out a complaint to the postal department stating that a certain parcel you booked a month back has not reached to the address. Also request them to have an enquiry to find its whereabouts. (2012-13)

Ans.                            Complaint Letter to Postal Department

Rachna Cloth Emporium

(Wholesale dealer of cotton, wool and silk garments)

Ph No.-9563521102

22, Lajpat Nagar,


Date-14th April, 2016

Postal Department,



Subject: Delay in delivery of goods.

Today we have come to know about the parcel booked booked by us has not reached the destination yet While tallying the goods with the order letter it has been found that the parcel was sent a month back pay que attention in finding the parcel. Enquire about it as it is necessary to deliver. This parcel has the following goods:

1. 40 oswal blankets.

2. 15 rolls of blazers.

You are requested to pay immediate attention to the matter mentioned above.

Yours faithfully,

For Rachna Cloth Emporium

(Sachin Ahuja)


Q.19. Write an enquiry letter to Mahima Cloth Centre, Allahabad on behalf of Amit Cloth Centre, Dehradun regarding various types of cloth.(2015-16)

Ans.                                                    Enquiry Letter

Amit Cloth Centre,

Dehradun Telephone no.-223345

22, Sarojini Vihar,


Date: 2nd August, 2016

Mahima Cloth Centre,



Subject: Enquiry regarding dispatched items.

We have received today the goods (clothes) dispatched by you but while tallying the go order letter, it has been found as if the goods were sent without giving any attention to

re sent without giving any attention to the order letter. The main discrepancies are given below:

1. 30 Oswal blankets have not been sent at all.

2. 10 rolls of blue blazer have been sent instead of 5.

3. 30 woollen shawls have been sent without any order.

4. Instead of 320, only 300 silk sarees have been sent.

I want to enquire about the same and you are requested to please pay immediate atte matter mentioned above.

Yours faithfully,

For Amit Cloth Centre

(Amit Bhargava)

Q.20. You as a marketing manager hae haen et research to know the market potential of a new product which your company is Intending to launch in the market in near future. Prepare a draft of business report.

 (2006-07, 13-14)

Ans. Draft of a Business Report

The new students working in market research might define the process as:

1. Gathering data from the markets.

2. Conducting customer surveys.

3. Determining the needs of customers.

4. Testing the products in the market place.

5. Estimating the potential sales of product.

Report on a New Product Launches in the Market

Let us take an example of a new product launch of Burger King. Burge King. Burger King routinely conducts a product screen study to determine which new concepts for menu items are most appealing to the marketing department, research and development, advertising agencies and marketing partners, such as Coca-cola.

The ideas are then tested among a national sample of consumers who are ageu visited a fast food restaurant during the past four weeks. They are shown a photo of the propose product with a short description and the selling price. They are then asked how likely they would be make a special trip to Burger King to purchase the product, how unique they think the product is and how they perceive its value for the money.

The products that achieve Burger King’s action standards, then go into testing. First, in hours sensory testing is done with employees in Burger King’s test kitchen. Next, the product is tested in a taste test study in which consumers sample it as the people who qualify for the study and are willing to try it in Burger King’s restaurants,

Q.21. What is an office memo? What purpose does it serve? Also discuss the guidelines to write a memo.(2012-13, 14-15)

Ans. Office Memo or Memorandum: A memo or memorandum is a short piece of writing used by an officer of an organisation to communicate within the organisation. It is the most common form of written communication between people or departments or even branch offices of an organisation. Some organisations insist that even small events and requests, telephone conversations on official matters, etc. should be recorded in the form of memos.

