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MBA 1st Year Business Letters And Reports Long Question Answers Notes

Full block Form:

Full Block Form of Layout of Business Letter

Company name

Add, Ph. number, Fax number

(Company Letter Head)

Ref. Number


Inside address

Attention line


1. Information Letter: This type of business letter is used when you want to present information to whom you want to convey the message. Every business always has so much to share with its stakeholders, prospects and public. The motive or objective is to inform, educate, gain attention and maintain relationship.

An informative letter must be of four paragraphs, which should be in the following ways:


(A): Stating the purpose of the letter. Paragraph

(B): Explains how the information affects the reader. Paragraph

(C): Explains any negative results of the information, but retains a positive emphasis Paragraph

(D): Briefly sum up the reader’s benefits. Close with a ‘Goodwill ending.

(a) Routine Letters: Letters which are often sent in routine are known as routine letters. These etters are those letters which neither give a sense of pleasing nor displeasing by whom they are received.

(Routine Letters)

Major ideas

Details or explanations

Closing thought

Routine letters could be comprised of following series of ideas:

  • Request action in the opening sentence.
  • Give reasons supporting the request/action.

(iii) Ends with an appreciation for taking the action request

(b) Special Purpose Letters: These are as follows:

(i) Circular Letter: A circular letter is the one which is sent out to many people at the san The letter may be prepared once only and then duplicated.

Circular letter may be sent for many reasons:

Introducing new product lines.

Advertising special offers.

Announce restructuring. –

Informing the existing staff about new policy matters.

Announce opening of a new office/branch.

Expansion of an establishment. –

Increase in prices.

Retirement or death of a partner.

Partnership information.

Announcing seasonal discount.

(ii) Agency Correspondence: Agency correspondence refers to the reply of an advertisementi the newspaper for the appointment of agents or opening of an agency or a franchisee.

2. Sales Letter: A sales letter is a correspondence related to selling a product or a service. It is the part of publicity and advertisement. Sales letter must:

(a) Awake interest.

(b) Sound convincing.

(c) Create a sense of desire.

(d) Encourage action.

3. Problem Letter: A letter or a correspondence that carries a message regarding complaint concessions or overdue or in the form of problem as the centre message is known as problem lett Problem letter contains the following features:

(a) Correspondence regarding complaints.

(b) Correspondence for concessions or demanding concessions

(C) Correspondence for overdue.

4. Goodwill Letter: A letter that adds goodwill to the organi known as goodwill letter. Such as time-to-time greetings on diwali greetings, new year greetings, marriage anniversary wishe goodwill letters.

Q.6. What are social letters? Draft a letter congratulating your friend on getting a dream multinational corporation.

Ans. Social Letters: These are letters which are written to relatives and intimate Friends and should be written in an easy, con`versational style. The social letters are really of the nature should be written in an easy, conversational style. The social letters are really of the nature of friendly chat and being as a rule unpremeditated and spontaneous compositions, they are informal and free

and easy as compared with essays. In friendly talks, as in friendly letters, we like. It is must for us to tale our thoughts. Itendly 0 preserve some order in expressing our thoughts. It must be remembered that however free and easy may be our style, we are as much bound by the r1\ules of spelling, punctuation, grammar and idiom in writing a letter as we are in writing the most formal letter.

The proper form of address should be used in social leters. The proper form is the name of the person to whom you are writing prefixed by qualifying terms as dear, My dear, etc. the form of subscription may be like yours affectionately. In concluding letters to friends whom you addres as Mr. Or mrs. You should use the word sincerely or very sincerely in the subscription. 

The word sincerely should not be used in letters beginning with Dear Sir after which the proper word of subscription is faithfully or truely.

Congratulation Letter for a Dream Job

Sarika Setti, 

22, Sarojini Nagar, 


Ph. No.-9356452230 

Date: July 12, 2016, 

Dear Sarika,

I am very proud to give you congratulations on getting the job in CVC Pvt. Ltd, a reputed multinational company. This is your dream job for which you have made various efforts. You have tried a lot for search of such a job. Even, you have waited for it and dropped other opportunities whichever you get on this part. This was not an easy decision to make. But now, you have achieved whatever you deserves.

I wish all the best for you and hope for your bright future in this path. 

Keep Smiling 

Savita Kaushik 

23, Mansion Street, 


Q.7. Assuming the position of a marketing manager, write a letter of rejection to an employee denying his leave.(2008-09) 

Ans.Letter of Rejection to an Employee Denying his Leave 


It is reported against you that on ………. (date) at……….. (time) you ………… (mention clearly) the act or acts of misconduct alleged.

The acts as alleged above to have been committed by you, amount to misconduct which if proved would warrant serious disciplinary action against you.

Accordingly, you are hereby required to show cause within ……………… days of the receipt hereof as Co why you should not be dismissed or otherwise punished.

Should you fail to submit your explanation as required, it will be presumed that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the matter will be disposed off without any future reference to you.

Since the charges, levelled against you, are of serious nature, you are hereby suspended pending urther proceedings and final orders in the matter.

The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged.

Authorised signatory.

Q.8. Write a model letter intimating the candidate who has been selected for the post of management trainee. s

Ans. Job Offer to a Management Trainee

Date: …

Employee name

Employee address

Employee community, Postal code

Dear Employee name,

I am pleased to offer you an appointment to with the name of department/board/agen term beginning (date) and ending (date). You participation in the training position will be fully complete the training prog learning objectives as scheduled in the training plan. If you succes you will be offered a permanent position as (title of target position) in community.

Your starting salary will be $##.## per hour representing (% am collective agreement/excluded pay schedule. In addition, you will receive an annual northern allow of $#,### per annum. Upon successful completion of courses and training objectives for each ver laid out in the training plan and when verified by your trainer, your salary will be increased to 8 of the target position starting salary for the second year of training and 85% of the target position starting salary for the last year of the training.

The government of the north-west territories is committed to providing you with suitable train counselling and support to prepare you to enter and succeed in the target position.

You are requested to attend a benefits documentation session at 9:00 am, Date. Please remembe to bring the following to your session.

1. A copy of your birth certificate.

2. A copy of your dependant’s birth certificate (if applicable). Please bring the documents tha

require signature with you to your documentation session.

If you are agree, please indicate your acceptance by signing a copy of this letter via fax to Employees name, Functional Recruitment Officer at (867) ####


Designated Government Officer

Position Title


Acceptance of Appointment

I accept the offer on the terms and conditions outlined



CC: Removal Administrator, Department of Human Resources Personal file.

Q.9. You are the sales manager of a furniture manufacturing firm. Write a letter of apology retailer for being late in delivery of some items of furniture.

Ans. July 14, 2016


Dikshant Singh,

Silvania Furniture House,

B-27, Lajpat Nagar,

New Delhi

Attention: Late Delivery of furniture items.

Dear Sir,

It is in regards to our order made on May 10, 2016. In our order, we included a request for the following items of furniture:

No. of pieces Particulars
20 pieces Stylish double beds
18 pieces Single bed with boxes
25 pieces Wooden sofa sets
20 pieces 6 seated dining tables

For more furniture items we had to order according to the demands of customers.

The shipment which we had received on Ist july, 2016 does not include the following items which were ordered earlier:

No. of pieces Particulars
10 piece Wooden sofa sets
10 pieces 6 seated dinning tables

We had sent a catalogue containing the list and styles of all the above said required furniture items as was listed and priced in your summer catalogue 2016.

Please send me the remaining items of furniture supplies as are mentioned above. Rest of the order would be made, once the Circular above items are received.

We request you for urgent supply of these items as this order has been already late. Please charge all these items to the Maria Interiors Inc. account. I would appreciate a quick delivery of these items. Please ship by the fastest frieght available.

Yours sincerely, 

Akshay Sharma

Sales Manager 

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