Memos are used in the organisation even when the communication can be easily affected by way of speech. This is because of the following advantages:

1. Memo can be used for giving the instructions clearly.

2. Memo as in the written form thus leaves no scope of confusion or ambiguity.

3. Memo as in the written form thus can be used as a record of facts and figures.

4. Memo can be used to establish future accountability.

5. It gives time to the receiver of communication to deliberate upon it and react accordingly.

Purpose of Writing Memo: Memos can be used for any official communication. The purpose of writing memo can be varied, anything which the person communicating prefers to communicate in writing

Usually memos are used for:

1. Conveying routine message.

2. Submitting periodical reports.

3. Communicating changes in the organisation.

4. Writing suggestions.

5. Issuing instructions to the staff

6. Asking certain special information

7. Confirming a decision made at phone.

8. Granting/withdrawing certain permission to do something

9. Calling explanation or some matter of conduct

Format of a Memo or Memorandum

5. Issuing instructions to the staff 

6. Asking certain special information 

7. Confirming a decision made at phone. 

8. Granting/withdrawing certain permission to do something 

9. Calling explanation or some matter of conduct

Format of a Memo or Memorandum

Guidelines for Writing Memo: Careful planning and clear thoughts are required for writing a good memo. The process and guidelines for writing a memo involves the following stages:

Stage 1. The Exploratory Stage: In this stage: 

1. Note down everything you want to convey about the topic. Presentation

2. Use personal pronouns. is a commitment by


3. Do not evaluate what you note at this stage. the presenter to help the

Stage 2. The Drafting Stage: In this stage: audience do something to

1. Write the purpose of the memo. solve a problem.

2. Underline every item that is important to your reader.

3. Divide the underlined items into separate category. 

4. Write a heading for each category. 

5. Decide the sequence of different categories and number them. 

6. Start writing the memo.

In the case of short memnos, they can be written in direct way narrating the facts in the logical manner. But in the case of long memos, it is divided into following parts:

(a) Introduction: In the introductory part, the purpose and subject of memo is stated 

(b) Discussion: It is the main part of memo and should be limited to a few para’s that

narrate exactly what a memo wants to convey.

(c) Concluding Remarks: This section reviews the main points and problems the end keep in mind and specifies the action the reader should take.

Stage 3. The writing Stage:

At this stage, the draft memo is reviewed and revised to give it a final shape. This is du the memo brief, clear and final.

While writing a memo, the writer should consider the following guiding points:

1. Gather all references and data before hand. 

2. Organise the facts in logical sequences. 

3. Get quickly to the point. 

4. Be accurate about the facts. 

5. Specify clearly the action to be taken. 

6. Use active verbs and positive tone. 

7. Avoid language which is too technical.

Q.22. What do you understand by ‘Presentation’? What purpose does it serve?What are its essential features and types?

Ans. Presentation: Preser dience or a learner. Presentations come in nearly as many forms as there are life situations. In the business world. There are sales presentations, informational and motivational presentations, first encounters, interviews, briefings, status reports, image building and of course the inevitaable training sessions.

Although, individuals most often think of presentations in a business meeting context, there are countless occasions when that is not the case. For example, a non-profit organisation presents the need for a capital fund-raising campaign to benefit the victims of a recent rragedy; a school district superintendent presents a program to parents about he introduction of foreign language instruction in the elementary schokols; and  artist demonstrates decorative painting techniques t oa group of interior designers; a horticulturist shows garden slub members or homeowners how they might use native plants in the suburban landscape; a police officer addresses a neighbourhood association about initiating a safety program.

Purpose of Presentation: There are three basic purposes for giving oral presentations:

1. To inform,

2. To persuade,

3. To build goodwill. 

Features of Presentation: There are following features of presentation:

1. The process of offering for consideration or display. 

2. A social introduction as of a person at court. 

3. A demonstration, lecture or welcoming speech. 

4. A manner or style of speaking, instructing or putting oneself forward. 

5. The manner of presenting especially the organisation of visual details to create an overall


6. The formal introduction of a person, as into society or at court debut.

Types of Presentation: In recent years, it has become increasingly common for individuals more so employers request job applicants who are successfully shortlisted to deliver one or more presentations at their interview, debut or other important event that needs to be highlighted in a more official way. The purpose of the presentation in this setting may be to either demonstrate candidates skills and abilities in presenting or to highlight their knowledge of a given subject. It is common for the presenter to be notified of the request for them to deliver a presentation along with their invitation to attend the event. Usually presenters are only given a title for their presentation and a time limit which the presentation should not exceed. Be sure to stress on current presentation etiquette before preparing slide presentations. How you use this visual aid can make or break the presentation.

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